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  1. holy heck finally something that isn't a modern animal redesign
  2. Out of all the cool prehistoric horse-like mammals, like macraunchenia, we just get a regular horse. Rather disappointing, though I like it's design.
  3. Holy poop. I had a thread with niches and kentro was in it with the ability to hurt attackers with its spikes. Shame you cant ride it though.
  4. Yeah but antlions have one pair of mandibles while this one has many, also a lot of things can burrow underground. Also this looks more wormy, in terms of body shape.
  5. Wait this looks nothing like an antlion. Why do people think it's an antlion.
  6. Yep, updates were weekly, so were dossiers and digests
  7. I don't see why this was hyped up in the last crunch.
  8. I guess that's true. I never said that I hated the cruch, it's just that I like Digests more.
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