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Introducing the Daeodon!


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41 minutes ago, Azarithkazehana said:

That game is going to flop by the way and the exclusives like what you mean the games that Noone really wants to play? The one that they have released so far have all bombed dude.

That Godzilla game is something I want and I have heard good things about it from people who played it. If Horizon Zero Dawn turns out good I will get it. There is also Ace Combat 7 and Samurai Warriors 4. The good exclusives are out there.

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1 hour ago, SatansPegasus said:

Does this mean that your finally going to get rid of the pholomia which is worthless.

It's not fast, weak in battle, useless as a work mount, pathetic as a mount an pretty much just cannon fodder 2 dilos are better then 10 pholos.

Please remove it.

Well, mine is a portable fridge and poop machine for now.  LOL

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23 hours ago, GamerPerfection said:

They aren't going to remove any creatures. If you consider it worthless then just ignore it, there's no harm in it being in the game, it doesn't need to be removed just because 1 person considers it worthless.

i do ignore it but what is its role anyway besides been a low level if not your 1st mount and tame.


Now fair enough i understand that their use may just be as a walking meat locker as their easy to kill and slower then the parasaur but once you get to a certain level i just think they become a spawn that could be used by something else.


22 hours ago, Azarithkazehana said:

And are you stupid the pholomia is for farming the mass produced poop if you feed them stimberry's that's the best way to keep fertilizer stocks up

i got my wyvern for that feed them meat that dont agree with them an they can be pooping 150 to 200 but i will say that i have my slider set to 0.6 not 1 even without the wyvern i've got bone fertilizer on prim + and my argents on normal and i do also have a few brontos near my base so i stick the large on the dung beetles.

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