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  1. Favorite Dino?

    Ah! Those big fluff balls. Megatherium , right?
  2. Favorite Dino?

    Sloths...? Oh. The douches who throw sludge at you? Whatever those things are called. Personally, I love Allosaurus. Been my favorite since I was a kid.
  3. Phoenix spawn blocked

    Possible spawn cap for the Phoenix? I have yet to mess with it since I got back into Ark.
  4. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    I vowed to never buy another ARK DLC until I heard news on Primal being brought back into the workbench, so this would ultimately end my usage of this game.
  5. Griffin nerf Petition

    What is the particular scenario that you are implementing with this topic? Are you wandering around without a tame with you, or are you talking about PvP? Wild dinos can get smashed by a decent tame if it's not a Giga or other mega fauna.
  6. Boa Taming Partner?

    Using a boa for roleplay? What would you even use a giant snake for?
  7. Boa Taming Partner?

    Has anyone employed a Titanoboa as a taming aid yet? Assuming the ridiculous method of taming the boa didn't sway you from getting one legitimately. I had first boa, Nagini (30), attack a Parasaur (I don't know what level it was) and it nearly killed it in one bite. It didn't get far before it dropped. Naturally, one would assume that a boa would be good for taming, so I was curious if anyone ever used one for it yet.
  8. "ARK 2"

    Is a game with no true story ever really in need of a sequel? It's not like Far Cry or Skyrim where there IS a story that you need to complete. It's level up, tame big dinos, kill the bosses, ascend. You don't HAVE to do that. You can just spend your days messing around with your tames, breeding, expanding your home, etc.
  9. Invertebrate breeding

    The devs stated once that it was because of the life cycle of the invertebrates that made them put the life cycle off to the side for the time being. As said above, the different stages in the life of the few insects in the game would require several different models to incorporate into the life cycle. Amphibious breeding was a huge step in of itself due to the whole water breeding and tadpole stages.
  10. Allosaurus pack bonus

    It did change from 3 to 2 for what ever reason. The dossier was never changed though. Not so much a pack as it is a pair now. Beyond lowering the required pack number, I don't know of any new changes to the Alpha buff that they receive. Bleed, damage buff and resistance for the Alpha is still the same as far as I'm aware.
  11. Ark Primal Survival canceled :(

    The game still isn't at 1.0 even though it had an official release?
  12. Most Creative Dino Names

    During the one instance I played Official, I tamed two Parasaurs and named them There's Only and Two Genders. I giggled the rest of the time I played. But they died when I was gone.
  13. Cool Titanoboa Rework

    The Titanoboa exclusively eats eggs when tamed. The cobra eats eggs when given the opportunity, but does not exclusively hunt down eggs. Wild Titanoboas attack everything in sight if it is not a carnivore or larger than a Carnotaurus. I simply find it...illogical for an venomous anaconda to eat only eggs despite actively attacking everything it sees.
  14. Cool Titanoboa Rework

    MISC -Make it eat raw meat instead of eggs as it would be impossible for a large venomous serpent to survive on eggs alone, especially since it is a very aggressive species that attacks everything it sees.
  15. Primal Survival and Abberation

    Primal has been put on hold as of right now. Had you searched a bit before making this thread, you would have seen several other threads on it.