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  1. Shoulder Archaeopteryx

    People tame Archaes for more than just house pets?
  2. Tlc 3?

    There are already other threads about a 3rd TLC. It's best to post on those. Megalodon has been mention by other people as well.
  3. TLC 3 Ideas

    Megalodon: Since it's a shark, it should have Blood Frenzy or something related to that. Maybe Bleed effect that gives it a buff in attack and defense. Megaloceros: A new model for the female. Not a hornless male model. Maybe the ability to shed it's antlers, which gives Keratin, and eventually it grows back. This would also let babies be born without antlers. Imagine being the doe that has to birth out a baby WITH sharp horns scraping your insides. Beezle: As I have said in my post about it, it needs an aimed tongue jab and a torpor inflicting effect when attacked by fists or bites. Ants: If they feel that Ants need to be TLC'd then how about making them explode when at low health, like those exploding Malaysian ants.
  4. Are we ill? Why do we even play this game

    I know! Unlike most people, I'm more interested in the DNA splicing to see what kinds of effects they give the dinosaurs.
  5. In context of that screenshot, it looks like Jat was using counterhax to take on a tribe who hacked in and spawned the Broodmother. AIMBOT is the least of the concern.
  6. Are we ill? Why do we even play this game

    I am sick in the head, yes, but I play because it's the only dinosaur game on consoles until Evolution comes out.
  7. Currency?

    Isn't everything taken by force nowadays?
  8. Ichthyornis - pro and cons

    Pros: Gives you food. Cons: Takes your food.
  9. the best way to get paste on island ?

    Beelzebufo is the easiest way. Tame one, saddle up, and head for the swamp. Munch Meganureas and you'll get a good amount. Just be ready to hop away from danger.
  10. troodon

    People still bother to tame these things? I gave up when a flock of low level Dodos killed a level 30.
  11. Spino is actually viable now

    I even forgot that the Pteranodon can barrel roll.
  12. lost some of my dinos, any idea how to find them?

    I lost my Pela and Ptera for some time, and eventually found them on accident. I even forgot I had a Ptera. Lost my Basilio until I dove down below the iceberg. But yeah. Purely luck if you find them.
  13. Spino is actually viable now

    I never used the LT button while riding a Spino because there was never any reason to do so. I never saw on the wiki that the Spino was able to roar prior to the TLC patch. How long has this secret been kept from me?
  14. Spino is actually viable now

    I found out that the Spino has been able to roar for some time before the TLC 2 patch. Was this even put into the patch notes at any point?
  15. So Maschops will be more than food now? Or less likely to be considered food?