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  1. I think at one point you could grab aquatic creatures because I remember grabbing Dolphins and killing them by bringing them to the surface. But eventually they changed that.
  2. I usually just tranq it from a spot it can't hit me, then follow it with one of my other tames. Eventually I'll knock it out.
  3. Try using the destroywilddinos command and see if the spawns reset. There are times where certain areas don't spawn anything for a while unless you wipe all spawning dinos.
  4. Does the Spores help with crops like it's supposed to yet? As for changes, it needs to be faster and produce Silk as you said. The Spores could also be used for Torpor if they wanted to give it a usage.
  5. If it's not a pack boosted Raptor, then it's an Alpha and you're not supposed to legally tame those. You can tell if it's an Alpha if it's bigger than the other Raptor.
  6. Gee, I dunno. Usually if you extend the container of a fluid the fluid itself doesn't increase but the container's total capacity does and thus seems like you might have lost some fluid when in reality you just increased how much fluid there can be, and must add more fluid to fill it up. But that's common sense, so what do I know.
  7. Cool. That means I'll get to pester the devs about the future of Primal Survival and whether or not they ever plan to touch it again.
  8. Wow. People are still asking about the future of Primal Survival and no one has given us an official update on it.
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