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  1. Cool. That means I'll get to pester the devs about the future of Primal Survival and whether or not they ever plan to touch it again.
  2. Wow. People are still asking about the future of Primal Survival and no one has given us an official update on it.
  3. Yay! 3 years! 3 years and no Primal Survival...but yay! 3 years!
  4. In context of that screenshot, it looks like Jat was using counterhax to take on a tribe who hacked in and spawned the Broodmother. AIMBOT is the least of the concern.
  5. So Maschops will be more than food now? Or less likely to be considered food?
  6. Poor thing is gonna sit there, wishing it was as popular as ARK.
  7. But it's Raptors vs Parasaurs. The early game pack mule/larger source of food for noobs who don't have anything above Raptors.
  8. Right. Because a pack of Raptors will be easily frightened by a Parasaur. Pegos and Pelicans, okay, but Raptors?
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