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  1. Dead Earth?

    It's been put on hold. Not officially cancelled. Minimal hope is enough to keep checking.
  2. Dead Earth?

    I'm not. In fact, I'm expecting them to just outright say they threw it away. I just want honesty from them instead of the fiasco from before.
  3. These are sweet changes. Albeit "poopting yourself" from a Rex roar. A little silly. Regardless, I look forward to the next TLC pass updates.
  4. Dead Earth?

    Welp. Whatever DLC they are planning, I'm not buying yet again. Not until I hear about Primal.
  5. Dead Earth?

    Anything about Primal in those fancy files?
  6. Your juvenile Yutyrannus just died

    Which is why it's good to always put food into your non-adult tames inventory regardless of whether there is a trough or not.
  7. Carnivores that only attack when hungry

    All things that I mentioned when I made a suggestion list for Primal Survival...before we found out it was put on ice.
  8. Spino walking sound gives me a headache!

    Yeah, and option to lower Big Dino Step noise would be good. Spinos are the most annoying of all the large tames due to how frequent their steps are.
  9. What the tyrannosaurus really sounded like

    Well...until every dinosaur has had their presumed vocalizations recreated, I think it's best to stick with what we have.
  10. 3rd DLC Guesses

    If it's not Primal Survival, I'm not interested.
  11. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    It looks like the JP3 male Raptors.
  12. Ark Primal Survival canceled :(

    They should at least consider working on Primal again after the next big patch. They spent time on the models that were exclusive to Primal, as well as making a trailer for it. Why go through all that only to dump it?
  13. Creatures that should be Reworked in the TLC Pass

    Remodels, probably. Unlikely to give them new features or abilities yet, if at all. Though...the Diplo still needs a means of defense beyond the shove.
  14. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    I can assume that the Raptor model will changed to the one we've seen on the forums and the game thumbnail? If so, that'd be awesome. I look forward to seeing the patch applied. Are you still making the Gigapithicus bipedal, or are you planning on making it more gorilla like as it is assumed to have been? Or somewhere in between.
  15. Bee Taming.. Tips?

    dotame is a good method. Bee isn't worth the extra struggle.