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  1. Have submitted 10 tix today for 1587 G2....log in, crash, rollback then just to try and leave and can't bc of another DC and rollback
  2. 4th ticket I've submitted for their jank a$$ servers. Consoles don't even have the FULL gen 2 experience and you can't even give us decent servers? FFS
  3. Same story across most, if not all gen 2 servers. After 6 years WC still can't get their **** together
  4. Lol their servers are garbage. High ping constantly, roll backs, could not retrieve address etc etc....
  5. I'm pretty sure this is a person who will bend the knee to someone who tells them too. Pitiful...
  6. Now the new flyer will come out and will only be able to tame by mutton....(speculation of course) Dododex: 150 =400 raw mutton Me: go kills sheep, harvest with chainsaw...gets 2 mutton.... WC: laughs uncontrollably
  7. I'd love to see dinos "learn". Would love to see raptor packs actually do something other than just eat everything
  8. Hahaha I'm not surprised! Can't do it with the base game. Couldn't do it with scorched. Did they do it with Abb? Don't really know, that map is dead anyway. DEFINITELY couldn't do it with Rag. What makes anyone think they could do it with their final release? Just par for the course for a sub par dev.
  9. So you are dropping more tek dinos when pve is pretty much always at server cap? Good job......
  10. Really do need to address the pve server cap issue. As it is now, if we loose a few rexs in boss fights we cannot breed more for more fights. Really sucks WC. Fix your KNOWN ISSUES
  11. I Feel Like Yelling Like Serious Black! I've done my waiting!
  12. Seriously? 2 years of waiting and we now have to wait for the ps4 cert ? 8.8 was the definitive date, and bc ps4 may/May not pass cert, the rest of the users have to wait? It's not a patience issue at this point....
  13. I think QOL improvements are much needed in the building department, especially for us on vanilla official and consoles. S+ has my vote!
  14. Thank you. And furthermore, if you were to purchase an xb1 bundle pack, like gears 4, or whichever, you could find the SAME THING at all retailers. Best buy offers the xb1 bundle in the same package, the same hardware/software as walmart. Skins and exclusives are a way for marketing departments to get sales at their stores. I see it as, we bought the game, we should get the same treatment. I'm not a fan of exclusives, because all in all, it is the same base game with a little flare. Why can't pc get the rex skin? Why can't xb1 get the giga skin? Xb1 users can only purchase the base ga
  15. The desired effect? Causing even more discord between the users of different platforms? I don't see that as desired or wanted by many. Most people want some sort of harmony, especially in a forum. Discussions and disagreements are going to happen but now, it's pitting players of different consoles against each other. Take for instance "other games". Gamestop gets exclusives for in game content for purchasing the game, not a console, from their store. Walmart and target, best buy and others do the same. It is geared towards the GAME, not an entire console.
  16. Agreed. All the skins should be available on ALL platforms.
  17. And I understand this. I agree that not everyone can afford another console or hell, even a gaming computer but to say that they have had to wait a year just to play is not valid. They had to wait where as us pc and xb1 users had to endure everything else
  18. They have had 2 other platforms to play the game on. If they wanted it that badly, then get a different platform.
  19. Then give them a rex skin. What about all the skins pc got that xbox hasn't yet? We had to wait a year to get bone skins. Logic.
  20. I'm so so on this new content. Excited for the breeding stuff and the supposed improved feeding troughs. The underwater bases is something I'm concerned with. Can these be built right on top of deep sea loot crates? And since the tek teir suit has been out in development, I'm assuming that it should be FREE of any bugs/glitches right?
  21. Apparently they will. Give it time.
  22. Oh....yea, I'm really bad at sarcasm lol. I hope that the ammonites do give a few pearls. Maybe not in the way of an alpha mosa but 2 or 3 guaranteed. Also heard somewhere that it will take a thing called element. Haven't heard much about it or how to get it but I'm sure it will cost an arm and a leg, a few dinos and a pinch on sanity to get
  23. Will there be a better, maybe easier way to get black pearls? We have 3 outlets right now for them and one is risky (alpha mosas) if what another person says is true, 3k black pearls just for the gloves, this is going to be really hard to gather without spending the next month in the water
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