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  1. Indeed. Before we just pulled the couch across the living room to about two feet from the TV (so we could still get in and out) and we could more or less read it. But now that doesn't work : (
  2. So we know that someone decided to either not check the UI font size on a normal TV viewing distance, or decided to make it smaller and not legible and said "Yep, that's good." As it is though, when you use splitscreen, it's a joke. It has to be more than 50% smaller than the already tiny text. Sitting less than five feet from our 37" TV we cannot read everything in the UI. We haven't played for a while as we waited for a fix and this last update it went unfixed. Sadly we will continue to wait, but please don't let this issue fall on deaf ears. We cannot play, it's far too frustrating. Also both character portraits are the same when both people are in their inventory.
  3. Same. We haven't played since, it's just too frustrating to not be able to see anything. Did it not change in today's update?
  4. How about they fix the tiny tiny font so that we can actually read it without our faces mere inches from the screen? Not sure how that made it past anyone as acceptable in the first place. Does anyone in the office play it on console with a regular TV? : )
  5. I hear your heart and concern in what you are saying. I had some friends who got divorced because of WoW: As a young married couple who both enjoyed video games, she got a second computer so she could spend time with her husband in game. They sat in the same room at two different computers with headsets on and talked in the virtual world rather than in real life. Often times his best friend would come over and game with them. Then she would take breaks and do other things. Soon she and the friend would just be talking at the table while the husband was in his own little world... We would invite him out to hang out and go for wings, but he would always decline or say he would come but then not show up because "people were counting on him". Now, the wife and the best friend are married. It was such a mess.
  6. I appreciate that there is variety. It's not just one more dino to tame, but rather something unique. I think it's a neat idea that it doesn't stay tamed. I've always thought that there should be some dinos that require more upkeep, and if neglected should untame and become wild again. Instead of making one more simple tame dino, they added variety and created something unique and interesting. Variety is the spice of life.
  7. I hope someone makes an Ark movie remake of this.
  8. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has an issue with it. Just can't figure out who looked at it and said "Yep. That's good."
  9. I've never seen a feathered animal that has feathers like that. Feathers lie flat. An ostrich might be the puffiest feathers, but this looks like it's been electrocuted!
  10. Sorry, my phone lagged and posted too early - should be fixed now thanks!
  11. I play on xbox on a 37" 1080p TV and with the old UI we actually pulled our couch up to the TV because it was impossible to read from a regular viewing distance. Truth be told it was still difficult even after we pulled the couch forward. With this new UI, not only is the font smaller, but the letters are closer together. It's impossible to read. The only saving grace is that I think each letter is more crisp which is nice, but it is completely negated. So out of curiosity, can someone help me understand why they would choose to make it smaller? What type of TV setup do most of you play on? Are you a regular viewing distance from your TV? Is there some part of their reasoning that I am not realizing? Do others have a problem reading it or am I just getting too old (entirely possible)? I just don't see how someone went *click* *click* *shrink, shrink* "Yep, that's good. People will like the super tiny writing." Help me understand? Do I just need a new TV to play this?
  12. Sorry that the reality check offended you. No, I'm not a 'no lifer' if that's what you mean by gamer. And sorry, but these are not elitist forums like you seem to perceive them as. Not sure where you got that idea. I have no desire to prove anything to you. I agree about sharing bugs and also being passionate. However, being passionate does not directly correlate with being a jerk or losing your temper, nor should one treat it as a license to overreact. If this is your definition of gamer, then you can keep it. These forums are filled with people overreacting over a game. Fixes will come, but we don't call the shots on when. So share and remember that there are real people who read your comments, and learn to relax and enjoy some perspective.
  13. Thank you for choosing to communicate on your Official Forums instead of continuing to make us run around the Internet, pulling snippets together from all over. I really appreciate that. I also appreciate your communication on this issue and your heart that we can clearly see in your post. We'll done. I like what's going on. Keep it up.