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  1. Help! Cannot do this

    So playing singleplayer, I cannot upload Dinos, items, or survivor into the obelisks. I put everything into the obelisks in the appropriate places, upload a dino so it shows its loaded. Then I upload survivor data, go back to the main menu, load a new map, and there is no loaded survivor data to load. So then I load original map, and the game starts at the respawn map as if I had just died. I don't know if it's relevant, but my other data does not save either - by that I mean my map revealed area doesn't save and explorer notes don't save.
  2. What's your guilty pleasures?

    Sometimes I will just walk around and look at stuff, not accomplishing much of anything. Just puttering for an hour or so.
  3. Why do you play Ark?

    It's a game my wife enjoys too. We don't play many video games but my wife loves to play Ark, so it's a great game to play together (xbox is crap for couch multiplayer games)
  4. Spider and Bat Spawns too high

    Just be glad you get the event... others of us on the other hand...
  5. No fear evolved in single player?

    Once again for me it comes down to expectations. Such an unclear communication on this. I don't have gold membership because it's simply not worth the money, as a result, playing single player it took WAY too long to figure out if there was anything happening for this. Lack of clear communication made it more frustrating and disappointing than it should have been. I'm fine with a "light" event due to Aberration release, but they seriously need to get better at this. Spawning stuff in isn't the same as discovery and achievement, so hopefully they can get it together for Thanksgiving and Christmas to include everyone. Budgeting time is like budgeting money: These big events come around every year at the same time and should never sneak up on you!
  6. Halloween Event?

    So there's nothing for single player? How sad. I don't play on servers anymore (I don't bother with gold membership on Xbox anymore). Can someone fill me on on what is actually happening for this "event"? So far I've read (that's not listed in the announcement): -Pony tail skins in drops -dev hats in drops -soft trophies in drops -onyx, spiders, and megalosaurus are spawning above ground Anything else? On all maps or just Island and SE?
  7. Halloween Event?

    (on Xbox) Man, I keep rooting for WC to knock it out of the park one of these times, and they just keep doing a halfassed job. I hope Abberation is better than all the half baked "events" on console.
  8. Mosschops collects berries and stuff
  9. What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    Love this. That's how I approached Ragnarok. We explored on foot (without flyers) and eventually picked a place to settle down. Such a fun way to get acquainted with the map.
  10. What dinosaur would you live out of?

    What's the internal temperature of a tauntaun? Lukewarm.
  11. Now Wildcard favors the trolls

    Ugh pillaring is super annoying, and rarely used well. Sounds like the real trolls got reported.
  12. What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    I really hope that it's like SE and very difficult to survive early game. From there, I want to explore the story aspect.
  13. Halloween Event?

    I really enjoyed it on Xbox last year when it eventually came. I really hope that we get another Halloween event this Christmas.
  14. ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    This should not come as a surprise. That's why we said January for official release date after they told us October. I'm still curious if there will be a Halloween event this Christmas.
  15. Are you buying aberation?

    Man people are rediculois. When SE came out people cried "wah, pay to win!" When Ragnarok came out people cried "wah, we paid to win and now it's available to everyone!". Yes I will be buying it because I immensely enjoy playing this game and I also want the story progression. I'm sure the engrams will become available at a later date but that's really irrelevant to getting both the map and storyline. I won't be buying it right away because I want to enjoy Ragnarok more and I'm sure it will go on sale at some point, but I will definitely get it.