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  1. When people make mountains out of mole hills we call them drama queens. We don't want to be drama queens. We need to be patient and not overdramatic.
  2. @theronin Thanks for the update. To be honest, why I love this thread is two fold: 1) The way you present the story. You write very well and are very captivating. Winning or losing, keep up the fun style of your writing - you're good at it. And 2) I want to see the underdog win. Even if you get beat up and bloodied, like in every Rocky movie. Every story containing some element of victory is always great - even if it is just a simple update to say that you have rebuilt once again. Keep it up! Don't become jaded. Get up and fight back. Ptera, longneck, grenades and go kill stuff. They can't kill you if you don't have a base remember. Go sleep in someone else's base. Grind for them, and use their smithy in return for sanctuary.
  3. Not trying to troll or be contentious, but I really really like the new mechanics and threat of the stun mechanics. I love that I'm no longer just op king while riding my Mosas. There are always threats. Same with the purlovia and Thylacoleos. Not safe zipping along on my op Pteranodon anymore. I love love love it and the challenge it gives. I want the game to be hard every time I play - not just the first 60 levels.
  4. Sadly, this is all one can do.
  5. Cupcake
  6. Welcome to Ark! I was the same way starting out. Technically, Ark is a sandbox/open world style game with no direct objective list given to you to accomplish (think like minecraft). However, there are tons of 'mini objectives' that you can create for yourself. For example: -build a nice base -build a well defended base -explore engram items and content -tame one of every creature -perfect tame some favorite creatures -explore the island -explore end game content -raise a dino army to defeat the bosses You get the point. One guy I found helpful, fun to watch, and entertaining was this guy: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=2nyCEi6dx3w Ultimately the game is meant to be played in a world with many players who add a new dynamic threat level. However it's very enjoyable on a private server or single player.
  7. Really interesting. Thanks. I found some of the things they said did not match reality, but it's good to hear their intentions.
  8. I'm assuming you are on single player. Yes it's a nightmare. There is a command to destroy all of a single type of animal. You can do that with the wolves to let other animals spawn in. And make sure that you are ready if you ever go to the underground area - it's a nightmare on single player, and pretty much completely freezes the game with lag until you can destroy all the wild dinos.
  9. I suppose that's up to you.
  10. Bye? Do you want a going away party?
  11. Good grief. Just move on. Yes, it sucks. A lot. We get it. You should be well on your way by now to leveling up again. Enjoy the process and don't be surprised if it happens again. It happened to me way back unrelated to any roll back. Lost character and all my stuff. What did I do? Rebuild. No big deal.
  12. Share Your Tek Armor Color Schemes So just playing around with the colors of the tek armour. I painted it all black with yellow lights (makes me think of Batman and matches my BatRex) But I'm not so creative, so I thought I'd ask for some inspiration from you awesome people. What colors have you done? Share pictures if you have any!
  13. We did it with 17 rexes with similar stats. 4 died. We had regular saddles and a handful of them had lower hp and higher melee (around 700). It seemed pretty simple to be honest. However someone shared a video of 20 rexes getting wrecked....
  14. Yep. Not sure if this video is on officials but it was a similar fight (except she fell down below right away which kept spiders at a minimum for us up top) https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=UMT6h2KezXc