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  1. Xbox update?

    All we know is what we've already been told. One thing for sure is that they are really good with deploying as soon as it passes.
  2. Ultimate Public Wyvern Trap

    I wonder if an L or J shape would work without having doors. Kite them in and around the bend, then when they try to fly away, they would fly away from the entrance and stay stuck.
  3. Playful otters

    I t would be fun if otters has a "play mode" where when selected, the otters would run around and 'play' (maybe when set to wander). Running sliding or playing with pearls or other chasing other otters. Nowhere a priority, but would be pretty fun to have more life around the base.
  4. I think I've isolated this problem. When I start the Xbox, it loads the default profile. I then change to another profile (makes no difference if I use the Xbox menu or the option on the Ark home screen) Regardless which single player map is loaded, the explorer notes and map will not save after the game is turned off.
  5. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    Easily. I've paid that much for much worse.
  6. Need more servers?

    While I don't completely disagree, I don't think that there is enough information to claim the reason they released dlc is to pay for the lawsuit. But make no mistake - the point of any dlc is to make money.
  7. Need more servers?

    But if you knew about business, then you would realize there is more than what you are choosing to see.
  8. Need more servers?

    Lol no, I just don't try to spread rumors. You know what happens when you assume....
  9. Need more servers?

    Actually there's no proof they needed the money. This is just a rumor that keeps being spread.
  10. Cementing past

    Awesome thanks! I'll make the trek there tonight. Posted from my Nexus 6P using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  11. Yes, starting the game is not new user friendly.
  12. Alpha Spawns

    Oh my! I remember my first alpha encounter:
  13. Footstep volume

    Just riding around on an allo, and the footsteps are really loud! Needs an adjustment. Not sure if other large dinos are too loud.
  14. Cementing past

    What are the co-ordinates of this? On xbox, we have walked the map twice and have yet to see a beaver.
  15. Otters and Explorer notes

    Hopefully this week on Xbox!