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  1. So who won the guessing pool? To be fair though, this isn't their last delay on this. They have yet to announce that consoles will get the release a month later (but then really mean two and a half months) Hundred bucks? Anyone? No?
  2. Haha not to toot my own horn, but called the delay way back when they announced Genesis 1&2. But of course this is WC! So they won't hit March. It will be delayed until May. And consoles will probably have to wait until October! ?
  3. Doesn't work for us. The code is not in the specified file, and when we add the adjusted line, it doesn't do anything. If we go to the actual folder with that line of code and change it there, it also doesn't help. And they have not responded to the bug reports about this fox not working for some. -but thank you for sharing! I just wish that it would work for all of us. ?
  4. No Windows 10 whistle bug fix?? Have any of you tried playing with this incessant bug? It's non stop.
  5. You can't be pressing anything else. Just press left bumper and left stick. That brings you in and out of the water. - How does xbox pick up and carry dead bodies?
  6. WINDOWS 10 whistle bug fix??? Your temp fix doesn't work. It's super annoying. Please fix this.
  7. Is it available though? Windows 10 version still says DLC required even though it looks installed. Go tot he store and it prompts to repurchase the dlc.
  8. Great update. Simple, clear, and updated on all the important areas.
  9. This is huge. Late, but huge. Thank you for communicating with us. Now follow through and rock it out!
  10. Bahahahaha! WC has no clue after all this time. Have not learned a single thing about communication. Looks like my original post about a February/March release date was correct! When I saw December I laughed out loud and said to my wife "Ya right! Not with Christmas". Here we are. Those of us who have been here for a while are not surprised. WC will keep it up. Then they will drop it with little notice to try and make it feel quicker, rather than update. Now the next question will be - once they actually give a firm date - will they delay that?
  11. Just tried this map again yesterday. Transferred to extinction on the server cluster I play on. Crashed on load up (not only an issue with Extinction. Once in I played for 22 minutes before it crashed. Reloaded. Flew to an OSD and completed it - crash as I accessed inventory. Reload. Flying home - crashed while flying. Reload and left the map. No more issues. It's been over a year. What is going on?
  12. A Novel Idea: Extinction, Xbox If you take a look through the bug report forum on Xbox, you will notice that there are a dozen (or more) posts about how bad extinction is running. There are dashboarding issues, crashes, freezes, and horrendous graphics. So my suggestion is that you start to care about the issue, acknowledge it, and fix it. Remember that it is not just a free mod map, but an actual DLC that you charged money for. It's really underhanded to sell us a product that we can't use.
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