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  1. This is huge. Late, but huge. Thank you for communicating with us. Now follow through and rock it out!
  2. Bahahahaha! WC has no clue after all this time. Have not learned a single thing about communication. Looks like my original post about a February/March release date was correct! When I saw December I laughed out loud and said to my wife "Ya right! Not with Christmas". Here we are. Those of us who have been here for a while are not surprised. WC will keep it up. Then they will drop it with little notice to try and make it feel quicker, rather than update. Now the next question will be - once they actually give a firm date - will they delay that?
  3. Do you have an S? I thought that might be better.
  4. I'm back again and shocked and saddened to see no fix implemented yet.
  5. Jtmorris


    They really need to fix it. Not sure if they are aware tbh. Apparently some people don't crash. Not sure why.
  6. Just tried this map again yesterday. Transferred to extinction on the server cluster I play on. Crashed on load up (not only an issue with Extinction. Once in I played for 22 minutes before it crashed. Reloaded. Flew to an OSD and completed it - crash as I accessed inventory. Reload. Flying home - crashed while flying. Reload and left the map. No more issues. It's been over a year. What is going on?
  7. You don't have the dashboarding issue?You are a rare lucky one. Head over and read the bug report thread lol
  8. Hahaha wow the backlash! I thought I was going to read about Extinction still not being playable on Xbox since launch. Have you seen the big report thread for that? They just have decided to not fix it for a year.
  9. Still no update on this? What are they doing?
  10. Someone should start a bidding pool Someone should start a bidding pool: When will the release date be? How many patches before everyone can play it? Given that Extinction still doesn't work for everyone, will Genesis be the same? How many total delays will there be?
  11. Why it is like this? After months and months of struggling to play Ark's latest DLC back in Nov 2018 -July -2019, we eventually had to quit. The constant crashing and dash boarding on Xbox did us in. My wife and I were so excited for the cool things Extinction was supposed to bring. We took our first hiatus from Ark. We discovered Sea of Thieves, and experienced a beautiful crash free experience and made some awesome memories. Then we tried coming back. Valguero released. We explored it. Found it mediocre and lacking much new or beautiful like other maps, but we played for a bit. Then we decided to try Extinction again. It has been a YEAR since it's release. Surely they have fixed it? Crash. Crash. Crash. Crash. I would love to purchase Genesis, but Extinction has been unplayable for us. Given that they have not fixed it -or acknowledged it as far as I've seen - despite the dozen posts in the bug report section - How can we take that plunge? So I wonder why is it like this? Why do you think that WC would put out new DLC before making the other one accessible? It seems like they try to care about some things, but what is going on? It's been a year. Can we get a fix?
  12. Jtmorris

    Turkey Glitch?

    I can't even find any.... Where have you found them to spawn?
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