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  1. So 2 suggestions: With the bookshelves, there's not much reason for them - so, what if they could hold twice as much storage for blueprints? Similar to how a beaver can carry twice as much wood, if a bookshelf could hold 2-3x more blueprints than other items. Also if the bookshelf could visually reflect a change based on how full it was it could be more decorative. Say at 25% capacity it there are a few books on the shelves, at 50% it would be half full, and 100% would have a more full look. Second suggestion: I love Ark, but one of the most disappointing aspects of the game for me was that I can't possibly discover everything in the game (without a bazillion tests) and I have to use the Wiki. My thinking is especially around kibble. There is no way to discover the ingredients needed for each one or what kibble works for what tame. It would be WAY more interesting if there was kibble information on the creature dossiers, or explorer notes with that information. (Just like the current recipe notes)
  2. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    I think it would be neat to have more use for the Dimetredon. Growing up that was one of my favorites. In Ark there's really no reason to tame them (aside form kibble). It would be interesting if they were say equivalent to 3 or more air conditioners. It would be worth having them around!
  3. reaper queen Quick reaper queen FAQ

    Do you have to throw off your light pet, or just turn it off?
  4. Tek Armour

    Oh found it. It's Mei Yin Note #23: (Possible spoiler?)
  5. Tek Armour

    Oh, really? That's interesting because I recently read an explorer note that talked about the pink river of death and not being able to go in it without a certain armor. I assumed that was Tek. I''ll have to look up the note and see if I read that wrong. Perhaps it's supposed to and it's a bug.
  6. Light pets in metal base

    So not so much a bug, but seems broken. Just made my base into metal and with a light pet on, the base is way to bright. Hard on the eyes really. Any way to tone this down to a more reasonable contrast?
  7. So the last time I asked a thoughtful question about this topic (regarding the chieftain hat), it triggered a lot of people who rained down judgement and salt. Some had some good thoughts and clarifying points of view. Lots of others said why would I even ask a question like that. Just saw this article, and I'll just leave it here... http://www.cbc.ca/1.4473089
  8. I always kill Karkinos :(

    We made a pillar pen with a nearby catapult on a pillar and ceiling. Then has a second player stand under the catapult and keep the crabs agro so it kept facing the catapult, then just laid into it. Torpor seemed pretty much instant.
  9. Please, convince me that Aberration is worth my time.

    This Ark is quite different. There are 4 distinct biomes (and a couple of less distinct ones). As a result, most of the map feels the same when in each biome. It's definitely nowhere near as pretty - I don't think it is supposed to be. That would be the con. The pros are the diversity compared to the other maps. New creatures, familiar mechanics, and difficulty make this a great map. It feels more like a mod in a lot of ways, except that it fits perfectly with the story arc. (helping to explain the SciFi aspect of the Ark.) remember that just because you invest a bunch of play time into this map, it is not like you won't return to the others. This is not Ark 2, just an expansion map really.
  10. Should Wildcard change the ravager bleed effect?

    Yes keep it. This game is supposed to be a challenge. If I want easy I will play something else. When I was a kid I would play Gradius until I was rip snorting mad. I would rage quit. Then I would pick it up and play it again. And again. And again. Not everything should be so easy that it offers minimal challenge. Toughen up. And the squeaky wheels get the grease, so if people keep complaining they will eventually nerf them - so stop! Or others need to speak up.
  11. Technically the last one was your first one. This one is only your last one. If you have been playing so much then you know that this is not the normal procedure. But if you want to rage quit over it.... Well I suppose you can make your own choices...
  12. When are the changes for Alpha Raptors going to occur?

    Heh I remember trying to deal with my first alpha raptor encounter. Here's what I did (I didn't know any better!):
  13. Ravager bleed effect

    No no no no! Don't ruin them! The whole idea is that you can't just kill everything on your high level raptor or carno. If everything gets nerfed then there is no game progression. Sometimes the wild SHOULD win.
  14. Bad holiday events

    This year it will be a light event with server changes only. Single player will not see any of it.
  15. Christmas event?

    Then I was right. Just a light event. Shocker. At least they aren't releasing a crapton of wild Christmas Gigas to spread joy.