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  1. I find them along the border where the snow ends. Typically I find them on the snow side being chased by wolves.
  2. (Forgive my short reply to your thoughtful reply) I think you have a great point in that. When I used to play Fable I didn't walk around making a bunch of video game nookie for grins and giggles. However things like nudity in a a game are a great example of what I am thinking about. It's targeted to over 18 men, but is hardly a mature aspect. It appeals to the immature mind. I doubt that is the sole reason someone buys a game (though I'm sure there are exceptions...) but it's all part of marketing to their target audience - boy-men.
  3. All night tonight, every so often I would hop off my monkey and he would start moonwalking away from me - ignoring whistles - until I hopped on him.
  4. I know people will be ticked, but it seems reasonable - no? I wonder what the logic is...
  5. I'm referring to the game content - not games in general (obviously I'm in the gamer camp). Many video games would apply, and certainly playing too many video games at the expense of real live responsibilities and relationships would be another issue with the under 40 generation of men.
  6. Conan is a joke. It's created for boy-men. Men who are old enough to purchase and play such a game, but who are actually jr. high buys in mind. The saddest part is that it's actually popular.... This is where I would normally start to rant about how our young men are failing to rise up despite being raised in a Homer Simpson/Phil Dumphy world. It breaks my heart. --- but with regards to implementing player feedback, they have decided an order to do it in. Content first, tweaks and balances, final tweaks, then fix all the bugs to polish it all. There has been (as pointed out) tons of implemented player suggestions. You got the response you did because you are trying to argue with an absolute dichotomy statement. If we want more suggestions to be implemented, then we keep being vocal. It's not that they don't see or hear it, it's that they are not operating in the expected time frame, and not communicating about it.
  7. It's actually been very interesting and entertaining. It's too slow to take Rexes everywhere, so we usually take frogs or monkeys to travel. And there is actually a surprising amount that can go wrong! The Purlovia's have added a really neat threat aspect too. It's always an adventure!
  8. No flyers. Need obsidian? Climb a mountain, haul it back.
  9. This update was another example of poorly managed expectations. I'm flabbergasted that they would let this happen over and over. I really want to root for them, but I'm just shocked.
  10. It's a real shame that the excitement about this great update was marred by such poor communication. It could have been so smooth with a quick update to the patch notes ahead of time.
  11. It's still not updated on the ps4 notes - unless they are getting painting and the secret feature.
  12. Hey mods, You deleted my comment in the patch notes thread. Can I please get a copy of what I said? I'd like to post it in the off topic. It was a comment to the effect that the patch content was great and it was too bad it was overshadowed by a simple communication oversight. Also it would be nice to know why that comment was deleted (correctly complaining - which I wasn't) when the ones before and after we're not (which are clearly complaining). Thanks. (had to make a post because it was impossible to message you)
  13. No hair? I think there is hair still in this update. So bonus for you!
  14. Looks like another update to the notes reveals third person mode. Is this a good thing?
  15. OH SNAP. Secret feature was removed from patch notes... unless it is that you can use a shield while jousting now.... which is not as exciting as designer toenails