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  1. Sadly this is pretty typical WC. Instead of just doing proper testing on all platforms and doing a simultaneous release they take the easier (lazier?) route. Then they boast about how ready they were . In 5 years they have not learned at all how to manage community expectations. Same mistakes. When do you think they will share the Genesis part 2 delay? They cried out on twitter how badly they did with part 1 release. There is zero chance they will be on time with that one. But we should set up a pool to guess when they will communicate the delay.
  2. So is there a consensus which is the most worth the cost? I keep getting rubbish at each level. What do you choose?
  3. Doesn't work for us. The code is not in the specified file, and when we add the adjusted line, it doesn't do anything. If we go to the actual folder with that line of code and change it there, it also doesn't help. And they have not responded to the bug reports about this fox not working for some. -but thank you for sharing! I just wish that it would work for all of us.
  4. No Windows 10 whistle bug fix?? Have any of you tried playing with this incessant bug? It's non stop.
  5. You can't be pressing anything else. Just press left bumper and left stick. That brings you in and out of the water. - How does xbox pick up and carry dead bodies?
  6. WINDOWS 10 whistle bug fix??? Your temp fix doesn't work. It's super annoying. Please fix this.
  7. Perhaps it's a temporary fix until they figure it out. Hopefully people can get refunded for repurchasing it.
  8. So no idea why, but just checked again and it let us download from the store just now. Now it says "ready to play or buy to own" and We are currently playing Genesis on win 10 (we bought season pass)
  9. Is it available though? Windows 10 version still says DLC required even though it looks installed. Go tot he store and it prompts to repurchase the dlc.
  10. Here's where we are at according to various bug reports (for those who can actually get the dlc to start that is) If the lag gets bad and causes dino textures to not render in very well, I'm totally calling bingo...
  11. Unofficial PC servers are broken. People can't get on them. No tweets about it yet.
  12. Yes! Unfortunately... Here's the tally
  13. Bug Report Bingo! Here's hoping for a near seamless DLC launch! Every launch has had major issues on launch, but hey, if other companies can do it - so can WC! We are rooting for you! But in the meantime, let's play Ark Genesis Part 1 DLC Release Bingo!
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