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  1. You can't be pressing anything else. Just press left bumper and left stick. That brings you in and out of the water. - How does xbox pick up and carry dead bodies?
  2. WINDOWS 10 whistle bug fix??? Your temp fix doesn't work. It's super annoying. Please fix this.
  3. Perhaps it's a temporary fix until they figure it out. Hopefully people can get refunded for repurchasing it.
  4. So no idea why, but just checked again and it let us download from the store just now. Now it says "ready to play or buy to own" and We are currently playing Genesis on win 10 (we bought season pass)
  5. Is it available though? Windows 10 version still says DLC required even though it looks installed. Go tot he store and it prompts to repurchase the dlc.
  6. Here's where we are at according to various bug reports (for those who can actually get the dlc to start that is) If the lag gets bad and causes dino textures to not render in very well, I'm totally calling bingo...
  7. Unofficial PC servers are broken. People can't get on them. No tweets about it yet.
  8. Yes! Unfortunately... Here's the tally
  9. Bug Report Bingo! Here's hoping for a near seamless DLC launch! Every launch has had major issues on launch, but hey, if other companies can do it - so can WC! We are rooting for you! But in the meantime, let's play Ark Genesis Part 1 DLC Release Bingo!
  10. Here's what caused my hesitation. As an original xbox player (Not S or X version), Ark is said to be made to work for Xbox. Granted, the graphics need to be slaughtered, but I'm okay with that - (I grew up playing and loving Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 lol) Extinction is released. So much crashing. So much frustration. Never gets fixed - or even acknowledged. At the time we left, there were 27 bug reports for this same issue - none of which are acknowledged. After 4 months we eventually leave Ark for Sea of Thieves (Which in comparison is nearly bug free). It's glorious. A year later Valguero is released and we decide to come back to Ark and try again. It's okay, but mostly underwhelming. We load into extinction. So much we haven't explored there yet. Crash. Try again. Crash. Try an OSD. Crash. Try a Cave. Crash. Fly around. Crash. - Anything too demanding and it crashes. This is supposed to work for this system. I check Bug reports. There are now 32. I bump them all to make a point. Most are then deleted. Still no one addresses the issue. Will Genesis be just as bad? I want to wait until reports come in before I purchase. In a moment of weakness I purchase the Season pass. Dang it!!! I just love this game so much. Fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks. Unfortunately already running wired with great internet. I disconnect every time I switch maps. I choose where to spawn in and then it crashes. Every time without fail with the exception of when I switch to Aberration. For some reason I don't crash going there. @Wikus I like that idea. Ark 2 could be so epic if they started from the ground up. Perhaps that the plan after Genesis! So all in all, I might have to break down and buy a newer system. Sigh. Time to start saving up. I wish the new Xbox was a little closer on the horizon.
  12. Great update. Simple, clear, and updated on all the important areas.
  13. Ya I know could upgrade. It's too hard to justify a $300 purchase just to play an ark map. So here's hoping that it works on a system they claim to support!
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