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  1. A Novel Idea: Extinction, Xbox If you take a look through the bug report forum on Xbox, you will notice that there are a dozen (or more) posts about how bad extinction is running. There are dashboarding issues, crashes, freezes, and horrendous graphics. So my suggestion is that you start to care about the issue, acknowledge it, and fix it. Remember that it is not just a free mod map, but an actual DLC that you charged money for. It's really underhanded to sell us a product that we can't use.
  2. If you check the Extinction Xbog bug report forums, they have not fixed that DLC yet. There are a dozen posts about dashboarding, freezing, and crashing. I highly doubt they will fix this one. We are supposed to be happy with what we get I suppose.
  3. Where is the information? Just wondering where to find information on Valguero win 10 release. Have they posted anywhere? Or just typical silent fashion.
  4. Can't. Extinction is still broken on Xbox since release. Constant dashboarding. Still no fix. Good optimism though. But the reality is that the game is broken in so many ways.
  5. So why is this still unplayable on Xbox? Just loaded up extinction sp for the first time since November. Still laggy, still unrendered garbage. Why hasn't this been fixed yet? Is this the dream?
  6. So since Extinction released it was so broken on Xbox. Crashing every session, horrible graphics issues - and zero recognition from WC. My wife and I decided to take a break until they patched those issues. So we tried out Sea of Thieves and ended up really loving it. Because I haven't loaded up Ark for months, I booted it up to see if they fixed the graphics, and I was struck at just how bad this game looks. It's so awkward and rigid too. I recently went from a 37 inch TV to a 60 inch and STILL can't read the tiny font in the menu. We have loved Ark, but have been spoiled by beautiful graphics and smooth game play. How do we come back? Have any of you stopped playing for a while and come back to Ark? If so, what were you playing and was it difficult to get back into it?
  7. Man, I can't believe this isn't fixed yet. Come on WC.
  8. Just visited the forums to see if they fixed the xbox crashing issues. Saw this. Back to Sot for me.
  9. Crazy. Why hasn't anyone acknowledged or fixed this dash-boarding issue!?! So many players affected and now with it on Game Pass, so many more! (Thread bumping to make a point)
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