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  1. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    I know that quality can be important, but I might push back and suggest that value is probably more connected to enjoyment than polish. There are some polished games that are junk and some 8 bit games that are buggy but amazing (like Bubble Bobble anyone?). Thoughts?
  2. Upload Survivor Advice

    I'm also interested in an answer to this. Last time I tried, it was a mess and I lost a bunch of stuff and my old character. Since then, they have supposedly fixed it, but I've never tried again. I believe the timer on items in the obelisk still applies in SP. Also keep in mind that just like official severs, if you have made characters in each of your single player maps, then transfer one character over, you will lose your first character on that map forever as it is essentially saved over.
  3. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    Some great thoughts here: So what would need to change for it to be worth $60 to you (if it's not already)? What needs to be fixed or polished still? What content would you need to see?
  4. Server Wipe

    That makes sense. So then just adding more servers probably won't affect PvE too much really, and it's great the existing servers won't be wiped. This new solution is a win for PvE too.
  5. If Future DLC is like SE...

    Good discussions. Back when they released SE, of course the controversy was: why would they be working on an expansion when the main game is not finished? Truth be told, though they would not release another dlc, they certainly continued to work on it and just not talk about it. They are a business after all! Perhaps it's time to start another thread asking the community what they would like to see in future dlcs? Truth be told, like the op implies, if they just sell a $20 map, that won't fly. So it would be great to hear what people would like to see with a $20 dlc Ark.
  6. Please keep us informed better

    I super agree. They have made improvements for sure. It used to be so so so bad. I hope they continue to improve.
  7. Server Wipe

    Wow. So do people who don't like this solution actually think that everyone should be forced to keep playing on servers where people have slingshoted themselves forward by cheating? Do you actually think new purchasers of Ark will enjoy that? Do they think that the large honest player base enjoy being ddos'ed and fighting and defending against dupers? The only real fix is a wipe and fresh start. And that was the plan as of last week. I find this choice was better than a wipe. It's not perfect, but at least you can still keep your video game items. If you disagree, you should probably consider all players, rather than just yourself and your Tribe. Is there another solution that was missed?
  8. State of Official Hardcore Legacy Servers.

    They have stated that they are looking to wipe servers that have NO activity for weeks. Even one or two people playing is enough to keep them from considering that server for a repurpose.
  9. Server Wipe

    Not sure how people can be upset by their decision. Duping has been a major problem. New players to Ark need a place to start without fighting against tribes who cheated New servers are the only solution to not wiping. There needs to be a clear distinction between servers that have been tainted by cheats and ones that have not. And yes, I'm sure most will decide to enjoy the game without cheating or going up against cheaters. They have even made it so that repurposed servers can be saved and forever played. What more can they do? It was a great solution to a difficult problem.
  10. If Future DLC is like SE...

    I've easily gotten $20 worth of value from SE - easy. I like your wording on the struggle: more dlc content means exclusive, but it has to be that way going forward to make it worth it for people. I think the $20 price tag was perfect for what I got (xbox). I actually just started a new character on se a couple of weeks ago. Love the map and challenge it brings.
  11. Character Creator Customization by launch?

    It's true I don't. So just facial changes? That would be neat. *haha I love that there is a facepalm reaction now! I'm going to get a lot of those...
  12. Server Wipe

    Actually it's literally not a wipe.... If they can actually fix the duping issue, many won't move. However I'm sure a bunch will move to new servers for the adventure of rising to the top again. But they said they will aim to not close servers that have active players. Those who want to stay will. Their choice. Choice is good.
  13. Well think about it like a real business. Remember Blockbuster? You can keep doing what you are doing and hoard the reduced 'business' or be the first one on the new servers to begin establishing the all new trade organization network (A.N.T.O.N.?-not very catchy. Probably have to work on that...) Those who adapt first, flourish sooner.
  14. Character Creator Customization by launch?

    I'm curious what else you would like to modify.(?) You can already adjust so much from the shape and size of your head to the length of your body parts. Nose length? Finger length? Bum size? Arm hair?

    Haha side note, I like the tags on this thread. Made me laugh