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  1. Soo... these are like the Megapiranhas but on land
  2. I can't seem to find the "awards" section for these forums. I want to check out all the available awards on the forums.

  3. One more reputation until 100!  

  4. Once I see what Bees do and can't do, I'm gonna remake one of my ancient posts.
  5. Hey Casanova, think you would be able to check this out? :P 


    1. xFEARLESSxMoDx


      hi casanova  it billy i have added you on xbox my name is kingbilly i need help with ark somethings with the tribe not working invite me on xbox please when you have time please


    2. Chris


      Please send any issues you have over to support.survivetheark.com 


    3. xFEARLESSxMoDx


      i am still waiting for a reply just need help sorting ark out on xbox thanks


  6. That tree in the background... it looks odd. I've never seen it.
  7. I wonder what a bionic Procoptodon would look like... if only...
  8. Ooo, fancy. Will this come along with the Xbox one exclusive Mecha Rex, or is this for everyone?
  9. This is amazing, I may need to make somthing like this...
  10. I DON'T CARE WHAT IT IS I WANT IT NOW DANGIT! desert armadillo-ish thingy? That's what I see.
  11. Poojes

    Demon Fish

    So basically a mega-megapiranha
  12. Poojes

    Captor or Captive?

    Handcuffs? Now how would someone escape them?
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