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  1. Let's not start basing our suggestions on realism.. ffs it is ark. Speed should not be nerfed again. Build a damn wall that those plebs can't just run up to and suicide. It's strategy. Everything is OP of you put a bunch of points in it. Hp if you have enough you'll survive a fall from high limit. Melee you pump that and any person running at you with speed gets an Insta KO from a club lol. Pumping speed means less go which means you just gotta hit em once [generally]. I say buff speed to what it used to be
  2. Alpha rex

    Actually red supply drops have been dropping them for a long long time. I've never gotten anything substantial. Ramshackle and only once. But rex saddles can be found in the underwater progression cave, red supply beacons, and I think the center volcano cave possibly.. Don't quote me on the last one. @Goflin I also play primitive, and unless you gear up and get all the right boosts, the swamp cave is right out. I've also had muck luck with it but I know one guy who's found 2 MC rex saddle bp's so there is how yet. Just gotta know how to find stuff about ark. =p good luck
  3. Remove Rollbacks From the Game to Stop Duping

    If you deleted all dinos with the same ID then the cloning chamber they just added would need to be reworked or scrapped. NEXT IDEA
  4. Hows about you increase maturation permanently. Like FFS any person who has a real life. example: I work 9 hours a day with a 55-70 minute commute, therefore am away from my Xbox for nearly 12 hours a day, the girlfriend hates that when I get home I have to jump on ark to feed babies for 12 days in a row if I want to raise a giga. The rate which dinos eat was quite fair considering babies do eat a lot. You need to speed up maturation. If you're gonna raise a baby you should have to commit to the meat/berry runs but it should not take 12 God damn days... Reevaluate your maturation rates and fix the problems that people NEED fixed. I don't know anyone who has quit ark because of floating babies. I know dozens whom quit because of the lag and disconnection. Like seriously your priorities are so flipping backwards. You're gonna push all your most dedicated players away. This is coming from someone with 3500+ hours logged. #sorrynotsorry #youruineverything
  5. ARK at E3 & Community Crunch 95!

    I'm about one more rubber band away from deleting this cancerous game. I'm even closer to not recommending it to anyone. Fix your raptorING SERVERS.
  6. Bump because primitive is rough enough, we need this fixed! I was about to go look for one today too..
  7. On the center volcano cave I was climbing around on my thyla ,and I climbed too close to the warp point above that big pillar that has fallen over at an angle, when I was teleported out, which normally isn't an issue except when I landed I was killed off the back of my tame and it vanished. Never saw it again.
  8. Bring Back Red Ascendant Coloring

    Complete agreement. Being color blind this is so absolutely not possible for me to differentiate such similar colors. I now mix up primitive and ascendant as well as master craft and ramshackle.
  9. Everything You Want To Know About v256!

    I just want to know how the heck you are supposed to collect Wyvern eggs now... Everything will get killed lol They are so not worth raising anymore lol Like 5x worse than ever lol
  10. More mutated pteras!

    Damn dude I want that yellow!!!
  11. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Do you plan to fix uncraftable blueprints on regular primitive? Larger stacks of metal/all materials in smithy? Could we see Larger stacks of meat In troughs?
  12. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Are the characters that were lost during the AWS transfer able to be recovered? I finally got a response from my ticket and all they did was ask me something i already stated in my original question. Your support staff can be beyond disappointing in their approach.
  13. Breeding times are way too long

    Only easy in comparison to the normal rates. It still takes more than 4 days. I feel like 4-5 days is the max any breeding should take. Hence the only reason my two man tribe hatched a giga was because of V-day. We won't ever do it again off of 3x breeding. Too much stress, I work 40+ a week as does my brother. We are our only tribe mates lol Idc what the big tribes can do, I'm cool with the biggest tribe in primitive. I'm always cool with the big dogs because we build defensively, not aggressively, and make efforts to communicate with the server. I think good consumption should be halved. It doesn't need to b Vday low but a little less would be fantastic.
  14. Homeboy missing the character needs to submit a ticket.