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  1. Complete agreement. Being color blind this is so absolutely not possible for me to differentiate such similar colors. I now mix up primitive and ascendant as well as master craft and ramshackle.
  2. I just want to know how the heck you are supposed to collect Wyvern eggs now... Everything will get killed lol They are so not worth raising anymore lol Like 5x worse than ever lol
  3. Damn dude I want that yellow!!!
  4. Do you plan to fix uncraftable blueprints on regular primitive? Larger stacks of metal/all materials in smithy? Could we see Larger stacks of meat In troughs?
  5. Are the characters that were lost during the AWS transfer able to be recovered? I finally got a response from my ticket and all they did was ask me something i already stated in my original question. Your support staff can be beyond disappointing in their approach.
  6. Only easy in comparison to the normal rates. It still takes more than 4 days. I feel like 4-5 days is the max any breeding should take. Hence the only reason my two man tribe hatched a giga was because of V-day. We won't ever do it again off of 3x breeding. Too much stress, I work 40+ a week as does my brother. We are our only tribe mates lol Idc what the big tribes can do, I'm cool with the biggest tribe in primitive. I'm always cool with the big dogs because we build defensively, not aggressively, and make efforts to communicate with the server. I think good consumption should be halved. It doesn't need to b Vday low but a little less would be fantastic.
  7. Homeboy missing the character needs to submit a ticket.
  8. Oh you'd be salty too if you just bred all your dinos last week and lost all your imprinting bonuses. Like I had. You'd also be grateful if it happened to you and they actually responded. Besides that it's 30 hours. You couldn't have matured a ptera.
  9. Much appreciated. I will be most joyous to find my character chilling in my base like he was before I transferred.. =D
  10. If you're actually trying to get good dinos listen to first guy lol not these others.
  11. High melee and club, you'll ko the guy off the bird. He dies, parachute to the ground and kill his flyer lol Whips are effective too. High melee and good sword you'll 3 hit that bird lol
  12. I pike them =) But I lure them away from the other babies because they'll run like mad if a baby dies next to them Lmfao
  13. Ok now that you're releasing tek tier make it so ingots, hide, fiber, pelt, etc all stack in larger sizes in a smithy FOR PRIMITIVE PLAYERS. Or JUST WHEN a blueprint is present. Limit smithy to one blueprint at a time. Done. THERE. FIXED. Implement IT. WHO let's a crafting system this broken continue to limp for so long?? Put the lame horse down if you're not gong to treat it properly. Mistreatment of problems leads to bigger problems. Ignoring problems does nothing positive.
  14. I the realest part about this digest is the disappointment from the lack of digest for like the hundredth time LOL which is pretty hard to do considering you've only got 81 crunches