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  1. I'm about one more rubber band away from deleting this cancerous game. I'm even closer to not recommending it to anyone. Fix your raptorING SERVERS.
  2. Ok now that you're releasing tek tier make it so ingots, hide, fiber, pelt, etc all stack in larger sizes in a smithy FOR PRIMITIVE PLAYERS. Or JUST WHEN a blueprint is present. Limit smithy to one blueprint at a time. Done. THERE. FIXED. Implement IT. WHO let's a crafting system this broken continue to limp for so long?? Put the lame horse down if you're not gong to treat it properly. Mistreatment of problems leads to bigger problems. Ignoring problems does nothing positive.
  3. I the realest part about this digest is the disappointment from the lack of digest for like the hundredth time LOL which is pretty hard to do considering you've only got 81 crunches
  4. That statement is not even close to judgemental. I was just saying hey look no farther, calico is a cow to me. Make it sound like I'm slandering everyone nd poop when all I said was I consider the calico a cow. Don't give a poop if it's related to rhinos or not. We already have a woolly rhino so I guess no repeat dino descendents right? Better get rid of the argy because one if those dinos probably turned into it. Lol idc about the ancestry here. I'm excited about the horse lol Carry on being an assuming silly pants. I agree, I'm well over this argument but like... I come back and he says things that are so stupid I can't help but reply. Lol kids feeding the trolls
  5. Even less wise of you to quote me with things I've never said. All I said was quit complaining that you think the calico is the horse, when it looks like a cow.
  6. Lol that is the worst response I've ever seen
  7. This seems like pretty trivial use of your time. Don't you have anything to like... Moderate? Trust me, i speak for others. Myself, my tribe.
  8. Console doesn't stand much chance in these stupid contests. Put up the digest, it's the only reason we are here!!
  9. Meh, still doesn't change that it looks like a cow.
  10. Bruh. I have horses. They have longer faces. The calico looks more like a cow than a horse.
  11. That's the calicotherium yooo. Just look at its' head
  12. Please just let it actually be fast.
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