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  1. If you're actually trying to get good dinos listen to first guy lol not these others.
  2. High melee and club, you'll ko the guy off the bird. He dies, parachute to the ground and kill his flyer lol Whips are effective too. High melee and good sword you'll 3 hit that bird lol
  3. I pike them =) But I lure them away from the other babies because they'll run like mad if a baby dies next to them Lmfao
  4. Ok now that you're releasing tek tier make it so ingots, hide, fiber, pelt, etc all stack in larger sizes in a smithy FOR PRIMITIVE PLAYERS. Or JUST WHEN a blueprint is present. Limit smithy to one blueprint at a time. Done. THERE. FIXED. Implement IT. WHO let's a crafting system this broken continue to limp for so long?? Put the lame horse down if you're not gong to treat it properly. Mistreatment of problems leads to bigger problems. Ignoring problems does nothing positive.
  5. I the realest part about this digest is the disappointment from the lack of digest for like the hundredth time LOL which is pretty hard to do considering you've only got 81 crunches
  6. What are you going to do about uncraftable blueprints on primitive servers?
  7. I've had it as low as 3hrs and as high as 4 and like 5 mins. Ptera will be juv about the time off first imprint, generally.
  8. Your bs solution doesn't do a thing for us who play vanilla primitive. Just allow larger stacks in the smithy, maybe even only in the presence of a blueprint. Figure something it though wildcard FFS
  9. Eww. No digest. ):
  10. A rex you KO with 180 melee and a rex you KO with 260 melee. Let's say they both somehow get 40 additional points to melee after taming. The latter well always be stronger. Give 45 points to the 180 melee in stress of 40... It's still weaker. You say it's the best practice. Sure but it's only practice. It's not practical to waste time and resources on bunk tames when looking for specific stats.
  11. Though I agree with you for the most part, for most tames I'm with you, but when gathering precious dinos for being lines I've got to say only tame ones whom are with it. KO two rexes, one has 8k HP one has 7k. The POTENTIAL for a better health stat rex will always be Rex #1 with 8k HP. The second rex could even get a couple extra bonus levels into health which rex#1 Did not and it would still never be par with the other because the levels you gain during taming will give the rex better stat gains in HP. So if you're looking for a high HP line then you need a high HP base stat tame or you're going to KO and tame so many unnecessary dinos. When breeding I am anal and always going for highest stat gain, best possible baby. Best POTENTIAL/POSSIBILITY of high stat tames come from high stat dinos. I've KO'd plenty that don't follow through once taming so I get your logic, but the POTENTIAL for a better tame always resides in the high stat wild dinos.
  12. They used to have genders, but due to the ridiculousness of battling mate boosted snakes the devs did away with that. The two different models are used still, dino which was which but I'd guess male has the frill.
  13. I've been on this server advocating the center to the devs for some time now. They're realizing there's a lot more of us on he center now lol don't worry, I don't think they're going to keep it all from us for good. At least with transfers we can obtain these things now though. Just keep complaining lol they'll listen eventually Also helps to tweet them directly
  14. They are unable to be tamed. The a.I. Will have them wander out from time to time though lol so it may not always be a glitch.
  15. That statement is not even close to judgemental. I was just saying hey look no farther, calico is a cow to me. Make it sound like I'm slandering everyone nd poop when all I said was I consider the calico a cow. Don't give a poop if it's related to rhinos or not. We already have a woolly rhino so I guess no repeat dino descendents right? Better get rid of the argy because one if those dinos probably turned into it. Lol idc about the ancestry here. I'm excited about the horse lol Carry on being an assuming silly pants. I agree, I'm well over this argument but like... I come back and he says things that are so stupid I can't help but reply. Lol kids feeding the trolls