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  1. Suggested here already, please vote for it as it already has 2 other votes.
  2. I'll vote on some of these as soon as they're separated, I don't agree with all of these so I'm not voting for it. Sorry, though it does look like you've had enough votes to get on the first page so my vote likely doesn't matter.
  3. This is probably the toughest one to solve and the one most likely to get abused with this. I'd love to see official solo servers but they'd need to figure out a way of easier enforcement to prevent teaming as given how folks abuse other game mechanics this is sure to be the first to get abused here.
  4. While I don't want Ark to go back to the days of being able to fly under water it'd be great if this weren't quite as touchy as it currently is or does something a bit differently. So no auto eject/dismount from the flyer when it's touching the water. Perhaps just make it not be able to pass the water and/or it slows down massively when it hits the water. Most times I'm able to get pretty close without issue, but sometimes the server or my client lags and poof I'm in the water. I've not done enough testing but some flyers seemed to be much more sensitive to how close you can be or how far into the water you can be before it kicks you off.
  5. If not keeping folders then perhaps have some other way to keep breeding stats on tames would be great. And/or the ability to see the hatch stats along with the current stats or a way to toggle between them.
  6. Love the new game suggestions forum, especially the ability to up vote ones that you like. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/64-game-suggestions/ One thing I'd like to see with this is when you're in that folder view is to see which ones you already up voted. Right now you can only tell that you voted for something by going into it. This might be a problem with merged ideas though. Thank you for adding this ability to offer suggestions. Not sure I fully like this idea as it might get abused or not work like how I think it would, but perhaps have the ability to downvote an item, I see you can downvote something in a thread, just not the main source item. Again, I'm likely not thinking through how well this would work.
  7. In the very least allow players to remove specific animals from their local single player or dedicated server. Likely doable on PC, not so much on consoles. And obviously not doable on the Ark owned servers, well unless we can have you set up some without these creatures. I'd also potentially add the troodon to this list of the ones I find most annoying and not all that useful, at least in my game play. Likely these tames are useful to others.
  8. On consoles the tether makes playing on someone else's world not very fun as you need to be very close to them otherwise you get "teleported" to places you don't want to go. Ok, I know that this will likely not work as well on the older Xbox, but definitely seems doable on the Xbox One X or Playstation Pro. That and I know that this tether was accidently removed at one point and it did indeed work for them, it was quickly added back once that it was found out by the devs that the tether was no longer there. In the very least allow console players to set the distance to see how playable it is, and if it doesn't work then they can change it to a playable distance.
  9. It's a huge pain to use a controller with the spyglass or scope as it's all a single "speed" that you can move it around and it is difficult to scope in on moving things. Some options to improve this would be to use the analog ability of the controller to speed up or slow down the rate at which it pans around. So you slightly move the stick and it pans slowly and move the stick further and it moves faster. At least in my head this seems like it would help or be possible, wouldn't know for certain without trying it myself. LOL Another possibility is to to allow the scope or spyglass to zoom in and out from it's normal distance. So you'd only be able to zoom in as far as normal, but zooming out allows you to have a larger field of view to find a faster moving thing. Not sure how this would map as it'd need to put the UI in a different control scheme for a bit so you don't end up doing other actions. There are tricks around this but they're not as simple to use and are a pain to use.
  10. There are times when I'm flying or riding a dino when I want my shoulder mount to dismount from my shoulder or perhaps be able to have it get back onto my shoulder. The remount might be more of a pain as how does the game know which mount, I am thinking it would just need to keep track of the last thing that mounted or perhaps you need to look directly at it. Related, as I'd likely be using this when using this mount/dismount, is to fix the attack my target commands for these small shoulder mount flyers, I cannot recall which one it is but one of them doesn't seem to adhere to that command, it only seems to attack when it's attacked which is not what I want.
  11. If you mean this then please fix the meshing.
  12. Looks like consoles only got PC version 291.100 instead of the latest PC version of v292.100 that has that feature. Also not sure which options they make available in the UI for server settings. Might only be an option if you pay for a dedicated server.
  13. I'd try a hard restart, usually fixes this issue.
  14. Looks like consoles only got PC version 291.100 instead of the latest PC version of v292.100 that has the fix.
  15. Are they still updating the PC version with all the issues that have been found? I haven't seen a notice about an update for quite some time. Are they actually still working on testing this so we can get this officially available?
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