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  1. Sorry it happened to you, but thank you for the video showing exactly what is still happening.
  2. Yeah up ban would be cool. I always wondered why you couldn't do more from the server admin screen. Like see admin logs, issue Dino wipes, etc.
  3. How is their ping to the server? I do think that an inventory access does hit the server to sync up with the client, perhaps that's related to this? I have seen something similar now that I say that when our server had very bad pings or lag at the time.
  4. Interesting, I had this happen to me I think. I thought I accidently ran into a tree, rock or other structure and knocked it off not realizing this might have happened.
  5. Well daily bumps tend to annoy mods, I usually only bump mine around version changes. But if you were to have a thread with all the split screen you know of sometimes I can get a WildCard employee to look. Most times I cannot so I've yet to figure out the magical incantation that works.
  6. Ugg, random repros. Developers nightmares. This was the feature I was talking about: v254.9* Added "Disable Menu Transitions" Option, for power-users to navigate through menus more quickly.
  7. I suppose, this was more in response one other possible way to fix server lag that the OP is talking about and not take away from the massive kibble farms folks have than to protect the dinos from harm or any sort of "vacation" system.
  8. Wow, what a pain in the butt. Was a pain enough having to make sure the inventory was full for the lower weight dinos, now we have to do this to make sure that they live. Really hope this is a bug and gets fixed and isn't how this mechanic now works.
  9. I wonder if it might occur if you had a dino on neutral and the bronto hits it when the griefer/troll causes the dino to attack the base if it occurs.
  10. No idea if this will help or what the problem might be, but does it matter what they have in their inventory? Does it happen when their inventories are completely empty? Does it happen every single time or only in certain locations, situations, etc? Anything special about the armor they are wearing? Did they set the fast screen/inventory change setting (sorry don't remember the name)? Does it repro with that on or off?
  11. I have not thought this all the way through, but how about you are able to upload to a "dino cloud farm" but cannot download them back once uploaded. The only thing you get back are eggs that you can use for kibble. Perhaps it'd only work for a given map/mode/etc to limit it as I've not thought through how it might be abused.
  12. Given past updates most likely not until mid March. Though there are several bugs that we have on the Console that would be better to have fixed sooner than that.
  13. Yeah, the number of button/key presses be great info to add here in the data as well.
  14. You're talking about a work around right? It wasn't that way before in previous versions and so they're saying it's a new bug. You never had to force feed babies until recent patches and it doesn't seem like all babies require having to be force fed, even the same dinos.
  15. Do you have a list of all the single player split screen issues in a separate thread? If so can you bump it or add any things missing from it? And if not can you create one? Your issue seems to be a different one than the original report here.