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  1. Was just about to ask the same thing. Helps to answer a question if you know what the question is. LOL
  2. Structure Stasis Changes Anyone get this new Stasis change to work on Xbox/Win10 Nitrado servers? If so what version is your server on? EDIT: Ok, chatted with someone at WC. Turns out that Nitrado needs to add the setting/option for this to work. We're asking Nitrado to add it now.
  3. It looks like that form allows you to report server information that's more than just it being down in the main server list. I see items for transfers and also a text field where you can enter what you said. I'd enter it there as I know they do look at that data for sure, just not sure about whether they're doing it over a holiday weekend.
  4. No idea if they're working on any right now but did you report which server is down here? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform I swore they had an official list of down servers somewhere but I couldn't find it.
  5. @Jatheish can we fix fence foundations snapping? Also fix the timer for cables and related components to something longer than wood timers? That and up the timers for the oil pumps? Or in the very least allow private servers to adjust those settings without having to adjust all the other things to be too long? A couple of days for the oil pumps and not very many for the electric components is too short for us casual players. LOL That and I leave the oil pump unlocked for others to use but keep having to go to it to make sure it doesn't decay.
  6. So when you try to sign into the island server it tries to create a new character? Did you look on the server you came from to see if your character was there? There have multiple times where I thought I was on a server and was able to interact with things but finally the server and client ended up syncing and I either wasn't there and needed to try to connect again or hadn't done all of the things that my client showed me doing so the server overrode what I did. I have also had the case where my character got duplicated when I went from one server to another so the servers thought I was
  7. 800.18 is the latest client version on your Xbox itself. 800.111 is the latest server version for official and nitrado servers. As for why you cannot find your main character I am unsure. If you were transferring at around the time when they updated the servers to the bad/corrupted version or possibly transferred after but before they decided to roll back your character might be gone. If you cannot find it on the server you transferred from or to then you might need to create a support request to get it back if you're on an official server. Wish I had more or better information, sorry.
  8. 1.57 GB update is downloading for Xbox right now, not sure it's the version they mentioned on Friday that fixes the newest crashes. Likely related.
  9. That is the last I've heard on whether there will be more rollbacks. Though you know, it's Ark so there could have been something else that might have them considering rolling back again. EDIT: To be clear, it's very likely there won't be a rollback given how they've handled similar situations in the past. Just calling out that software can and will have issues so you can never know for certain. Like say they find some of the new content allows for duping or meshing and they need to undo considerable damage. Again, not likely but just saying it "could" happen.
  10. You'll need to get the next update to get that fixed unfortunately. Was hoping to play some Ark with my daughter this weekend.
  11. I would definitely hold off on playing on single player if you can, as last official thing I read about it is that you may end up losing data, if it's not already lost. So far as I can tell they have not released a fixed client version. But it's pretty chaotic in getting that sort of information right now. Hopefully someone at WC can keep the original post here up to date with status for the various things rather than having to rely on various tidbits about what is and what is not fixed.
  12. Got an update recently for Ark on console, but the patch notes don't appear to be updated. Guessing it's the PC ones without Crystal Isle changes?
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