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  1. @Stark any ideas here? Also similar call stack reported here.
  2. Looks like the same or at least similar crash reported here.
  3. Sorry for multiple posts, but this discussion on Reddit also implies that the optimizations they have yet to do will help the poly counts and likely allow them to look at increasing the res to what the box is capable of.
  4. And the models are finalized. As those will impact perf as well.
  5. My point is that they are not currently running the game at the highest resolution currently possible. Don't even touch that until the game is fully optimized.
  6. Good point, forgot to say I know nothing about the PS4 and pro model. For all I know they are at the highest res, though given we haven't hit the major optimization phase of the game I'm going to guess there would be improvements there as well. Currently the Xbox version isn't running at full res it can do, very likely to just make the game playable until a later phase of the game. Just like it got good enough to bump up the game resolution last year. Cannot recall what version.
  7. My opinion, there is definitely room for better looking graphics, but I don't want them touching it until they get the engine more optimized performance wise and the do a pass on the Dino and other models. Improving graphics before doing that is wasted energy and likely to make the game lag even more than it currently does. Also curious on seeing what they do with this game on the Xbox Scorpio as well.
  8. There is at least one issue I know of that has to do with crafting fishing rods from BPs, the last craft crashes the server. But there are very likely more to figure out. Best to ask players what they might have been doing around the time of the crash.
  9. Yes, thank you Jat. And especially to my fellow survivors that helped with the videos and more details to help get a repro so that the devs can fix it. Having that sort of information to reproduce the issue helps tremendously.
  10. Lol, yep and in the gazillions of threads that people have created here on the forums and elsewhere when the flyer nerf was first brought up by @Jeremy Stieglitz. im going to wait to discuss it more than I already did when they finally implement the nerfs, cause it's pretty much out of our hands until then.
  11. Sorry, no idea, just wanted to respond on the topic of why they haven't detailed the flyer nerf in the patch notes or this thread yet. Sounds like they're still trying out things to get it the way they and their testers want.
  12. "Fun" is a subjective term for sure. Up until very recently all the metal runs I did were with an anky and I had forges near metal nodes so it was just as "fun" as my quetz runs doing the same thing. Also one reason I like the Center map more is that the metal resources are more more throughout the map rather than concentrated in specific areas like how they are on the island map.
  13. Ah, now I see why I didn't see your issue in my search for the dragon boss issue. That is a different, though just as terrible, bug than what this thread is about. Here's a link to that issue if anyone has anymore info to add.