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  1. This, right here. Please don't integrate P+ into the main game. I and a lot of people play the mode specifically to avoid the Tek and Modern content and all the pitfalls that come with it. The aesthetic of prehistoric animals and low-tech lifestyle also fits so much better, imo. Not to mention that Primitive + would be smothered under ARK's normal content. It'd be a cute distraction on PvE before players left it behind again for the convenience of air conditioners, generators and Tek Rifles or whatever. Let's put it like this: People who play Primitive + for the sake of Primitive + and the immersion are the only ones at risk in this situation. Whereas people who would play the content before forgetting it exists save for the cute little 'look what I made' shenanigans stand to lose nothing except for novelty. The only way I'd be behind integrating it into the main game is if there was a dedicated server type that capped at P+. No Assault Rifles, Tek Saddles, or mechs. Just people with a focus on their tames and not their toys.
  2. Don't know if this counts, but how about a look into the fur of animals on PS4, specifically? I don't know if anyone else on PS4 wants to chime in, but the furrier animals tend to have pelts that look like -- and this is the only thing I can relate it to -- TV static. It's all shimmer-y and weird-looking up close. Sometimes it'll even look like they've got bald spots. Also, how about saddle models? Specifically, the Thyla's. Don't know why ya'll felt it was necessary to have us sit on a Hershey Layer Crunch, but I'd think the Thyla would receive a sleeker saddle. Something like the Ravager's?
  3. Has anyone said that the giant apes should be quadrupedal? Because I personally think they should.
  4. Most shoulder-mounts could also use better texturing. Especially the Dimorphodon.
  5. The Pachycephalosaurus definitely needs to be larger. The Dire Bear's face and fur need to be redone. The face looks rather blocky up-close and the fur puts me in the mind of feathers. The Megaloceros looks like a plastic toy and I think the females still have indentations in their heads. Stegos and Trikes suffer from the same 'plasticness'. The Stego looks much more dated when compared to the Kentrosaurus. Personally, I think all animals could do with idle animations. They seem a bit... stiff and lifeless when they're all just staring ahead emptily. To be fair, I have no clue how much that'd cost performance or time wise, but it'd definitely breathe some life into the animals. Especially if it was contextual. Parking an animal near water might activate a 'drinking' animation, for example. Maybe they'll sniff the air, scratch an itch or give themselves a little shake. Dunno. Just something that'll make them feel like animals rather than furry or scaly vehicles.
  6. I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill here. In terms of PvE. We still don't have any definite parameters on what constitutes a 'ghost town' or what constitutes an 'extended period of time'. Fact is that, while many people are going to be transferring to the fresh servers, just as many people, if not more, have roots that they've sat down and aren't willing to uproot. You don't need new people to trade with (as they've probably got nothing anyhow), but these other PvE 'Alphas'. Create trade hub servers and interact as a community with your own peers. And you'll probably still get the odd newcomer if the fresh servers get filled. And there'll be room! People won't have to pillar (they probably still will, though); there'll be ample space for your builds now that people can spread out. And if a map is pillar'd? Then you've got practically endless other choices. I mean, I've always thought that PvE servers got crowded quickly, and it's easy to see why. There's, generally, no inherent danger after a while. People can build and build, tame and tame, breed and breed without restraint. Usually. Giving players a bit more breathing room isn't a bad thing.
  7. I'm not all that sure. A lot of people seem to think that ARK pushing release back would be a benefit.
  8. I'm on my hands and knees here, though, @Jat. Please let there be more than two Ragnarok Prim+ PvE servers on launch for PS4. As it is, P+ players that want PvE currently are more or less crammed into the two we've got or look for Unofficial servers. And I understand we may not be the largest playerbase, but we most certainly need more servers than that.
  9. There are going to be Legacy versions of Ragnarok, apparently.
  10. Do I see... Cornrows? Excellent. Also, hell yeah, Daeodon. Please let it be at least competent in a fight...
  11. Looks weird in the dossier for some reason, but I'm sure the in-game model will do it justice. Also, yesss, time for me to return to my love of dinosaurs. Sorry, mammals, it's been real, but dinos are number one in my heart again.
  12. Yeah, really hope some of these come to consoles, but, uh... where's Ragnarok?
  13. My only question (right now) is when will Primitive + and Scorched Earth/Server Transfers start playing nice with each other. Otherwise, I don't think it's possible to tame a Megalosaurus and that leads to an eight-plus hour Theri tame. Unless you tame a lower level, at which point it becomes a three-plus hour tame.
  14. Well, now Ark's got a horse. Eh. I mean, I ride horses in every other video game I play so it's nothing really exciting save for possible new mechanics which aren't even tied to the horse. I'm happy for the horse lovers, but just more food options for my Allies, I guess.
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