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  1. Hey where do you get the nerve calling me a mysterious mystery i'm not a mystery i'm an abomination of nature i aint no mystery.
  2. Number of times i've spawned and either got attacked by a wandering dilo or been set up on by compies and bloody ants if your lucky that is.
  3. Wildcard may not currently be in my good graces but i'd still prefer Wildcard over Activision, EA, Bungie all the studios behind CoD EA has killed one of the best space rpgs ever because they prefer raptoring MP to over what the franchise is SP and yes everyone knows i'm talking about Mass Effect: Andromeda which is nothing like a mass effect game it dishonors the franchise and now that franchise is basically dead. So hate wildcard all you want but there are worse companies as for the price increase again can you really blame them for the increase the game as been cheap enough and
  4. Thats what i resorted too even though that's exactly what i didnt want to do but thats what everyone suggested it's just stupid that it's locked behind ascension in the first place if i was on a server in a tribe that did not continuously stab me in the back then i'd be happy playing through each Ascension but single player you would of hoped for some leeway at least it is wildcard and wildcard are usually forgiving to SP players but to be honest playing SP sucks too i wanna be on a server but i've had poopty experiences on both pvp and pve. It's come to the point where most of my friends
  5. What's this Bullpoop about having to be beta level to play on ragnarok. I did not wait patiently all this time for ragnarok to come out to have it raptoring locked behind some other kind of Bullpoop if I knew this was gonna happen I wouldn't of bothered downloading it an losing my previous save. God Damn it wildcard the first time I've actually been angry at you I play single player ascending to beta is gonna take me months there's no point in playing cause I don't mind force taming something I don't know how to tame or wiping them out if I just wanna build but getting to beta involv
  6. I understand that these questions may of been asked before so if they have i apologise. 1st will both the otter and phoenix be coming out today on consoles or just pc. 2nd did anyone else notice that argent flapping its wings faster then it should be able to unless the flyer nerf as been removed. 3rd what the hell was that adorable little mechanical insect in the tek cave as it looked like a mantis but im not to sure.
  7. I already know about that post and one that came earlier this year but there's been no word of it since i've even asked on twitter, looked through the forums both on here and reddit not to mention checking steam but still nothing. Primal is like Voldemort you know it exists but no one dares talk about it.
  8. What about Primal cause i've heard it's been delayed again.
  9. As off right now i aint done jack on ark but i do plan on going back on my solo game and turning herb island or islands into one biodome with a mixture of herbs and carnivores and some amphibious and water creatures too which pretty much means i'm gonna be making out my oxygen or sticking infinite stats on while i build a huge arse perimeter around the island using behemoth gates and pillars lots and lots of pillars. The trouble i put myself through.
  10. raptor me ark just got EXPENSIVE sheesh i love ark but not even i would pay that kind of money for a dossier and map if it had a figure and other merch then sure.
  11. Where can i get the dev kit from because google aint helping an niether is youtube. one link says i can get it from steam so i looked i even looked in the ark steam folder, Another link said i had to pay for it which i know is bullpoop so just where is it found.
  12. Just make them dlc already ok maybe not crystal isles an possibly skies because aint they still been worked on. Heres a stupid question which im sure is answered in the actual article but do you need expertise with blender or some other crreation software
  13. Ok so in my previous comment on this post i asked about ascension an what the hell it means when it comes to ark and i still dont know but now im itching for something else because now that we have underwater bases even though the cube formula just seems ugly to me unless WC plan on bringing a cloaking device which would hide the base behind a natural setting like a rocky out crop or an arch but that would mean sacrificing the shield as the cloak would be a module of the shield generator. Anyway enough about the underwater bases as i want to talk about dungeons and bunkers and the
  14. Full controller support now as in ABSOLUTELY FULL FUNCTIONALITY not just part functionality. Also just what is Ascension when it comes to ark and im loving the new volcano look because it actually looks like a volcano now an not just the argy taming run as i call it because im always running up it while shooting argies.
  15. When we gonna get the skies of nazca map for consoles that map is fracking huge dont believe me watch sl1pg8r on youtube not to mention the floating islands and that huge cave system with the abandoned huts inside. Also why cant we build long rafts already or even canoes not to mention the camera pov for rafts could do with an update because once you build a pen or mobile spawn point you cant see anything except your building would be nice to have a camera at the front of the raft. That said keep the mods coming if it means we get to choose the next official dlc for ark im happy.
  16. Why no prim + console beta's after all just because the pc probs might get fixed we all know from past experiences that console probs may still exist. Just look at the issues when prim + was released.
  17. I can't wait to see some small tribe with a few yu`s herd a bunch of wild dinos towards an enemy tribe.
  18. Besides i reckon the screenshot opportunities are more then enough inspiration to add one have it be male and the unicorn female an when you breed them your horses have slighter better buffs but of course just have it be rare or some minigame or ritual involved to be able to get the pegasus.
  19. It's more vanity and irony then anything else because i'm known as peg or peggy which again is after my gamertag which has Pegasus in it.
  20. I gotta say that bridge mod seems like the creator just took ksp's tweakscale and added it to the bridge models.
  21. I gotta say i like the Venice shot but personally i wish i didnt see it as its too soon after my own project got corrupted which was going to be a Venice-esq build so note to self make back ups when using console. That said any news on primal plus.
  22. Flak armour naa all you need is a cowboy hat and a 6 shooter and an eye mask and hi ho silver the lone ranger will be riding into town it shouldnt matter that these towns are full of dinos if theres injustise to be dealt with the ranger will be there.
  23. I've never wanted an army of snails so bad. I love the stuff Lame Wolf makes kinda wish i was a part of it. Anyway that said whats the news on primal as im dying to be a raptor.
  24. I hope that the next event be it extra life or another charity event is also on console would be nice to get a q&a with the devs while also playing ark with them. I'm gonna say this once if anyone quotes me i'll deny i ever said it. You pc players are lucky.
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