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  1. Are you sure you cryofridge had power? If you are away for a while always be sure you have them powered before you access them otherwise dinos will die in them. It calculates whether it had power the time while you were away at the instance you access it. Not saying this is the case as there could be a new bug that I haven't seen yet but this has been the most common issue I've seen for folks.
  2. No idea what the end result will be but I let someone at WC know about it and they said they'd check it out.
  3. Can you chat at all about the fixes made for recent perf/stalls? I have noticed some improvement when joining out server, used to timeout very often and require multiple rejoins in order to play. But wondered if that was mere coincidence. That and it seemed like some of the stalls when rendering in bases are better, mostly noticed it around greenhouse parts where it would stall every time when loading in someone's greenhouse.
  4. Yep, still works as of today. Can you post a screenshot of your player saddle crafting folder?
  5. Worked fine for me on Xbox, well did at least before the update yesterday, haven't checked after that since it was working when they last fixed it.
  6. Weird, for PC and Xbox updates that update was the Love Evolved event. It was also around the time where they added anti meshing fixes so perhaps one of those broke fence supports?
  7. Do you recall what update this broke with? You reported it on Jan 11th. Are you on PC or Console, if console which one?
  8. Just so I'm clear, you're also seeing a crash after going to the main menu when exiting while on Extinction using an XB1X? FWIW I'm seeing that as well. I have no idea if it's related, but also on our nitrado cluster my character has gotten duped 2 out of the 10 or so times I've transferred between extinction and valguero on our cluster.
  9. Is this on PC as well? I'm on Xbox and noticed this issue but figured it was a console only issue. You cannot even snap them to a fence foundation either. :/
  10. It was the fix for this bug. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/511254-mindwipe-is-broken/&page=12 It says officials there, but it applied to all "servers" not just officials.
  11. I'll also add to that thought that the Xboxes implementation of the pause for games is likely not fully up to snuff. There are a few other games where I get into a similar state depending on how long it's remained "running/paused" in the background. Supposedly the Xbox One Series X is supposed to handle game pauses better. We'll see.
  12. Happens to me every time I return to the game after doing something else if I don't close it before I use other things or come back to my xbox later. So every time I exit Ark before I do anything or always remember to exit/close it before I try to play again. Ark is bad at caching things it shouldn't cache so I'm guessing some network address or related networking connection changes and when it tries to reuse it after the game "pause" it fails. There are lots of other places where they have this same problem but it remains unfixed.
  13. mleii

    Any Swarm Defenses?

    Bummer. Thanks for testing it out. Would have made sense if it did work but we're talking about sense here and Ark. Oh and ghilli if you can afford to make it may help. At least for other insects it does help.
  14. Actually it looks like levels are out as well after reading the wiki, sorry it's been a while since I've used one. I do however see that there must be code for related to the tek engrams since the wiki says it doesn't remove those.
  15. What level are your two accounts? Have either done the ascension? I have no idea what any of this has to do with it but perhaps if enough folks work together to figure out a common thing then perhaps the devs can actually fix it this time. I'm asking as one of the things that causes you to not be able to mindwipe is both time and in some cases level, and I know they've recently messed with levels to "fix" issues related to leveling and leveling with chibi. So related to that I'm, also wondering if folks have a chibi on their char? Does removing it change anything with regards to mindwipe? Though I have no idea why the time would be so high if it had something to do with levels. Also wondering what happens if someone can try something out, I have no idea if mindwipes work at all by doing this but now I'm curious if it's possible, but what happens if someone who doesn't have this glitch force feeds you the mindwipe in your inventory when you're knocked out. I'm going to guess they wrote code to not allow this but wondered if this might workaround this bug if it is possible. Likely it wouldn't either due to it being coded out or they'll see the same timer as it should be based upon the character it's being used on. Nevermind on that last bit. Wiki says it's not possible. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Mindwipe_Tonic
  16. Which tek did you unlock? All of them for all DLCs or do you mean something else? Do you mean you ascended? Wondering if anyone else is noticing the same thing here. What level are folks that have this problem? Did you unlock any tek, if so which one? Did you ascend?
  17. First, remove the persons name as you're not supposed to do that per the terms of use for the forums. Second if you feel this person is going against the Code of Conduct for PVP then contact support via the link above, that said I'm not sure what you said constitutes abuse as it seems like PVP to me but likely you didn't mention something that is the actual abuse.
  18. If it's on an official server contact support (see support link above), if it is on a nitrado server contact the admin for your server, if local single player I believe there are admin commands for doing what you want that can be found in the ark wiki.
  19. Is it similar to the flyers you can stand on where if you're hovering close enough to the ground they will land? So if you're up high enough in the air does it still hover? I don't own genesis so I cannot test this.
  20. mleii

    Any Swarm Defenses?

    Does putting standing torches around the area help? I don't have genesis so no idea.
  21. Supposedly... it will be in the update for PC today and next week for console.
  22. EDIT to remove stuff that doesn't matter. I hope this doesn't break the existing chat is all I hope for. And as far as I know GP is not a GM.
  23. After genesis was added it's taking me 2-3 or more times to just log in due to the timeouts. On a rare occasion now I can get into it on the first try, was mostly fine before but it still did it every once in a while before genesis. And that is for me getting on to Valguero, so not genesis.
  24. Thank you for the info, though it looks like the fix should come with the update they plan on Wednesday.
  25. No worries, you make good points as there are some "WC can do no wrong" folks who post here. FWIW I'm frustrated with things as well.
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