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  1. I'm pretty sure this is a person who will bend the knee to someone who tells them too. Pitiful...
  2. Now the new flyer will come out and will only be able to tame by mutton....(speculation of course) Dododex: 150 =400 raw mutton Me: go kills sheep, harvest with chainsaw...gets 2 mutton.... WC: laughs uncontrollably
  3. Gamma master controller Just a quick question since transfers will be opening up soon, my tribe mates and I want to try our hand at the final fight. For anyone who has done it, exactly what type of Rex's can go in? Is it ONLY tek Rex's? Or can regular Rex's go too? What about gigas? Sorry if a noobie question....
  4. Good luck sir....wc is notoriously famous for NOT updating. Maybe wait until next weeks community crunch, you may or may not get an answer then.
  5. Okay, so, as a console gamer, I'd love to get some new skins, Reskins or new patterns on existing structures dinos or what have you. That being said, the console version, even with running an xbox 1X , a lot of the maps are laggy AF. Ragnarok is called LAGNAROK for a reason. If there are more than 12 -15 players on a map, forget it. Render issues, ping issues, d/c issues already persist without skins. Sometimes I log in and get triangulated dinos and that's with a 1X and a small business connection. My internet isnt the issue. I do see your point as it would be a small revenue stream for
  6. Manticore is pretty broken on all maps including SE and LAGNAROCK. Not just on VAL... WC is only concerned with new content. Has been this way since legacy. Most of us from legacy days would understand if they just fixed the bugs. And I mean REALLY fixed them, not just put on a bandaid and said we did it
  7. I'd love to see dinos "learn". Would love to see raptor packs actually do something other than just eat everything
  8. Hahaha I'm not surprised! Can't do it with the base game. Couldn't do it with scorched. Did they do it with Abb? Don't really know, that map is dead anyway. DEFINITELY couldn't do it with Rag. What makes anyone think they could do it with their final release? Just par for the course for a sub par dev.
  9. So you are dropping more tek dinos when pve is pretty much always at server cap? Good job......
  10. Really do need to address the pve server cap issue. As it is now, if we loose a few rexs in boss fights we cannot breed more for more fights. Really sucks WC. Fix your KNOWN ISSUES
  11. Doeds and megaloceros need to be able to gather berries. @Jatheish I remember Jeremy saying at one point he was going to put this into the game. Also need to stop the x10 pooping of the doeds as well. Really bad if you are farming, getting attacked and it stops to poop or you are rolling along and boom, it stops to let it all out 3 times in a row
  12. I would agree that the 1x makes it run better and look better too. Haven' gotten fuzzy graphics yet like I did on the original Xbox. Things do load faster and the gameplay much smoother. I'm not a technical person but I can tell you everything is a lot smoother. However, I do still get the lag issues all over the map and even more so when someone logs into their overly huge base with 300 thylas and 200 dodos. So it seems like a server side issue more than a client side. Let me know if I'm WAY off on this. I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong. Like I said, not a technical person
  13. Seems like this game has been optimized for the 1x consoles now. Too much memory going through with all the big bases, the 499 thylas everyone keeps but never uses and that 1 giga. I'm exadurating of course but ppl have way too much in such a small space. Too many dino tail wags and too many people building with hundreds of wall/ceiling pieces. Each has to render, and each takes up so much room. Maybe if wc would take some of the structure pieces from other mods it might help. Like behemoth stone walls that count only as 1 piece, or a giant stone ceiling piece. Materials are irrelevant.
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