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  1. All a dino has to do is to maintain aggro from the kited base. If u lure a bronto to someone's base, and it's tail swing hits a rex behind a wall, THEN gets attacked by said rex, it will maintain aggro. Same goes with spinos, gigas, raptors, long as it's aggro is on a player or players base it will attack it. If I kite a rex to another person's base, and that player shoots the rex from inside or near that base, it will attack walls and dinos..... Try that in your testing
  2. So from what I'm understanding is, that other tribes are storing their dinos over by the obs, creating a massive lag zone, but your giant kibble farm isn't? I just wanted to understand you clearly.... But your other idea is good.
  3. Very true...they are nasty, but once you got a pack of carnivores, even 5 or 6 lower level (under 100) raptors, they are no big deal.
  4. Seriously though, if you want some really good tips and tricks for building, watch FRESONIS on YouTube. He loves fence foundations and is really good at building with them
  5. Yes, if you have a carno, or some raptors or any carnivorous mount, keep that on neutral BUT everything else on passive. That way, if one of your dinos does get attacked, it will help defend. BTW are you on pc xbox or ps4?
  6. I don't think it spawned on top of your base. The game keeps going even though you are offline. Meaning that wild dinos still roam around. Is it a closed box? Is your dinos far enough away from the walls that ANY part of their body isn't showing? Basically what is happening is that the wild dinos is getting good aggro ed to something inside. If you build a wall around your base, nothing can get in. Depending on where you build 4 walls high is sufficient to keep all predatory dinos out. Stone is your friend bc of the hp resistance. Still not as good as metal but will suffice for new players. Here is what I would do. Build walls on fence foundations underneath your base but surrounding your base. Then, build another fence out of stone gates or stone behemoth gates atleast 10 foundation lengths away from your base. This will afford you some real estate. It will also allow you to hold your early tames. Place a few more foundations inside you new pen so no dinos spawn inside your pen. Looks like crap, but works.
  7. 10 rex is good for the easy brood. 20- 25k health is more than enough! With good saddles you should be fine. No problems. Just have your rexes charge straight into her and it will get her stuck. From there it's just a time thing
  8. The theri though...that thing is a beast!!! Get yourself some better dinos and u don't have to worry about them.
  9. Building on pillars is good bc it allows you to build on the most uneven ground. One thing you will want to do is learn either stone FENCE FOUNDATIONS or metal fence foundations. This will allow you to build a wall underneath and around the pillars to dinos can't kill your tames though the ceiling tiles. Clipping is a big issue right now bc dinos can and will sink or completely fall through ceilings tiles leaving them exposed. That is why u use fence foundations to surround your base with walls. Look up YouTube videos on how to build. GG FIZZ, MONKEY PUZZLE, FRESONIS are some good ones to get a lot of good tips and tricks. Best of luck!
  10. No I meant total button pushes. Like it could ask u to hit A 24 tomes
  11. Kill off everything else. I stick with 1.9 or higher when deciding to fish. Bigger the fish bigger the reward. There is a total of 24 button presses that it can take with the bigger fish so practice makes perfect! Hand eye coordination is a key factor and sometimes with the lag and rubber banding, it's impossible
  12. It's tribes with 100's of low level egg layers that ruin the server performance. Why do you need that many? ESPECIALLY ON PVE Strategy #1: tame a bunch of low level egg layers, say dilos for example...have 100 of them. Get yourself a good stock of eggs to turn into kibble, then kill them. Tame up the next dino, get a good stock of that egg, then kill them on and so forth. Once you get a bronto, why do you need 20+ trikes? Bronto benefits overshadow trikes all day every day, especially for more experienced players. I still have 2 150 mated pair trikes just to have the skeletal skins....but I never use them. Strategy #2: Once you have the pt 150's of the next dino, kill off the others....if you are going to breed, do so now. ***Hypathetical Scenario***, you have 5 turtles, all with above average stats in the categories....mate them until you get the stats you want or better and move on To those and kill off or sell off the rest. No reason to keep them around. Final point: what can a low level egg layer do that a high level cannot? Both lay eggs....
  13. A total solution to all of this would be an overhaul of the building mechanics in ark and use some of the S+ concepts..... Easy peasy...... I find it funny how QOL improvements are left up to people who are NOT in the WC staff lineup....
  14. PvE or not breeding dinos is fun. It's like a scratch off lottery ticket. You never know what's going to pop out. Once the cap hits 400 dinos that's it. Eggs hatch with nothing in them and it forces bigger tribes to quell their stock. I'm all for upping the raising times. 2x would be a better addition. Keep food consumption 1x and mating 1x. This would slow the rate at which big tribes can hatch dinos.
  15. Tamable titanoboas? S+ considerations for vanilla? Not so much the glass pieces but more of the solid foundation blocks to build on slopes, auto close doors, pulling resources from different chests, ceilings snap flush with foundations..... General lag and dashboarding on consoles..... Bloom slider on official console servers!