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  1. Yup.... On ramps
  2. pve

    Our issue was that we had 1 rex just run away on its own, the broodmother decided to follow it underneath the bridge. After that, it was all over. I think what happened was even though we surrounded her the slight change in elevation between her and our rexs was what did us in
  3. pve

    Yea man plz do! I'm super bummed. 30k hp and 650+ melee on those rexs.....gone.....
  4. pve

    I'm on xbox1 pve and we tried brood hard last night and got slaughtered. Couldn't get her stuck like we could on medium. Anyone got any suggestions for fighting her? If anyone has actually been able to take her down
  5. Yes
  6. My whole question with underwater bases is it going to allow people to block drops. I don't think they would allow it, but it's WC so u never know.
  7. Yea agree, but I wouldn't mind a tuxedo or suspenders....maybe a bow tie
  8. Only other suggestion would be to change the angle at which you are trying to place them
  9. Pillars are considered foundations so long as they are touching the ground
  10. Try placing a foundation below? Hard to explain but look up some build guides on YouTube
  11. I'd be happy with less lag and rubber banding....I'd forgive ALL of arks shortcomings if I didn't get rubber banded back and forth every 5 minutes
  12. This is an awsome idea! And @Darinth, I like your idea too! Kind of like having a general command his troops
  13. Ringed drops are infamous for giving crop plots, compass bps and water jar bps, a combination of the above stated or double compass bps
  14. Apart from element not transferring and the risk of loosing your character it's a great idea
  15. I'm sure it won't be but who knows.....20 element an hour to keep baby dinos alive.....sadistic