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  1. Please I’m so sick of only being able to see in one direction
  2. Light shafts used to be bearable but ever since I got a new Xbox I can’t see a single thing. I really hope they fix that.
  3. I’ve never understood the kill field for undermeshing. It never kills people who are trying to do it and just ends up hurting the community. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the field to upload the Dino/character or teleport it to an appropriate level. I understand those could be strenuous but the kill system just doesn’t work.
  4. I have a few ideas that I've always thought a little unfit for the main game but perfect for something like this. 1. Alpha Taming -Alphas are tamable via standard knock out plus the feeding of a rare food(element, resources, etc) - for every alpha type you have all off your creatures of that species get a stat buff -I would also like to see variants added for every species but I don't know if that's reasonable to ask for 2. Dodo buffs -all dodos spawn at level own and are instant tames(one berry) -over time xp gain is disabled so they only level from kills near them -the highest level dodo you have in your vicinity gives a "pack buff" equal to its level to all of your dinos during raid and combat 3. Pirates -a complete water world with a few small islands with resources that can't be built on. -rafts are free but each player can only have one and the price of cannons and scuba are reduced. - leedsichthys are removed for obvious reasons I would really like to see benefits to these in the main clusters of ark. Everyone's complaints with this type of game mode is that there isn't any point since there just getting wiped anyway. I feel that if a buff were add to your main player if you "beat" this mini expansions that the would become a lot more appealing. I know you can't do anything that would be game changing but just simple things 10% more oxygen if you beat the pirate one since oxygen isn't really a game changing stat.
  5. Any chance we can get primitive + added to regular primitive servers? It would be awesome if we could get stuff like this on the older version of primitive.
  6. Will the emojis be in game or on the forms for the turkey trials
  7. please allow the tek saddles on primitive i really want them
  8. i didn't mean to come off as disliking the game ark is amazing... i was just suggesting a way to make it better and I had the C as a worst case scenario option.
  9. I got scorched earth so I could transfer dinos to my island server only to find there are no primitive scorched servers and you have to be on primitive to transfer to primitive! plz either: A. add primitive scorched servers on xbox B. make dinos transferable from primitive to non-primitive and vise versa C. Remove the idea of primitive and just change them all to regular( no one likes primitive anyway they just join and don't realize it until they are to good to want to quit) but DON'T wipe the servers and just add all the engrams D. anybody else's solutions
  10. Does anyone know the estimated release times of the dossiers shown thus far?
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