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  1. Looks cool although i will wait for more items to be made before i order them. I really want that dossier book though. Also the griffin looks amazing. GG ark devs and good luck with offical launch.
  2. Kaiju_Lord

    PC Gamer TEK Tier Reveal!

    They had this planned for a long time but I'm pretty sure they will add something that doesn't allow this. I for one think this is cool despite it looking OP
  3. They added the latest one to the last community crunch
  4. Kaiju_Lord

    Introducing the Daeodon!

    I think that's just going to piss it off
  5. So excited for the Kentrosaurus!!!!!!! No joke i was just thinking that Ark should have a kentrosaurus when i was checking on the website. Also excited for the stuff coming out this week. Keep up the good work ARK team!!!
  6. Kaiju_Lord

    International Modding Contest Winners, Crunch & Digest!

    If only the dossier was out we would know.