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Mysterious Mysteries Unravelled!


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No desert biome, no scorched earth, the reveal will just be a live stream of them activating the volcano which kills every one and everything on all servers, thats the real mysterious mystery, a tease all along. But in all seriousness, I havent been more pumped to find out what new goodies we will be receiving. 

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7 hours ago, LordVargar said:

that is definately a nest but of what?........ i have love how team WC is teasing a little at a time feels like christmas with one day to go.

I think its either a nest for creatures from the Mysterious Mysteries or what I've said below. 

6 hours ago, mateusz said:

I think its boss eggs

I thought the about what i said above and this, and upon closer inspection i came to the conclusion the guy below did.

57 minutes ago, GospodVorona said:

Its probably not dragons, but if you look closely each egg has the the same main colors as the bosses.

Green is broodmother, blue is mega, and the black might be the dragon.



I going to guess that perhaps they'll zoom the picture out and there'll be another creature lurking around it or they'll do that upon the reveal. It's either those or I'm being paranoid that somethings there.

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I am not real sure what is going on, everyone seems to be focusing on the eggs and I am trying to figure out what cave these eggs are in, the rock formations in the back look straight out of a cave plus all the crystals. The under-glow looks to be the same glow from lava plus there is what looks to be smoke in the bottom right corner. The eggs don't look like any eggs we have ever seen in the game so far though, which concerns me. It would be one thing if the eggs were all the same but they are different from each other so surely they can't be form the same source. Baffled right now

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9 hours ago, Arkaholic said:

Please make it be this lol

7 hours ago, Tatsu86 said:

^^ This. Crossing my fingers on it. I don't go out of my way to watch anything in the way of live streams, but I'm going to make an exception tomorrow. The anticipation is killing me.

9 hours ago, Grognak said:

I'm thinking desert biome, and roaming tameable dragons.

Probably a desert biome since the center creator is doing big center updates


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