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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1113410/ARK_Genesis_Season_Pass/ It's been up since the livestream started. Your can order now!
  2. Congrats on the announcement of the new game and cheers to the future Jeremy and Jesse!
  3. Updated title to reflect our hosting of Extinction. There's a current sale going on too! https://www.survivalservers.com/order/ Pre-load an Extinction server now
  4. We now host PS4 servers! @HilmZech Yes you can transfer from another host (for PC) You can set custom restarts at a customized time. You cannot set a task to set game mode at this time (yet) Paying for a cluster is done through the same account.
  5. You can check our prices here, just select the slots and billing cycle you would like to see the price! http://survivalservers.com/sspanel/?game=ark
  6. Proud to announce a (industry first) game server Cluster addon for ARK customers. If you are an existing customer you can just click the Addons page and purchase a Cluster node to get started. Configuration, backups, etc will come in the next few days!
  7. We've released a (very beta) tool which side launches another game server with the target map/expansion (in this case ScorchedEarth_P) running as a transfer instance in the same cluster. You can complete your transfers then toggle Scorched Earth from our control panel, disable the Transfer Mode (the beta tool that does all of this) and then be up and running on Scorched Earth with your transfer data. For folks running this privately, you need to change the port/queryport/rconport, hostname (for easier identifying, not required though) and the AltSaveDirectoryName to something different to have an "output" folder location. You also need the "-NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=clustername" in your launch param next to the other -command arguments (not within the double quote UE4 launch params area) When you load in on the source game server, you have to visit an Obelisk and click the Cluster button in the top right to select the target transfer game server you launched and it will log in with that player data / save in the target game server folder. If you don't see a button for the cluster, the cluster has not been enabled (the -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=clustername part) It's worked pretty well for the most part.
  8. No it's not a manual process. All automated and incredibly easy. It's been that way for a longgg time. We were, in fact, the first host to release an automated mod installation tool directly into our control panel.
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