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  1. Mmmmm, I now a reason to play Ark again. Thank you, Team WildCard
  2. Lol. My two fanfics, Wild Years and Inseas of Burnt Sand, have the same number of views. And the second is like like 45 days younger...

  3. Prepare for the battle of the century! Tek Tier is Coming...
  4. image.jpeg

    It isn't everyday that you get one of these is it?

  5. Thanks for answering my question @Jeremy Stieglitz really looking forward to that modern version of the raft. Finally my dreams of a larger pirate ship will become a reality and decently sized yachts too. I shall make fllet of each! Looking forwards to the other things that will be coming too. PS second! Jat was, as always, first. Edited: Sorry @Jat I did a bit of a major derp there...
  6. Noted. My patience has now been refreshed. Can't believe I forgot to say it, but excellant work everyone and congrats to the lucky winners of the contests.
  7. My Halloween short story has been posted. Hope Y'all enjoy it.

  8. In light of the time of year, I have decided to write a halloween short story! If all goes well it should be up done by tomorrow.

    1. DaEndGame


      PS Happy Halloween everyone! Don't let the Dodorex wreck your base...

    2. AlbinoArchaeopteryx2008


      I wont! But seriously, I cant because I'm grounded for 2 weeks.

    3. DaEndGame


      The short story is almost done. It's going to be my biggest piece yet.

  9. I'm going to be honest with you all, I'm kinda scared to go onto the PC Patch notes thread. The reason/s may or may not be obvious.

  10. I feel sorry for the Devs, they must be indefinately more frustrated then us, having to pull the Bridge, Megalosaurus and breeding phase 3 from the next patch. 

    Some people dont realise just how hard it is to program things like these and finding that there is a bug so problematic with the feature that they have to remove it completely from the patch must have really been a kick in the teeth for them, especially for the Dev/s who worked on each thing personally.

  11. *bouncing up and down in seat*

    The waiting is slowly but surely killing me.

    1. DaEndGame


      After all it isn't normal behaviour for a teenager to bounce in his seat...

  12. Bucket list for when v248 arrives on Xbox:

    1. Generate a PG world.

    2. Spawn in a large sum of Dynamic Bridges

    3. Proceed to spam bridges in logical and illogical places.

    4. To be decided on.


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DaEndGame


      Genius. We'll start with the jousting tournaments, then we'll work our way up to the OlympARK Games!!!

    3. LordVargar


      yah but I was kidding about the running of the Gigas . no one can run that fast. :P

    4. DaEndGame


      You just watch me...

  13. Wow, I only just noticed this... Anyway, looks to me as if the umm.... ahh.... makers(?) have been at this with humans for a few millenia...
  14. (Meditative tone) 

    Huuummmmm, Huuummmmm.

    Patience, v248 eta just changed, Patience.

    Huummm, It is now a day later, patience.

    I want a Dynamic length bridge, Patience.

    Hummm, I want one now...

    1. LordVargar


      "chants along with you"

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