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  1. Breeding imposible

    I'm running into the same thing. The baby dino will simply stop eating, food drops to zero, then health drops to zero and it croaks. So far I've seen this with herbivores. I've been mostly feeding mejo berries but I think it happened when I had tinto berries in the baby's inventory as well. I can verify this happens even when there is adequate food in the critter's inventory. I just had one croak with over a hundred mejo berries in inventory. From what I can tell this doesn't happen every time the food counter goes low. Sometimes the baby will eat properly on its own and the food value increases as normal. But if it drops to zip, your critter quickly dies. If I hit "remote use item" and force feed the critter it will not starve. This is the only workaround I have found. I know this is new behavior because I've done dino breeding before and the baby always ate as long as it had food in its inventory.
  2. Can't unlock engrams with admin commands

    I watched a YouTube video where the fellow was on Xbox and was using the exact same commands as I typed above and the engrams unlocked for him. I should note I tried the unlockengram command on several items, including non Tek items. This may have been a problem for a long time but I've never had occasion to use that command previously. My assumption is that I'm screwing this up in some way but it could be a bug.
  3. Greetings! I'm playing single player and I am trying to use admin commands (cheats) to unlock Tek tier engrams. What I am discovering is that the unlockengram command isn't working at all. Even for non Tek stuff. I've gone over my syntax and looked at videos and nothing works. I can use the giveitem command to get those items no problem. Just can't unlock engrams using admin commands. Example syntax for unlocking the Tek transmitter: Unlockengram "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_TekTransmitter.PrimalItemStructure_TekTransmitter" 1 0 0 I've tried the same command with wooden tree platforms, stairs, other tek engrams, etc. I've tried lopping the "1 0 0" off at the end and no dice. To be sure I've got it right I've used the same command to give an item and then just replace "giveitem" with "unlockengram" The path should be the same, right? I'm on the Island. I'd like to try the various Tek stuff out in my single player game. I've never had a cheat command not work before. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Center tek tier...

    The reddit post/tweet is ambiguous, at least to me. That is what is concerning folks. It could easily be read as "The Center will never get all the Tek Tier features but it will get some of them." You may very well be right and we are making a mountain out a mole hill. It would be nice for the devs to step in and give us official word on what the plans are for the Center.
  5. Center tek tier...

    I find it disturbing that the Center won't be getting all of the same engrams/gear as the Island. Which is what that post seems to imply... On the other hand, I believe the Center is being maintained and updated by the original creator of that map. So we may have to wait for that gentleman the Center. I hope the Center doesn't perpetually play second fiddle to the Island. I have no objection if it takes longer to get all of the tek tier onto the Center but it really should get there eventually.
  6. Possible bug with tamed creatures limit

    This may or may not matter but I'm on single player. It's possible the the cap for dinos is lower on single player because there isn't a server to pick up any of the computing load. I assume the cap is in place to keep servers from self destructing due to overload.
  7. No Dinos in Redwoods

    Another weird thing I noticed is that there a ton more dilos than usual. And they seem to be coming in large packs rather than just the one or two of them at a time I'm used to seeing. I could swear I'm just seeing more "packs" of stuff in general. Leeches, for example. My redwoods are still empty. I must admit it's kind of nice to walk around there without a dozen terror birds trying to kill me.
  8. Possible bug with tamed creatures limit

    I have a couple of rafts. I unclaimed and killed a few dinos and was able to tame something else. The total number of critters I have tamed is only around 50 though.
  9. No Dinos in Redwoods

    I've got this too. My Center redwoods are bare of critters.
  10. I don't know if this is a bug or not but I wanted to put it in here just in case. I tried to tame one of the new critters and it told me I had hit the limit for tamed creatures. After doing some googling it looks like the tame limit is 200 and I'm certain I'm well under 200. I'm going to further test this by unclaiming and killing some dinos. But I wanted to know if anyone else is running into this. And, does anyone know for sure what the tamed critter limit is? Currently playing single player on the Center.
  11. Fear Evolved 2016

    The mention of tameable titanboas got me pretty excited. What I don't know is whether that implies that titanboas will only be tameable during that event or whether its planned for them to be permanently tameable at some point in the future.
  12. I'm pretty sure this is what I'm running into. It's not just water though. It just now happened to me while I was flying. Previously it happened in the water. I have been able to go diving a few times without incident though. The crashing is fairly infrequent, if extremely hard to predict. Thankfully it isn't nearly as bad as the crashes that came with the Island redwood update.
  13. Xbox Play Anywhere

    The way Play Anywhere works is that you basically get a free copy of the game for Windows 10 if you buy the Xbox version. And it will keep your save games synced across both platforms. Cross platform functionality within the game is up to the developers. So how Ark servers will work is up to Wildcard. Also please bear in mind that your copy of the game attaches to your Xbox/Microsoft account. NOT to Steam. The Play Anywhere thing is handled through the the "Windows Store". If you want to play the game you'll need to be logged into the Microsoft Account that bought the game. Otherwise the game won't find a valid license and won't run.
  14. Nice job Dev.

    Speaking of direwolves... am I the only one that thinks it's weird that a critter that gives up the highly insulating pelt doesn't belong in a desert?
  15. How Should I Tame the Rock Elemental?

    I have yet to tame one of these things so my question is... is it worth it? It sounds like they are a huge pain to tame.