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  1. Can't unlock engrams with admin commands

    I watched a YouTube video where the fellow was on Xbox and was using the exact same commands as I typed above and the engrams unlocked for him. I should note I tried the unlockengram command on several items, including non Tek items. This may have been a problem for a long time but I've never had occasion to use that command previously. My assumption is that I'm screwing this up in some way but it could be a bug.
  2. Greetings! I'm playing single player and I am trying to use admin commands (cheats) to unlock Tek tier engrams. What I am discovering is that the unlockengram command isn't working at all. Even for non Tek stuff. I've gone over my syntax and looked at videos and nothing works. I can use the giveitem command to get those items no problem. Just can't unlock engrams using admin commands. Example syntax for unlocking the Tek transmitter: Unlockengram "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_TekTransmitter.PrimalItemStructure_TekTransmitter" 1 0 0 I've tried the same command with wooden tree platforms, stairs, other tek engrams, etc. I've tried lopping the "1 0 0" off at the end and no dice. To be sure I've got it right I've used the same command to give an item and then just replace "giveitem" with "unlockengram" The path should be the same, right? I'm on the Island. I'd like to try the various Tek stuff out in my single player game. I've never had a cheat command not work before. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Xbox Play Anywhere

    The way Play Anywhere works is that you basically get a free copy of the game for Windows 10 if you buy the Xbox version. And it will keep your save games synced across both platforms. Cross platform functionality within the game is up to the developers. So how Ark servers will work is up to Wildcard. Also please bear in mind that your copy of the game attaches to your Xbox/Microsoft account. NOT to Steam. The Play Anywhere thing is handled through the the "Windows Store". If you want to play the game you'll need to be logged into the Microsoft Account that bought the game. Otherwise the game won't find a valid license and won't run.
  4. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    This is minor and probably not worth worrying about but when I was taming an allosaurus and I force fed narcotics the torpor stat didn't go up "smoothly" like it normally does. Instead it would jerk upwards in random increments. For example, if the torpor is at 50 and you feed a narcotic you should see the number cycle up from 50, kind of like a reverse odometer. Instead it would show something like 55 then 62, then 73, etc. And are the new crops supposed to produce so slowly? I know I saw it on the bug list but perhaps it's by design. (Though none of them seem game breaking so I don't know why they would produce so slowly). All the new crops produce fruit at a much lower rate than even rock carrot, citronal, etc. Last but not least... creating jerky in any of the preserving structures seems much slower than the base game.
  5. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    I found another bug. I was right about the canteen after all. I quit the game and restarted it. When I got back in I noticed the canteen I had made and used several times was gone from my inventory. So I checked the engrams and... it was unlearned. Considering that I had learned the engram and then built one of the things I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen. This didn't happen with the water jar. Just the canteen.
  6. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    That is kind of weird. I just built one of the things under the assumption it would generate water on its own. Instead it appears to be a glorified water reservoir. Perhaps the base needs some more code to create a water generating structure. Personally, I'd like to see a well object built into the main game to provide a steady supply of water in areas without sea and river access. But that's neither here nor there. I just mined some fresh limestone and dumped it into the handmill. The handmill recognized this batch. My guess would be that limestone mined before the latest patch isn't being "seen" by the handmills. I don't know if this is a bug or a game balance thing or what but the obsidian pickaxe seems close to useless. I got the amount of limestone using the metal pickaxe on a metal node as I did using the obsidian pickaxe. Considering I gave up all that iron when using the obsidian pickaxe it basically made no sense to use it. It's kind of the same when using the obsidian pickaxe to get any of the new resources. The harvest rate for carbon, limestone, and claystone all seem very low. Perhaps this is by design as a game balance thing. I would have expected the obsidian pickaxe to gather materials at the same rate as the metal pickaxe. Maybe there needs to be a "steel pickaxe" that gathers claystone, limestone, and carbon at a higher rate.
  7. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    Ok, this is weird. The newest patch put the clay engram back. But when I try to craft something in the handmill or the cement mixer the structures don't "see" my limestone. I'm looking at the cement mixer right now and it has and it says I have zero limestone in the structure. I actually have three stacks of 100 limestone and one stack of 57 limestone. In the handmill it only sees one stack of 8 limestone. I just moved one of the stacks of 100 limestone to the handmill and it's not seeing it. It says I only have 8 limestone. Some of this limestone was mined before the latest patch so perhaps that is the root of the issue. I'm going to mine some fresh limestone and check. I could also swear that it forgot the canteen engram I learned yesterday but I can't be totally sure it isn't just bad memory on my part.
  8. Will we ever see titanboas become tameable? I truly hate those things and wonder if I would hate them less if I could tame them. I think I will always hate megalodons no matter how many I tame.
  9. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    I'm afraid not. I don't have a base set up anywhere and no engrams. Sorry. Thanks for telling me about the crude oil. I figured since it was called crude oil there would be a way to refine it. Though I'm not sure refined petroleum products fit with primitivism.
  10. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    I'm playing on single player. And does crude oil not work for making jerky? I set up the preserving structures with sparkpowder and crude oil and nothing happened. I had to use organic oil before I got jerky.
  11. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    Apparently not for me. And I checked and am running 739.4. Is it not possible to spawn blueprints for primitive plus items?
  12. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    I'm not sure if this is the right topic or not but... the clay engram is missing. I've searched and searched and it is nowhere to be found. Which kind of puts a damper on things seeing as brick is needed for a bunch of stuff. And oddly, I don't seem to be able to spawn its blueprint via console commands.
  13. Pessimists are just realists who are willing to speak up.
  14. I don't know what the boss ascension feature is. But procedurally generated Arks means maps that will be created on the fly with a certain amount of randomness. Think the dungeons in Diablo or the maps in Don't Starve. Or the entirety of No Man's Sky. The upside of procedurally generated maps is that each one is unique. The downside is that it may not look the way you wish it to.
  15. Thank you! The new resource will be called "element" or something like that, yes? If one asks very nicely could it be possible for the new resource to be given a numerical entity ID for easier admin command spawning?