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  1. Will we ever see titanboas become tameable? I truly hate those things and wonder if I would hate them less if I could tame them. I think I will always hate megalodons no matter how many I tame.
  2. I don't know what the boss ascension feature is. But procedurally generated Arks means maps that will be created on the fly with a certain amount of randomness. Think the dungeons in Diablo or the maps in Don't Starve. Or the entirety of No Man's Sky. The upside of procedurally generated maps is that each one is unique. The downside is that it may not look the way you wish it to.
  3. Thank you! The new resource will be called "element" or something like that, yes? If one asks very nicely could it be possible for the new resource to be given a numerical entity ID for easier admin command spawning?
  4. Doh! (Face palm to the desk) Thank you! I don't know how I managed to miss that.
  5. I haven't heard much mention of Tek Tier recently. Could you please confirm whether that is still upcoming and, if so, a rough timeline of when you think it might hit? I really want to shoot a dinosaur with a plasma rifle.
  6. I'm sure it's the "scorched Earth" expansion. An announcement for it rather. Whoever the person was that figured out about this Scorched Earth thing a couple of weeks ago should get a pat on the back. That was some good digging.
  7. A flower bulb on the back? Perhaps it's a flying Pikmin
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