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  1. So Cedric just lied to us last week when he said there would be an evo event this week?
  2. Only a week? That sucks for the people who work for a living! Come on guys
  3. My thoughts exactly lol, im hoping it's the new bugs as a secret inclusion as well as the new bird and allosaurs
  4. DeanSlater


    Unfortunatley not. However you can take your SP online so friends can come and see what you have done and play while youre playing. But if you were to join an online server you would be starting from scratch.
  5. DeanSlater


    to be honest you're best having a go at single player until you get a feel for the game. It's a good way to get used to living with dinos. Then when you're ready for it join an online server dependant on which map you prefer to play (currently there are two).
  6. DeanSlater


    Nope it will all be included
  7. DeanSlater


    it's a fantastic game. It does have a few minor issues as it's sill in alpha stage but it's worth it with free dlc every month. The game just keeps growing. Come and be a part of it
  8. What about a new 'pounce' attack for Raptors? if used on saller dinos it just pins them to the ground, but on larger ones it clings onto their side. This would obviously drain the stamina quite fast but I think this would totally bring the Raptors back into the game? please please please please pleaasse
  9. Perfect for taming pretty much anything really. Chances are it will have poor stamina for this reason.
  10. Perfect for taming Quetzals when is this due out guys?
  11. you mean like the raptor that was actually 1ft tall or the giga that was smaller than a spino? or the giant beaver maybe? some are made up and out of size. but it works
  12. Genuinley gutted to hear the news about the Titanosaur. So much hype around this being a giga killer and a mobile fortress only to hear it lives a lifespan that you can't actually do anything with. I play PvE and would like to know what point (if any) this dinosaur now has other than an extra square in the dossier. I love this game and I have been waiting for this dino for a very very long time. To say im disappointed is a major understatement.
  13. DeanSlater

    Gone Fishin'

    SO do we get to keep what we catch? some sort of tank maybe? even the option to dig out or have a raised pond?
  14. I have actually noticed a reduction. Our base is on a river that is populated by Spinos (4 - 10) at a time near the green ob. But ive seen one in the last few days.
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