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  1. DinoDash

    Ark ascension

    Yes true, but that is due more to device limitations. If it wasn’t for that I’m sure we’d have them.
  2. DinoDash

    Ark ascension

    So I just went to my updates and saw that Ark got an update on my iPad. I checked what it was and, lo and behold, there was a mammoth tlc included. This was promised long ago by the mainstream ark devs, but they never again spoke of it. Has ark mobile surpassed regular Ark? ???
  3. I had the exact same question. As far as I can figure the creature on the left is the king titan, looks a little weird but that makes the most sense. But the the thing on the left is the real kicker. There have been one of these for each official map so far, so it’s makes sense for this one to be specific to extinction, but nothing on extinction looks anything like that. It would make about 1 million times more sense for it to be a mega mek, or at least one of the other titans. But instead it’s some hideously deformed tumor monster. The closest thing I can think of is Rockwell, but that makes no sense and it doesn’t even really look like him. Some insight would be appreciated. Edit: just found out that it is a creature from atlas called the kraken, looks super weird in game, but that picture makes it look even weirder.
  4. DinoDash

    Titan not leveling

    Well that’s really annoying.
  5. DinoDash

    Titan not leveling

    I recently tamed a forest Titan, but after it was tamed it said it had a level up. I went into its inventory and it said it has 17 points available, but I can’t use them. Is this intentional, or is there a bug?
  6. DinoDash

    Osd’s And element nodes disappearing

    Every time I get out of the game and get back in, any nodes or osd’s that happened to be spawned disappear, including ones I might be defending. This combined with the constant crashing has become very annoying. Also I should mention I’m on single player.
  7. DinoDash

    The constant dashboarding issue

    Especially nice when it crashes right after you finish defending a supply drop, then you lose all your loot.
  8. DinoDash

    Element Dust

    Well then, I guess it’s not as much of a problem as I thought. Imma get me a doed too.
  9. DinoDash

    Element Dust

    Just checked, I meant a medium. Sorry but the point still stands.
  10. DinoDash

    Element Dust

    Hmm that would help. I didn’t know you got that much more by using a doed. Although still, when you get a low level element spire you usually get over 100 element, an like a few thousand element dust, so if you were to convert all your dust you would get like 4 more element. To me this doesn’t make much sense.
  11. DinoDash

    Element Dust

    Does anyone else think the conversion from dust to regular element should be cheaper? Currently the 1000 to 1 is kind of ridiculous. One element is pretty much nothing, where as it take a long time to collect 1000 element dust. It should be more like a 200 to 1 conversion.
  12. So, are those giant flying things considered titans?
  13. Whooooaaa, wait a second, is that Ark Pacific Rim or something I see in the background of that photo?
  14. DinoDash

    Who is excited about the new tek dino!!

    The Tek Dinos just keep getting better don’t they?
  15. DinoDash

    Ark Survival Evolved Extinction

    Personally I believe that the reason they are being skimpy with information about extinction is because there isn’t much to show yet. They haven’t made it very far along in the production of extinction, think about it, most of what they have showed us is just concept art. This close to release another company would be in the very final stages of development, but wildcard seems to be quite early on in the process, they don’t even know how some game mechanics are going to work yet. But that’s just the sense that I’m getting of course, they could just be very secretive who knows.