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  1. Metal in aberration

    This is very helpful, a small supply should suffice at first until I get more mobile and can reach higher metal concentrations.
  2. Metal in aberration

    Metal is obviously very important for advancement in ark, and a steady supply of it is necessary throughout the game. Yet I can’t find any in the fertile lake area, then again all I have for scouting are raptors. Usually in such a situation I would tame a ptera and find metal that way, but that is not an option. Ground scouting is very hard on aberration because of the difficult terrain and deadly predators that lurk around every corner. So what is the best way of getting metal on aberration? Hopefully I don’t have to leave the fertile lake...
  3. I agree with most of those, the Andy is pretty good in my opinion but it could be worked on. The T. rex has been confirmed for the pass and the Sabre already had one.
  4. Anyone else not able to play the dlc yet?

    Yeah same here, downloaded aberration already, or so I thought. Now I have to download a massive update to the main game, plus two smaller updates to scorched earth and aberration.
  5. Why not have Equus passenger seats?

    A ton of Dino’s are large enough to carry several people.
  6. New ability for rex

    What do you think a T. rex would of done in real life?
  7. Chapalmalania (Giant Racoon) !!!

    Giant raccoon, pretty ridiculous, but then again we can climb into the pouch of a giant kangaroo, sooo...
  8. New ability for rex

    A lot of the older Dino’s need some love, above all these I believe the rex needs some revisiting. In addition to looking stupid it has no cool abilities such as the new Dino’s have. I think a beastly ability would be to “eat” humans and smaller creatures. The advantage would be insta killing them regardless of health or armor, the disadvantage would be that it would take about 20 seconds, leaving you vulnerable to attack. Watcha think?
  9. Nomadic Lifestyle

    This needs more attention, only huge advanced tribes are catered to right now.
  10. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Would of been cooler if it was the chicken-snake version!
  11. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    You mean a chicken snake
  12. What Are The Nameless?

    Hmm.. the dossier makes it look like a monkey, MESOPITHECUS!!! but Im Thinking they retconned the nameless since I discovered that they were jerboas.
  13. What Are The Nameless?

    Ahh my mutant jerboas theory is catching on. They do look kind of like hyenadons but that seems like a random creature to make one of the most purposeful monsters out of...plus the feet man, the FEET.
  14. Officials

    I recently went on an official ragnarok server just to mess aroun (I usually play single player) and was reminded how terrible they are. The salty people, the lag, but worst of all the constant rubber Banding! How can anyone stand playing on official? I mean it seems that non dedicated sessions are way better, a lot less lag and you don’t have to worry about living in ark. Can anyone give a good defense for official servers?