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  1. So, are those giant flying things considered titans?
  2. Whooooaaa, wait a second, is that Ark Pacific Rim or something I see in the background of that photo?
  3. DinoDash

    Who is excited about the new tek dino!!

    The Tek Dinos just keep getting better don’t they?
  4. DinoDash

    Ark Survival Evolved Extinction

    Personally I believe that the reason they are being skimpy with information about extinction is because there isn’t much to show yet. They haven’t made it very far along in the production of extinction, think about it, most of what they have showed us is just concept art. This close to release another company would be in the very final stages of development, but wildcard seems to be quite early on in the process, they don’t even know how some game mechanics are going to work yet. But that’s just the sense that I’m getting of course, they could just be very secretive who knows.
  5. Cool but I wouldn’t really call that an owl “dinosaur” since it didn’t live at the same time. And of coarse there are prehistoric owls but there is no evidence that this is, or is based off any prehistoric owl. There are extinct genus’s of almost all modern day creatures.
  6. “Hey I got this new creature design”, “That’s just an owl though” ” nooo, its an element infused owl” ”GENIUS!”
  7. DinoDash

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    I’m still waiting for primal survival... but at this point it seems more like a distant fantasy.
  8. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    I agree that it’s definitely not a normal ark that is communicating with Rockwell, and as far as control goes I think you have a point with it only being able to control corrupted creatures, which seems to be a big play point in extinction. So I guess I have to modify my theory, it’s the corrupted Ark as well as Rockwell that want to take over the earth.
  9. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Hmm possibly, but this seems to be something the “ark” itself wishes to achieve, and I’d assume controlling the creatures it creates wouldn’t be much of feat, more of a means to an ends.
  10. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Yes, but I was about to quote that very passage to support my theory. “A plane even higher than the one I walk now” sounds a lot like he wants to conquer an even larger realm, perhaps an entire planet would suffice?
  11. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    I’ll reread the notes to see if I can come to a better understanding.
  12. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Hmm.. never thought of it like that. Although he still seems to be quite in control of himself so I’d say my theory still stands either way.
  13. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Nice breakdown, I noticed the dna strand too when the drone was analyzing the corrupted element. I was wondering if it could actually be Rockwell himself? We know he controlled and corrupted the entire ark that is now aberration, what if he managed to escape those confines and try and gain control of the entire planet?
  14. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Well it appears my thread got merged, definitely not what I wanted, but it is better than being shut down I guess😂
  15. DinoDash

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    So I just wanted to make a thread a for discussion on theories and predictions concerning the upcoming Extinction dlc. If people are interested in this kinda stuff than I’ll post a couple of my own theories, if not then this thread can just sink to the bottom of the lake. Oh and please no complaining about the devs and hostile stuff like that, I would not like this thread to be shut down by the mods or something.