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  1. Is it possible to disable voice chat on Xbox one? I’ve turned voice volume all the way down but I can still hear people talking.
  2. I had the exact same question. As far as I can figure the creature on the left is the king titan, looks a little weird but that makes the most sense. But the the thing on the left is the real kicker. There have been one of these for each official map so far, so it’s makes sense for this one to be specific to extinction, but nothing on extinction looks anything like that. It would make about 1 million times more sense for it to be a mega mek, or at least one of the other titans. But instead it’s some hideously deformed tumor monster. The closest thing I can think of is Rockwell, but that makes no sense and it doesn’t even really look like him. Some insight would be appreciated. Edit: just found out that it is a creature from atlas called the kraken, looks super weird in game, but that picture makes it look even weirder.
  3. So, are those giant flying things considered titans?
  4. Whooooaaa, wait a second, is that Ark Pacific Rim or something I see in the background of that photo?
  5. Cool but I wouldn’t really call that an owl “dinosaur” since it didn’t live at the same time. And of coarse there are prehistoric owls but there is no evidence that this is, or is based off any prehistoric owl. There are extinct genus’s of almost all modern day creatures.
  6. “Hey I got this new creature design”, “That’s just an owl though” ” nooo, its an element infused owl” ”GENIUS!”
  7. “The mobile version also offers optional upgrades survivors can acquire using special in-game resources that will allow players to progress faster, obtain certain buffs for periods of time, build special crafting structures, and even bring your beloved tames back from the dead!” Yes yes there are.
  8. The trikes tail is too long it should actually be shorter than what it was.
  9. Would of been cooler if it was the chicken-snake version!
  10. So how do you send in stuff for the fan feature section?
  11. Man when are we gonna get a digest?
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