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  1. So I’m just wondering if the season pass will be available after aberrations release. I want to buy it for a friend but I’m waiting for an Xbox gifting option.
  2. Early game fiber collectors

    Gigantopithecuses are level locked, you can’t tame them until your level 30.
  3. Aberrant skins

    Ok so I gave in and bought the season pass and it says it came with these aberrant skins, ya know the sword and helmet, I downloaded them but I can’t seem to find them. So how do I acces them in Game?
  4. Ue4 Id?

    The giveexptoplayer command.
  5. Ue4 Id?

    I’m trying to use a command but I don’t know what this ue4 player Id is.
  6. Aberration: Mutated Wyvern

    It’s basic build looks kind of like a ptera to me.
  7. Aberration: Mutated Wyvern

  8. Ice Wyvern help

    Thanks sounds like I need to prepare quite a bit before we go out.
  9. Ice Wyvern help

    Where exactly are the eggs located? Do you need special gear or Dino’s to reach them?
  10. Ice Wyvern help

    Me and a buddy were planning to go get some ice wyverns, but we I’m wondering what is the best way to get ice wyvern eggs, is it pretty much the same as normal wyverns?
  11. It is clearly a bat/horse/lizard
  12. Mini map

    So I have a problem where the map resets itself every time I play single player.
  13. Ark's story

    Well the creators of the ark are highly advanced humans, apparently called homo deus. They are endangered and probably want to create more.
  14. Wow I'm surprised how many of the guesses came true.