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  1. Mmmmm, I now a reason to play Ark again. Thank you, Team WildCard
  2. DaEndGame

    PC Gamer TEK Tier Reveal!

    Prepare for the battle of the century! Tek Tier is Coming...
  3. DaEndGame

    Upcoming Pach, Extra Life and ARK Digest 42!

    Thanks for answering my question @Jeremy Stieglitz really looking forward to that modern version of the raft. Finally my dreams of a larger pirate ship will become a reality and decently sized yachts too. I shall make fllet of each! Looking forwards to the other things that will be coming too. PS second! Jat was, as always, first. Edited: Sorry @Jat I did a bit of a major derp there...
  4. Noted. My patience has now been refreshed. Can't believe I forgot to say it, but excellant work everyone and congrats to the lucky winners of the contests.
  5. @Jat where is the Digest? It has been almost four days.
  6. Wow, I only just noticed this... Anyway, looks to me as if the umm.... ahh.... makers(?) have been at this with humans for a few millenia...
  7. DaEndGame

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Thanks GP!
  8. DaEndGame

    ARK Digest Q&A!

  9. DaEndGame

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    With the ability to wield weapons on certain dinos coming, will we... ...be able to use the weapons while on them? ...be able to look in another direction while we are still moving in the original direction? ...be able to actually joust? If not being able to joust, will that ever be a thing?
  10. DaEndGame

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    You mentioned a long time ago that we would eventually be getting a higher tiered raft. Is there any chance that you could elaborate on the size it will be and how many structures it can carry?
  11. DaEndGame

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will servers have the ability to to turn Fear Evolved back on after the event, for both Xbox and PC If I could add any dinosaur or prehistoric creature added to Ark, it would be the Australovenator. I have two reasons for this choice: 1. The Utahraptor needs some competition does it not. I'm sure some people are getting bored of it. 1. Australovenator is an Australian therapod. There are no Australian dinosaurs in Ark yet and I would like at least one. Here are some pictures for reference:
  12. DaEndGame

    ARK Memes

    @FantasticGuy1 What if I told you that you got hit on the head really, really hard...
  13. DaEndGame

    Introducing the Daeodon!

    Well then. These are going to make life interesting. Bacon from hell anyone? It's guaranteed to make you heal faster!
  14. DaEndGame

    ARK Memes

    Let me guess, you spent the time you would normally spend playing Ark to make this!?
  15. DaEndGame

    Introducing the Giant Bee!

    If you look further down the post you quoted you will notice I said something along the lines of 'screw it'...