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  1. This is an old topic but one that still needs to be addressed... Make it placeable like the raft or mech... I had to demo an entire wall, partial part of the ceilings, my forge, my fabricator, and smithy to get this thing to spit out...
  2. Good News/Bad News Good News: I was able to log back into Crystal Isles 1484 (after transferring from Extinction, last night). Didn't lose my character or my base. Bad News: I was 3 slots away from being blackbared, with hide and ele dust, my asc whip, and asc hazmat all gone... Small Price to pay for Wildcards inability to keep up with server/player demands. Not sure why, probably because I'm not a programmer, its so difficult to keep servers healthy and running. Not sure why, probably because I'm not a programmer, its so difficult to keep a running log of all transfers, items, dinos that each tribe has, what they lost, when they lost it, and why they did. So they can be compensated (as any good customer service rep would do for a dedicated player) I would love to get paid by Wildcard to be an Admin, take on each ticket, read each log tied to IP's, Tribe, and server, and give back to the players of this game that I love so much... Not sure why, probably because I'm a fool, I can't just quit this game, and throw my hands up at the inadequate customer service Wildcard provides... yet I'm still here, and always will be.
  3. 1484 Its missing, any information on whats going on here?
  4. Is this still a problem? I played for hours this morning, but now this evening, i cant stay connected.
  5. We need an answer, people cant play, people cant transfer, people are getting crashed/DC/Cant log in.... and then getting rolled back... What the actual fkc is going on??? Why did it take me 5... I repeat 5! meat runs to actually get back to base with the meat I've collected to feed our babies??! Login, run around for 5 - 10 mins, get DC get rolled back to 4 - 9 mins after, every single time, every... single... time... for the last 2 days... I'm referring to the Crystal Isles servers on crossplay... If your having this issue, please respond here, and ask W/T/F// is going on?!?!!!
  6. The all mighty stone says other wise, i play on an official crossplay server, and the rate of harvesting sucks right now. Find a stone, pick it up. x1
  7. Lol, for sure haha, just waiting on these servers to pop
  8. patience fellow survivor's. Tomorrow, you will be building your bases, doing your first tames, and surviving, and this day won't matter.
  9. Ohhhhh... how about a x5 event... I'm actually happy for the delay, I have 2 - 160 wyvern babes I was raising when servers went down, I know they will be there when I get back on, and a x5 event will allow me to raise them before I have work tomorrow... my first ever wyvern raising...
  10. Been here a long time, normally when @Jen says something she means it, if something goes sideways, she will let us know.
  11. We need an immediate x3 when servers do go up to make up for this blunder, imo
  12. Any word on when the official servers will be up? I can't see any official servers.
  13. QQ some more... Too many servers are barely populated because people think this game is Minecraft and can build bases from one barrier to another... I don't know what people think was going to happen.... A new player joins a server.... pillars, Gates, and giant bases everywhere.... no where for a player to even start.... on top of that the tremendous lag caused by all this.... An even bigger problem is now those "populated" servers are going to be even more laggy with all of the new arrivals making the migration.... Imo: Wildcard needs to lower the build and tame cap even further, and allow large blooms of areas around metal, crystal, obsidian, and even survivor notes that can't be built on or around.
  14. This game sorely needed this... Next thing to fix is the food and water consumption... In no real world scenario would you run 100 yards, and recover using all of the food and water you just drank and ate, only to run another 100 yards, and just kill over or pass completely out because you just became dehydrated in the past 45 seconds and starved out. I shouldn't chop down a rock and be completely dehydrated, or knock down a tree and start taking HP damage dude to hunger...
  15. Imagine this: You defeat the boss, and then get an egg to hatch of that boss. But It's still a temporary tame.
  16. I'm thinking desert biome, and roaming tameable dragons.
  17. You've got to remove those "stars" from your post title, it causes an error when people try to click on it to post.

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    2. MadHattersServer


      I set a few people your way and we also have new equipment so the only reason we would ever wipe is if ARK malfunctions. 


      Jaxson I have added you and your friend as well a few days ago.

    3. Grognak


      You have, and I've gotten most of them in, but your server keeps crashing bro... I wish they would get it fixed... I lost a quetz saddle and like 200 narcotics today...


    4. MadHattersServer


      We feel you bro. We all lost alot due to crashing as well. We made a list of items We lost in the past week so can start a ticket with Wild Card.


      1. Spino level 18
      2. Rex level 39
      3. 2 Argis level 50 and over
      4. Ptero level 9
      5. 75 Narctics
      6. 5 full sets of Flak
      7. 2 fabricated pistols
      8. + 200 metal ingots
      9. A Ramshakle Longneck Blueprint
      10. 42 Plant X seeds 

      The list goes on man. As you may know us admins actually play the game so we get really pissed when we loose items too. 

  18. Whoever did this skin work needs to be hired by WC
  19. So to be clear, this HASN'T reached Xbox yet? and If so, how exactly will it work?
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