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  1. It is called Basilisk right click on the picture, click cope image address, and paste it somewhere. The image is literally named Basilisk Torn.
  2. Can we get an extra tek tier item added because of the delay please? I'm fine with the delay anyways, as you gave us the camera and jellyfish as a suprise. Thanks Wildcard!
  3. look guys! They get robot dinos and epic armor for all their complaining even though it released on time! Yay!!
  4. Yeah i agree we don't really know how its gonna affect the game
  5. Now dinos need a major buff. Even if some have tek armor, all dinos need to be made harder or add in more challenging dinos and ones that can actually combat the tek tier
  6. Oh my God! GTJack3d! You are legit my favorite youtuber. Everyone go check him out! (im Soviet Russia by the way)
  7. Apparently theres Egyptians on the Ark now. Human/Animal hybrid Gods comfirmed. You can tame them they one shot everything. There are 200 on each server. They take three narco arrows to take down. They only eat everything in the game.
  8. Fans have been askin for this for months, thsnks Wildcard!
  9. stealthy raids.. I wish. Seems like Night visions goggles won't have much use but now they need a one use weapon thats very expensive that can take out a metal door. Now then you have stealth raids.
  10. Wow. Update at 93%. I have to go to bed. rip me.
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