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  1. Getting the same vibe here... can't get in OC1319
  2. No they aint...
  3. Still broke.... any word on an actual fix?
  4. 4x Taming? I seen this on the opening menu... is this real or a typo? And does it apply to official xbox Valegeuro servers?
  5. I hear your frustration, but it doesn't help the situation. When can we see some patch notes?
  6. Update? Why am I downloading a 22g update right now? I don't see any official postings on it...
  7. Having the same issue... just lost my ptera to an invisible ice wyvern... offical server at that... shameful
  8. Same happened to me... lost my ptera in an instant... this needs to be fixed ASAP
  9. Grognak


    3 hours in Que... still not in... More servers and transfers between just Val servers is what we need.
  10. Grognak


    Inactivity?!? I waited over an hour to connect to a Valeguero server and once it finally let me in, it disconnected me due to Inactivity. I watched it log in I jumped my character out of the bed and boom disconnected... I'm now STILL waiting in line with a server at 72/70... Absolute Bulls#@t
  11. Mine was a Trike... can't remember his name ATM. But I spent forever taming him on the Island, it was the first week ark released. I couldn't even make a saddle for him so he just followed me around carrying my harvested materials. Eventually I found a cave rich with metal, I explored it first and cleared the danger. I ran to the surface and told him to follow. He got stuck in the doorway and I had to kill him just to get out...
  12. Lol, for sure haha, just waiting on these servers to pop
  13. patience fellow survivor's. Tomorrow, you will be building your bases, doing your first tames, and surviving, and this day won't matter.
  14. Ohhhhh... how about a x5 event... I'm actually happy for the delay, I have 2 - 160 wyvern babes I was raising when servers went down, I know they will be there when I get back on, and a x5 event will allow me to raise them before I have work tomorrow... my first ever wyvern raising...
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