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  1. I, like alot of other people, was blind-sided when Scorched Earth came out and it was a paid expansion. I justified it by realizing how much content we'd gotten for free up until then & how impressive the new map & creatures were. Upon learning that the Bionic Rex skin for Xbox was also an exclusive, my opinion on this subject has changed quite a bit. It basically comes down to being a "If I had known we had exclusives" kind of... excuse, for lack of a better word. PS4 got cool skins, no doubt, but it dosen't mean that Wildcard are bad, they just chose to sweeten the deal for them, like they did for us Xbox users. Congrats to the PS4 crowd, that's what this thread is about. Let's stop asking & bugging Wildcard about the damned skins, we'll all get them eventually, for now let Playstation survivors have a little moment of victory. I hate what this thread has become and I feel partly responsible for it.
  2. @Jat Thumbs up to you, dude. I kindly asked that the skins be timed exclusives, that we get them eventually and it seems that's the case. I give you props for listening to us and coming out to say so on the forum instead of just letting what was a discussion turn into a nasty, embittered argument. I defended you guys on Scorched Earth to my friends & I'll continue to defend you so long as you publicly acknowledge your forum community and offer to make reasonable solutions when issues such as these arise. Let's stop arguing about skins & be happy for our new PS4 fellow Survivors. Once again - Congrats to the new PS4 survivors & owners, you guys are in for a heck-of-a-time.
  3. First off, congrats to the PS4 community, it's great to have some fellow console survivors joining us in our struggle on ARK. I'm happy they got the game, but I like others am not happy that they're getting exclusives that we helped to provide feedback for & help make the game better from both PC & Xbox One. Let's face it, without help from the Xbox Crowd, ARK wouldn't have done half as well as it has. I'm hoping these are just timed exclusives & Wildcard will do right by the Xbox crowd and send both those items our way.
  4. I'm with WidowMaker816 on this one. I'm hoping for a near simultaneous release as well. I've been excited for most of the updates & relases that ARK has recieved for well over the past 6 months & longer. Nothing, NOTHING has piqued my interest more than Tek Tier. Gone will be the days where as an Xbox player I have to resign myself to watching sl1pg8r & other YouTubers mess with it on PC & watching Fresonis in the Devkit showcase it all the while just yearning & itching for it. I'm also really glad to see that they're including the stuff for Rexes & Gigas and hopefully not piecing it out 1-at-atime. I have to admit, I about doubled over in laughter watching the one survivor in gear just run through some poor soul's wooden house & smash it to pieces as he does his best Flash impersonation. Good stuff guys, hope to see it ASAP.
  5. I actually remember seeing a post a long time ago about someone suggesting a giant Bee & quoting them to bring into my own suggestion. I'm glad to see that this creature is now a reality. I can't wait to see it make it's way into the game, it'll be a while, but hopefully it'll be well worth the effort of taming. I'd love to have this just to go around stinging stuff, lol.
  6. ^^ This. Crossing my fingers on it. I don't go out of my way to watch anything in the way of live streams, but I'm going to make an exception tomorrow. The anticipation is killing me.
  7. I'm betting it's either Annunaki Genesis, or at the very least, new tamable varieties of Dragons. I absolutely love Dragons and will now spend many nights sleepless waiting and hoping that's what those eggs are. Ahh man.. I'm just... now I'll have anticipation just killing me.
  8. The identity of the creature to me is of little importance, I won't wager a guess. I will however... guess that all of these creatures are leading up to what I ultimately (what others have said) will be an either entirely new map, or major major Biome change-up to a Desert-like area. I'll say this, the stuff they're putting in is scary as hell, I wouldn't want to encounter them naked & alone. The mantis, moth, the various giant insects. I'm waiting for 3 more animals to make their way in. 1.) A larger, more dangerous Scorpion. Our current Pulminoscorpius will seem like a puppy-dog compared to the new creepy-crawlies. 2.) A giant rattlesnake. You thought Titanoboas were bad? Wait until this pissed off snake (with genders, taming & breeding capabilities) sinks it's hypodermic fangs into your skin. 3.) A tougher spider. You've seen Araneos at 300+ sure, but they still squash just as easy as their modern day cousins, let's see an armored monster that has a lethal torpor bite & insane jump distance. All should be tameable, 2 of them should be rideable and they should have really high torpor attacks & require some prettty exotic taming requirements.
  9. Hi, Jat. Just wanted to say Hi & hope you're having a good day between moderating forums & getting some time in to hopefully enjoy ARK. Been a long-time Xbox One player and am looking forward to the release of Prim +.

    Hope all is well, don't let anything stress you out. Have a good one

  10. That's great, but I was playing on an official server, and a Rex on an official server with over 400 melee and the stats that Persephone had, is a freaking beast. Now if I was on your server, I'd have something that'd make your Dire Bears look like cuddily harmless cubs. There's no fair comparisson to the boosted stats on your un-official when compared to an official. It's a totally different experience, and I like the challenge of building up a dino that's powerful, but not so much that it kills everything so quickly that the game isn't fun anymore. If she were still alive, I'd make the claim that her & 1 other super rex of equal caliber could kill a low-level tamed giga. Different strokes for different folks is all it boils down to.
  11. I'm curious as to what everybody's favorite tame was, not strictly speaking for dinos of course, but any creature in ARK. I think that despite my love for the big overpowered creatures, my Rex Persephone back on the official I used to play on was my favorite. She was a perfect 120 Kibble tame that woke up with some really high stats, including Health, Stamina & Melee. Before her end (the tribe just stopped playing after we all got bored & raided) she had close to 14,000+ health, 430+ melee & 1,600 stamina. She was a beast of a Rex and saved my butt in many situations, partcipated in more than a few raids & was just an all around great dino. One of those rare ones you get almost emotionally attached to. She officially belonged to the tribe, but everyone knew, she was mine, and they admired her alot.
  12. When I first saw Pulminoscorpius, I thought "Hey cool, a Giant Scorpion!!". When I saw the Araneo, I thought "Crap.. a giant Spider, this won't end well, there's dozens of them!" and now a Giant Praying Mantis - or the pre-historic-and-somewhat-related-cousin to it. Then the Arthropluera came along to try and put me into a conniption-fit, and it almost succeeded. This new foe.. I think we need that flamethrower real soon @Ark Devs.
  13. Can you just imagine what it'll be like when groups of dinos go to "raid" other dinos Man that'll be something. I've just thought of this, How long will we continue to level up, if we level up & will we have the same choices for stats? This, is quite literally, a game changer.
  14. Survival Primal is going to be awesome. I cannot wait to see what life as a Giganotosaurus will be like. I dare survivors to try & tame me and force me into their pointless raids & squabbles! Fingers crossed over time we get to see life through the eyes of our 3 favorite bosses. Dragon, anybody?! lol. Seriously, this is looking awesome, the whole update. I can't wait until Xbox users get the Titanosaur as well.
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