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  1. I couldn't be more dissapointed that 250m is the best they can do on full launch. It should at least depend on how many players you have.. Griffins in non dedi are useless unless everyone else is on one and hugging your ass.
  2. Launch trailer content not in the game

    Lol defending lazy development. You don't show content in a launch trailer that isn't in the game.
  3. Launch trailer content not in the game

    Sorry, usually in launch trailers the game shows content that's IN GAMES lol some people see ads or watch tv, not everyone keeps track of patch notes. Never seen a game have a launch trailer with missing content. It's truly absurd
  4. Um... I'm very confused. So in arks launch trailer I saw a ton of cool stuff annnnnd. Yeah I can't seem to find a lot of it. No otter no Phoenix and no tek shield..? Sorry but they did advertise it in the launch trailer yes?
  5. Is the Phoneix here now?

    DILO is this? False advertisement then as it was shown in the launch trailer. Say what you will but wildcard are some straight up liars.
  6. I was using sarcasm of course lol I really hope you get what you pay for, as I'd like to rent a server as well
  7. Wife: "this sucks! They removed the host tether option! I just want to play with our friends!" Me: "it's okay babe, ark promised rentable servers by mid month for consoles." Jeremy: "Rentable servers will initially be rolling out to PS4 only as we try to clear up some things with Microsoft." 🙄👏🏻 Again promising things that just can't be delivered on time lol. Watch, it'd be hillarious if we just don't get them at all.
  8. False E3 announcements?

    That's a shame. I guess I'd rather content not be advertised at all if it can't be delivered with certainty.
  9. False E3 announcements?

    Just occurred to me today while I was wondering if ark will release this month.. Has it occurred to anyone else that ark actually hasn't delivered on any E3 promises made over the last 2 years? Last year they showed primal survival which never happened, and possibly survival of the fittest. This year they announced the official release of the game as well as adding ragnarok as a free expansion to all consoles. None of these things have even happened yet.. Don't get me wrong, I love Ark to death. But why yank our chain??
  10. So I was playing on the official server I've been playing the last several days when all of a sudden, BOOM! Massive rubber banding, so bad I was only barely able to make it back to my base! I checked my internet and everything is running smooth and I've even reset my Xbox, is anyone else having these issue?
  11. Xbox Server Options

    He asked if it could be at least made larger. No harm in asking, that's the whole point of this thread
  12. Xbox Server Options

    You work for wildcard?
  13. Xbox Server Options

    Sorely in need of a larger host tether or a setting for it even if we have to accept it may be unstable at times.. Of all the beauty this game has brought, me and friends are still stuck at 250m and its dragging the game down.
  14. Console version ruined?

    So it seems to me that unless you want to play this game online, and yes I've had months of my fill of it to decide I don't care to much for it. You can't really play with your friends. The host tether in non dedicated is an absolute joke. 2 updates ago non dedi games with my friends were going just swell. Then they removed the host tether input... Okay fine I get it, but 250 meters??? Do they really think people who want to host games with their friends will find that acceptable as a final product? Me and my friends only played non dedi and were able to avoid all the server resets and duping and official drama. But now the games even screwed up for us. I thought the 250 was acceptable 2 years ago but still? Ragnarok releases on console soon and my friends want to play it so badly but the host tether makes us just want to uninstall ark. I really wish they'd do more here.
  15. Rock Elementals exploited to raid people in PvE

    Wow! You responded to my post from November of last year?! Forgot about this! Time flies haha