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  1. Jaywall

    Ark 2

    I keep hearing people talk about a sequel to ark. WHY?! Ark always struck me as the type of game you would just add new content to and continue supporting it with new DLC creatures items and maps. Remember the several years of development hell this game went through? Why would wildcard do it again? Take WARFRAME or any other long running games for example. They should build upon what they already have, especially since the game is full release and still has issues. Do you all want an ark 2? Or just more content even if it's paid DLC?
  2. Jaywall

    Charging batteries on dinos

    Okay, the wiki says bulb dogs and otheir lantern creatures can do this, it must be mistaken.
  3. Jaywall

    Charging batteries on dinos

    The ARK wiki says charge batteries can be replenished by dinos but I've found no way to do this, is it a mistake or a glitch?
  4. Jaywall

    Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    I'm hoping his means Xbox will soon have a mouse and keyboard support setting in the server options(automatically enabled when playing on cross play servers.)
  5. Me and my friends keep having this issue where all we have is a black screen when joining our server... I force close the game several times,, restart my Xbox and just keep getting black screens, CANT PLAY ARK ON MY SERVER... Please help.
  6. Jaywall

    I can't stop playing

    I used o have that passion for this game unfortunately I'm the type of person that has a harder time enjoying a game when I know the development team behind it is God aweful. But the game itself is superb. I've enjoyed playing it for the last couple years.
  7. Jaywall

    No point to homing rockets

    Not an issue of firing prematurely, it's an issue of not locking on. It refuses to lock onto anything unless I'm just a few feet away.
  8. Playing on my rented server with friends and to get the rocket launcher to start locking on anything AKA WYVERNS you basically have to stand right next to them. Am I doing something wrong or are they really that useless?
  9. Whatever happened to adding mods to console. We've only gotten one and it was a nice start, but.... Feels like we could be doing so much more.
  10. Jaywall

    Xbox one X still has a host tether

    I finally got a one X and tested it myself, it's an extra 5 meters. Worst devs I've ever seen ruining an amazing game. If you can completely remove the tether in split screen, why even mention that the non dedi tether was increased? You can't feel the extra 5 meters because it still turns red at 230 or so. And if you're on a Dino? Forget it, no differenc. Ugh wish the devs would address this! Can't get answers anywhere. Again, I hosted the session on my one X and had my friend join me. He sighed and said "see I told you they'd just increase it by a tiny amount so they could say they increased it without actually doing so." Lol guess he was right.
  11. Jaywall

    Xbox one X still has a host tether

    Hey all! If you're interested in some of the Xbox enhancements, it would seem that wildcard has fallen short yet again. Just tested with a friend, there is NO increase in host tether. So going back to a tweet Jeremy stated that there would be no host tether, then they announced that it was increased and now it would seem none of these statements are true.
  12. Jaywall

    Xbox one X still has a host tether

    I would like to know what they increased it to though lol.
  13. One of the only, and main reasons I was excited to play on an Xbox one X was that the devs promised there'd be no host tether until, the update yesterday which claims it "increased" it, to what exactly?? What a vague explanation.
  14. Did they remove the host tether if the host is using an Xbox one X? They promised that as a feature. Please let me know.