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  1. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    I finally got a one X and tested it myself, it's an extra 5 meters. Worst devs I've ever seen ruining an amazing game. If you can completely remove the tether in split screen, why even mention that the non dedi tether was increased? You can't feel the extra 5 meters because it still turns red at 230 or so. And if you're on a Dino? Forget it, no differenc. Ugh wish the devs would address this! Can't get answers anywhere. Again, I hosted the session on my one X and had my friend join me. He sighed and said "see I told you they'd just increase it by a tiny amount so they could say they increased it without actually doing so." Lol guess he was right.
  2. Hey all! If you're interested in some of the Xbox enhancements, it would seem that wildcard has fallen short yet again. Just tested with a friend, there is NO increase in host tether. So going back to a tweet Jeremy stated that there would be no host tether, then they announced that it was increased and now it would seem none of these statements are true.
  3. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    Wow that's lame
  4. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    I would like to know what they increased it to though lol.
  5. One of the only, and main reasons I was excited to play on an Xbox one X was that the devs promised there'd be no host tether until, the update yesterday which claims it "increased" it, to what exactly?? What a vague explanation.
  6. Did they remove the host tether if the host is using an Xbox one X? They promised that as a feature. Please let me know.
  7. Halloween Event?

    So last year there were some nice additions to the games Halloween content. Also some features promised such as vampirism and lycanthropy which would give the players super human powers weren't finished last year so they just never implemented them, I thought for sure we would see these features this year. Also the event isn't even on unofficial servers. It's strange that the game is now full release and the Halloween event is lamer than ever. Last year me and my friends had a blast with it, but unless I want to run around and spawn things and create the illusion of an actual event, there's nothing for us. But they started working on a DLC for us all to buy before the game even released. What do you all think of the Halloween event this year?
  8. I couldn't be more dissapointed that 250m is the best they can do on full launch. It should at least depend on how many players you have.. Griffins in non dedi are useless unless everyone else is on one and hugging your ass.
  9. Launch trailer content not in the game

    Lol defending lazy development. You don't show content in a launch trailer that isn't in the game.
  10. Launch trailer content not in the game

    Sorry, usually in launch trailers the game shows content that's IN GAMES lol some people see ads or watch tv, not everyone keeps track of patch notes. Never seen a game have a launch trailer with missing content. It's truly absurd
  11. Um... I'm very confused. So in arks launch trailer I saw a ton of cool stuff annnnnd. Yeah I can't seem to find a lot of it. No otter no Phoenix and no tek shield..? Sorry but they did advertise it in the launch trailer yes?
  12. Is the Phoneix here now?

    DILO is this? False advertisement then as it was shown in the launch trailer. Say what you will but wildcard are some straight up liars.
  13. I was using sarcasm of course lol I really hope you get what you pay for, as I'd like to rent a server as well
  14. Wife: "this sucks! They removed the host tether option! I just want to play with our friends!" Me: "it's okay babe, ark promised rentable servers by mid month for consoles." Jeremy: "Rentable servers will initially be rolling out to PS4 only as we try to clear up some things with Microsoft." 🙄👏🏻 Again promising things that just can't be delivered on time lol. Watch, it'd be hillarious if we just don't get them at all.
  15. False E3 announcements?

    That's a shame. I guess I'd rather content not be advertised at all if it can't be delivered with certainty.