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  1. Ark - farmhand survival - next we will be milking cows...
  2. Many beligerant idiots all crying over the same thing! Hell now WC has outside interest maybe they can pull back in some of the outside development to be used in the core game
  3. Because xbox hates its consumers where ps4 pay for bonus benefit to boost hsrdware sales
  4. Im strongly considering uninstalling.. i cannot find a good stable moderately popular but locked private and frankly now i left old servers in the derelict days cannot return to stay alive long enough with the uberzerg moving about
  5. @Jat i felt pushed to play on mostly dead playee dedi already but even more so now. i was desperately waiting for proc jen official server but with this free roam transfer and the plague that is the wiping of server by key tribes.. makes me want to play even less than before. hell i feel i almost cannot now.. many games PUNISH griefers. you have essentially replaced their gun with a nuke on a 12 hour build timer.. cheers for that.. PLEASE consider opening locked no transfer servers for those of us not wanting to take a brutal *** pounding and having to say thanks in the process.. I am genuinely gutted really. i love ark.. i want to love it more.. but the more you mess with the problem makes it lesa desirable.. Sad very very sad
  6. What would be great is fixing the existing game and giiving it deeper content than throwing more glitter at it
  7. Heres what you can look forward to - impossible almost to play on from.new char, i guess its real survival now? Some what cool - buggy as raptor, enjoy the constant game crashes. It looks and feela great but... well.. nigh on impossible if you dont import
  8. Because koal werent gettig old as the only non mountable food source in the ocean, because leeches dont add diversity, it adds immersion
  9. Never.... my love of the center is strong... even if the map has got a bajillion giga spawns and my heart hanging out my rectum in fear
  10. To be honest this reboots my entire interest and experience, new map twice as big to replace the stagnant and the primative+ looks great BOATS and HO...er.. cannons!
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