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Community Crunch 291: ExtraLife 2021!


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We are going live from our Seattle Studio tomorrow at 10AM Pacific to bring 24 hours of entertainment, giveaways, Collector’s Edition boxes, game keys, and much more! You don't want to miss out because we will be sharing juicy ARK details and teasers.   

If you are interested in donating or joining the team to raise donations, click on the button below! All donations go to the Extra Life organization and contribute to raising the Official Network rates!



  • 3X Ryzen 7 5800X processors
  • 3X MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi
  • 3X Radeon RX 6800 XT MBA graphics cards
  • MSI Alpha 17 laptop
  • Nvidia GEFORCE RTX 3080
  • 5X Yeti Nano
  • 3X Yeti Blackout
  • 2X Yeti X
  • 2X K100 Corsair Keyboard
  • 2X Dark Core Pro Gaming Mouse
  • 2X Virtuoso Carbon Headset
  • 2X MM700 RGB Mousepad
  • Yeti Caster
  • Elgato Stream Deck XL
  • Elgato Face Cam
  • Elgato Wave 3 Mic
  • 2X Xbox Series X
  • 3X Xbox Series S
  • Xbox accessories and controllers
  • Codes for ARK Mobile, Discord Nitro, Nitrado Servers, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

As we reach various donation goals, we will increase the Official Server Network rates. If you're an ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile survivor, you're in luck! Our friends over at Grove Street Games will be matching our final rates for at least 24 hours at the close of our stream at 9am PST on Sunday, November 7th.

As we reach the specified donation goals marked below, rates will be updated on all Official ARK servers. Please note: The rates may take up to 15 minutes to be reflected on your server.

Be sure to keep an eye on our ExtraLife 2021 page to see current donation totals and Official Server rates!

Total Raised Taming Rates Harvesting Rates XP Rates Mating Interval Rates Egg Hatch Rates Baby Mature Rates Imprint Interval Rates Imprint Bonus Rates Hexagon Rewards
$0 3x 3x 3x 0.5x 3x 3x 0.6x 3x 1.5x
$5,000 3.25x 3.25x 3.25x 0.475x 3.25x 3.25x 0.575x 3.25x 1.6x
$10,000 3.5x 3.5x 3.5x 0.45x 3.5x 3.5x 0.55x 3.5x 1.7x
$15,000 3.75x 3.75x 3.75x 0.425x 3.75x 3.75x 0.525x 3.75x 1.8x
$20,000 4.0x 4.0x 4.0x 0.40x 4.0x 4.0x 0.5x 4.0x 1.9x
$25,000 4.25x 4.25x 4.25x 0.375x 4.25x 4.25x 0.475x 4.25x 2.0x
$30,000 4.5x 4.5x 4.5x 0.35x 4.5x 4.5x 0.45x 4.5x 2.1x
$35,000 4.75x 4.75x 4.75x 0.325x 4.75x 4.75x 0.425x 4.75x 2.2x
$40,000 5.0x 5.0x 5.0x 0.3x 5.0x 5.0x 0.40x 5.0x 2.3x
$45,000 5.25x 5.25x 5.25x 0.275x 5.25x 5.25x 0.375x 5.25x 2.4x
$50,000 5.50x 5.50x 5.50x 0.25x 5.50x 5.50x 0.35x 5.50x 2.5x
$55,000 5.75x 5.75x 5.75x 0.25x 5.75x 5.75x 0.325x 5.75x 2.6x
$60,000 6.0x 6.0x 6.0x 0.2x 6.0x 6.0x 0.3x 6.0x 2.7x
$65,000 6.25x 6.25x 6.25x 0.2x 6.25x 6.25x 0.275x 6.25x 2.8x
$70,000 6.5x 6.5x 6.5x 0.175x 6.5x 6.5x 0.25x 6.5x 2.9x
$75,000 6.75x 6.75x 6.75x 0.175x 6.75x 6.75x 0.25x 6.75x 3.0x
$80,000 7.0x 7.0x 7.0x 0.15x 7.0x 7.0x 0.2x 7.0x 3.1x
$85,000 7.25x 7.25x 7.25x 0.15x 7.25x 7.25x 0.2x 7.25x 3.2x
$90,000 7.5x 7.5x 7.5x 0.135x 7.5x 7.5x 0.175x 7.5x 3.3x
$95,000 7.75x 7.75x 7.75x 0.135x 7.75x 7.75x 0.175x 7.75x 3.4x
$100,000 8.0x 8.0x 8.0x 0.125x 8.0x 8.0x 0.15x 8.0x 3.5x
$105,000 8.25x 8.25x 8.25x 0.125x 8.25x 8.25x 0.15x 8.25x 3.6x
$110,000 8.5x 8.5x 8.5x 0.117x 8.5x 8.5x 0.135x 8.5x 3.7x
$115,000 8.75x 8.75x 8.75x 0.117x 8.75x 8.75x 0.135x 8.75x 3.8x
$120,000 9.0x 9.0x 9.0x 0.11x 9.0x 9.0x 0.125x 9.0x 3.9x
$125,000 9.25x 9.25x 9.25x 0.11x 9.25x 9.25x 0.125x 9.25x 4.0x
$130,000 9.5x 9.5x 9.5x 0.105x 9.5x 9.5x 0.117x 9.5x 4.1x
$135,000 9.75x 9.75x 9.75x 0.105x 9.75x 9.75x 0.117x 9.75x 4.2x
$140,000 10.0x 10.0x 10.0x 0.1x 10.0x 10.0x 0.11x 10.0x 4.3x
$145,000 10.25x 10.25x 10.25x 0.1x 10.25x 10.25x 0.11x 10.25x 4.4x
$150,000 10.5x 10.5x 10.5x 0.1x 10.5x 10.5x 0.105x 10.5x 4.5x
$155,000 10.75x 10.75x 10.75x 0.1x 10.75x 10.75x 0.105x 10.75x 4.6x
$160,000 11.0x 11.0x 11.0x 0.1x 11.0x 11.0x 0.1x 11.0x 4.75x
$165,000 11.25x 11.25x 11.25x 0.1x 11.25x 11.25x 0.1x 11.25x 5.0x
$170,000 11.50x 11.50x 11.50x 0.1x 11.50x 11.50x 0.1x 11.50x 5.25x
$175,000 11.75x 11.75x 11.75x 0.1x 11.75x 11.75x 0.1x 11.75x 5.5x
$180,000 12.0x 12.0x 12.0x 0.09x 12.0x 12.0x 0.075x 12.0x 6.0x
$1,000,000,000 100.0x 100.0x 100.0x 0.01x 100.0x 100.0x 0.05x 100x 100x
Total Raised Taming Rates Harvesting Rates XP Rates
Mating Interval Rates
Egg Hatch Rates Baby Mature Rates
Imprint Interval Rates
Imprint Bonus Rates
Hexagon Rewards
$0 4.5x 4.5x 4.5x 0.5x 4.5x 4.5x 0.6x 4.5x 1.5x
$5,000 4.25x 4.25x 4.25x 0.475x 4.25x 4.25x 0.575x 4.25x 1.6x
$10,000 4.75x 4.75x 4.75x 0.45x 4.75x 4.75x 0.55x 4.75x 1.7x
$15,000 5.0x 5.0x 5.0x 0.425x 5.0x 5.0x 0.525x 5.0x 1.8x
$20,000 5.25x 5.25x 5.25x 0.40x 5.25x 5.25x 0.5x 5.25x 1.9x
$25,000 5.5x 5.5x 5.5x 0.375x 5.5x 5.5x 0.475x 5.5x 2.0x
$30,000 5.75x 5.75x 5.75x 0.35x 5.75x 5.75x 0.45x 5.75x 2.1x
$35,000 6.0x 6.0x 6.0x 0.325x 6.0x 6.0x 0.425x 6.0x 2.2x
$40,000 6.25x 6.25x 6.25x 0.3x 6.25x 6.25x 0.40x 6.25x 2.3x
$45,000 6.5x 6.5x 6.5x 0.275x 6.5x 6.5x 0.375x 6.5x 2.4x
$50,000 6.75x 6.75x 6.75x 0.25x 6.75x 6.75x 0.35x 6.75x 2.5x
$55,000 7.0x 7.0x 7.0x 0.25x 7.0x 7.0x 0.325x 7.0x 2.6x
$60,000 7.25x 7.25x 7.25x 0.2x 7.25x 7.25x 0.3x 7.25x 2.7x
$65,000 7.5x 7.5x 7.5x 0.2x 7.5x 7.5x 0.275x 7.5x 2.8x
$70,000 7.75x 7.75x 7.75x 0.175x 7.75x 7.75x 0.25x 7.75x 2.9x
$75,000 8.0x 8.0x 8.0x 0.175x 8.0x 8.0x 0.25x 8.0x 3.0x
$80,000 8.25x 8.25x 8.25x 0.15x 8.25x 8.25x 0.2x 8.25x 3.1x
$85,000 8.5x 8.5x 8.5x 0.15x 8.5x 8.5x 0.2x 8.5x 3.2x
$90,000 8.75x 8.75x 8.75x 0.135x 8.75x 8.75x 0.175x 8.75x 3.3x
$95,000 9.0x 9.0x 9.0x 0.135x 9.0x 9.0x 0.175x 9.0x 3.4x
$100,000 9.25x 9.25x 9.25x 0.125x 9.25x 9.25x 0.15x 9.25x 3.5x
$105,000 9.5x 9.5x 9.5x 0.125x 9.5x 9.5x 0.15x 9.5x 3.6x
$110,000 9.75x 9.75x 9.75x 0.117x 9.75x 9.75x 0.135x 9.75x 3.7x
$115,000 10.0x 10.0x 10.0x 0.117x 10.0x 10.0x 0.135x 10.0x 3.8x
$120,000 10.25x 10.25x 10.25x 0.11x 10.25x 10.25x 0.125x 10.25x 3.9x
$125,000 10.5x 10.5x 10.5x 0.11x 10.5x 10.5x 0.125x 10.5x 4.0x
$130,000 10.75x 10.75x 10.75x 0.105x 10.75x 10.75x 0.117x 10.75x 4.1x
$135,000 11.0x 11.0x 11.0x 0.105x 11.0x 11.0x 0.117x 11.0x 4.2x
$140,000 11.25x 11.25x 11.25x 0.1x 11.25x 11.25x 0.11x 11.25x 4.3x
$145,000 11.5x 11.5x 11.5x 0.1x 11.5x 11.5x 0.11x 11.5x 4.4x
$150,000 11.75x 11.75x 11.75x 0.1x 11.75x 11.75x 0.105x 11.75x 4.5x
$155,000 12.0x 12.0x 12.0x 0.1x 12.0x 12.0x 0.105x 12.0x 4.6x
$160,000 12.25x 12.25x 12.25x 0.1x 12.25x 12.25x 0.1x 12.25x 4.75x
$165,000 12.5x 12.5x 12.5x 0.1x 12.5x 12.5x 0.1x 12.5x 5.0x
$170,000 12.75x 12.75x 12.75x 0.1x 12.75x 12.75x 0.1x 12.75x 5.25x
$175,000 13.0x 13.0x 13.0x 0.1x 13.0x 13.0x 0.1x 13.0x 5.5x
$180,000 14.0x 14.0x 14.0x 0.09x 14.0x 14.0x 0.075x 14.0x 6.0x
$1,000,000,000 100.0x 100.0x 100.0x 0.01x 100.0x 100.0x 0.05x 100.0x 100x


Feel free to hop into our Discord or Twitch channel during the stream to hang out!  We're looking forward to putting on an epic charitable cause tomorrow!

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Discord: discord.com/invite/playark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark


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1 hour ago, Boio25 said:

What you mean rollback 


Rollabacks happens when your server crashes, and it delay on been restored, so... if u had a server crash and in 30mins is  restored the server, u will have 15mins of ROLLBACK, because server must to "load" the better server save (every 15mins there would be always a server save, not lag) that was previous from the latests where the server crashes... so if u have 2hours, server must to find the server save that its better to load and continue funcionally still next crash, and so on.


Hope i helped you to understand.

Edited by BlackScarlatta
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  • Volunteer Moderator
1 minute ago, mana589 said:

I am Japanese.
I always enjoy playing ARK.
I'm having trouble getting harassed by Blocking in other tribes dinos on an official PVE server.
I have the user name and evidence of the other party, but I don't know how to report because I can't speak English.
We look forward to your reply. 

These issues must be submitted via support ticket. Please refer to: 

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