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  1. My tribemates are reasonably high, they refuse to tame sub 145 giga's. My level is never far above the waist. Might be I did get confused by the question, still recovery from the Picaso picture (on topic: still got the feeling the SSD is beneficial for almost every game. Almost.)
  2. And that point of view is one of ultimate weakness, albeit a very a very common point of view. It is also not correct since it still ignores the other points about ignoring the abuse of glitches, caused by poor UI.
  3. You are taking the quote out of context. Setting up people by abusing (instead of breaking) rules and abusing flaws in controls may be just about being a jerk but I think there is also something as "fair play". And there the GM's are definatly failing. Maybe due to being understaffed, msaybe due to poor policy. "Fair play" is what make games fun and if that is abbandoned you'll be left with troll wars alone and a dying game in the end. Even for PvP fair play is of vallue. Every competition has it's rules.
  4. What I just don't understand that I have seen toxic PvP actions on PvE, but GM's don't do anything against it. Not even when the proof is supported by screenshots of those players bragging in chat, on twitter or facebook. Also: For console controlers certain buttons have several interacting functions. I have made suggestions to stop giving too many double functions to prevent mistakes like unintended unlocking storage when you tried to open a door but got lagged and the here given example of ally/merging/joining. Sofar never got any response to that so this is realy a shortcomming of UI a
  5. Can't think of a fix, maybe a workaround is harvest corpses with dino's. Or transfer all you want to keep to dino/storage, drop the remaining crap and get back your stuff from dino/storage. Still extra and annoying work.
  6. Oh, that. Quite normal to me. First you can't move, then a wall starts to build on the horizon, dino's pop up closer and closer to you and finaly you are catapulted backwards between the jaws of the 3 rexes you were fleeing from. The last thing your wyvern ever see is the gate popping up around you. The negative render is the move backwards Bad news: That crap still happens. Lost my first Lost Island wyvern that way yesterday. After the famous patch... More bad news: Initialy the origami seemed fixed but overtime it started to happen more often and to more types of dino's. Good news
  7. Flying over a base and nothing's there. Look back and finaly seeing it. Walking between my dino's, looking not to bad. Then turning around an walking the same way back: Origami! Pretty negative, not?
  8. As far as I know the biggest issues were for PS5. Wich I can confirm since I've seen our PS5 next to our old PS4. Consider yourself lucky with 0.04m render, I had many times a negative render /consolewartrollmode = killalltrolls
  9. /consolewartrollmode = on The problem with Xbox is people owning them /consoletrollmode = off The update did improve more than any other patch this year. Almost no origami dino's and map is a lot better.
  10. You can host your own server of course. But unfortunatly Sony is only allowing crossplay in special cases. ARK is not being that special to Sony.
  11. It was just playstation, client as well as servers. the servers were out quite some time.
  12. As said many times before in several other comments and suggestion: Sony does not like crossplay in any game. And my personal oppinion? I could not care less. For PvP I would not like to fight M/K warriors and aimbotters with my controler, for PvE I can't realy see any advantage in having even more dupers
  13. Ehm... No This is the general section, for all platforms. Forum got rearanged a few months ago lol Edit: Seeing the other comments about this issue are just moved from dedicated server section to general discussion as we speakl. Probably a warning what will happen to PC next update
  14. So true lol. And now, if only WC started to realize that by doing EU server maintenance on a time suitable for the EU (wich it actualy was this time) and the same for OC and NA... By the way, are all posters here fresh to the game? It seems almost like all accounts popped their forum cherry in this thread lol
  15. The good news: After downloading the patch last night I tried my "The Island" solo map and I did not see any origami dino's or lootdrops sinking through rocks. Impressive, it seems they finaly fixed some of the real issues! And now back to normal... I mean, the usual bad update news: I went to sleep, woke up, had breakfast and... Still "no session found" for EU official. Side note: The patchnumber (696.7) in the title of the changelog is wrong. As intercoursing usual...
  16. Since the update all servers are offline. Try again tomorrow lol
  17. Some hours ago we got the in-game meesage to try after the update in 15 minutes... I stopped holding my breath and went to sleep, just had breakfast by now. And had another coffee and... Still no servers, that means trouble by now
  18. At least, until last eve's update... Stll no servers for PS, except the freshly whiped ARKpocalypse.
  19. In this case it seems there is a lot to tell... Still no servers
  20. Both ttrue lol I was impatient so I even tried my Island map sologame. Not sure what happened but I did not see the origami dino's, neither did I found drops sunken in the rocks. Sofar this update seems to do what they tried the previous update
  21. My system is updated... All servers gone except ARKpocalypse and a testserver... Sofar the "see you in 15 minutes Hope it is worth it and tomorow is another day...
  22. I felt like that for a long time but I'm finding my expectations are lowered by now. In all fairness: Last week a post of me in the bugs forum got the status "under investigation". It was actualy unexpected lol Sadly enough, that is all there was and felt like kind of random since there has been no relevant response or action ever since inspite multiple people reported similair issues.
  23. Remember Gen2? At this moment the Lost Island plays like rectum (at least on PS) and it would be reasonable to expect them to fix that first before they added new maps/bugs/servers to the "To do" list. But maybe my sarcasm wasn't clear enough
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