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  1. Thank you for warning us in advance about upcomming changes. (Sorry PC players)
  2. My inner troll is deeply insulted
  3. Wasn't ment offensive The current event is just 3x harvest/tame/XP and again no breeding/imprint. The thing I like the most about the breeding events is the imprint, that I woul like to see more! But you made me re-read this thread and it actualy pointed out to me that ARK is turning to "pay to win" since everything on Gen2 is aimed at easier mass breeding. In all fairness, to raise a boss army is just grinding meat when ever it suits you to feed the babies that hatch on command. And even that grind means nothing anymore. No need to plan the hatching and handfeeding anymore, incubat
  4. It is annoying how a direct answere was avoided everey time the question popped up. Very vague wording that can always be explained in 2 ways. Even Google gives contradictionairy results, funniest was a site (UK based) that already offered pre-orders for PS4 Bottom line: We just don't know if ARK2 is ever comming to PS, we also don't know it is NEVER comming, we only know it won't be at launch. @Cedric Multiple choice questions: Is ARK2 planned to eventualy become available for PS? [ ] Yes [ ] No If yes, how long will it be platform exclusive to Xbox? [ ] 6 months [ ] 1 year
  5. They do a great job, the only thing you have to take in account that ARK seems to calculate first the spoilage and then the consumption when you log on again. This caused the loss of about 15 giga kids over time. And something you have to pay attention to in PvE is ALLIES: When friends with the best intentions visit your base on a hungry (recovering?) dino it will consume the content of your throughs. My first 2 eggs took me about 6 or 7 weeks, got 1 M and 2 F's. Ofcourse I lost 1 of the F's within a few days... Drowned overencumbered when defending when I defended myself
  6. Some kidds used to burn ants under a looking glass, they find this fun! But serious, I think the dino transfers should have a limit of just a few dedicated dino's for each character to prevent server hopping raiders.
  7. Nothing changed in 3 years, it is still early acces.
  8. I'm on PS4/5 as well, never had any issues with babies in maewings. They are not always rendered but never disappeared. If in doubt, let the maewing drop all passengers to do a headcount. Concerning your neighbour (sure it's not me?) is there any chance he could have "borowed" your rex by setting up his females next to your male when you were off line?
  9. I noticed rubberbanding first when I switched from solo/splitscreen to online multiplayer, PS official. At first it was ~5seconds 4 or 5 times an hour, since I explored more maps it drasticly increased to more often (sometimes again after a minute) and 15 seconds or sometimes even longer. When accessing inventory at start of it, the dino's or objects inventory shows the message "retreiving remote inventory" and when opening only my own inventory my character does not show in right panel or suffers major texture popping. Also, it seems related (but not limited) to the 15 minute counter as wel
  10. Just buy them. I'll sell you 1 for 2k poly
  11. First day on ARK? I remember I was about to demand a refund when first playing ARK for all the issues I had with just a simple splitscreen game. And then I noticed on the forum that the bugs are just a feature with new surprises every day. On a serious note: Your account is 3 years old, in all those years you could have seen how ARK is handled. Why on earth did you buy the DLC without first seeing the forum? Everyone playing ARK for an extended period knows by know how things are (not always) handled. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending it, but you could have known the mess you were
  12. Most helpfull to me for actual events and rates: https://www.dododex.com/rates The history shows that not all EVO events are the same, no idea why the format is not consistent. Just enjoy it as it comes, keep in mind that the imprint rates trigger after the first imprint during the event. For example: If you just imprinted before start of event you'll have the 8 hrs on the timer.
  13. In that case ARK is maybe just not your game anymore. Balance the numbers to what you are willing to do for it. Login every 2 hours just means you are trying to do too much for the capacity of your base. I've seen mass breeding bases that are only login in once or twice a day.
  14. Bunny ears??? On a Giga, serious??? Evreybody should know Giga's need glasses to spot Gompies in the foliage! Stacks of raw meat last about a day, logging in every 2 hours is not needed when using Maewings for babies and enough feeding throuhgs for juvies. The numbers of babies you want to raise are more dictating the times you have to log in. Since the introduction of Maewings, R-seeds and incubators breeding is very much simplified. Ballance the numbers you are raising according to the time you want to spent on meatruns or the size you can spend on species R. The tool
  15. Create a ticket in the tab "support" on this page. Also, give more details if you want advice/suggestions. Platform and server name for instance.
  16. Build items you need but not to demolish or grind. Element is not returned, all you can do is turning it to dust if you need it for generators.
  17. Funny to see this complaint in a weekend that has 2x breeding In all fairness, 2x harvesting helps me more to feed babies than 2x breeding alone!
  18. If there would ever be a 200GB patch for next gen consoles that would be a blessing And don't mind the patchnotes, they stated several times that inventory delays were fixed while I'm still looking at 15+ seconds rubberbanding/delay when the game is handling "remote inventory" or recently(!) also just a huge lag where items need 5+ seconds to move from one inventory to another.
  19. Can't agree more (By the way, when will ARK get out of early acces? I'm about to refere to WC as EA )
  20. This is indeed an anoying bug. My workaround: Hatchery build with open ground in the center for problematic eggs to hatch. Also I noted that the bug triggers most when eggs hatch while out of render, my other workaround is to be around when eggs are about to pop. Or just use an incubator from where babies drop on the ground.
  21. Stryders can be used for that already. Altough just a simple, small drop-off point would make life very easy. Too easy maybe?
  22. But Maewings can feed Crystal wyverns Primal crystal already! So far I only encountered issues with bloodpacks.
  23. For protecting a Stryder you can use any kind of Dino you like, so this is no reason to make it completely overpowered. I walk reasonable distances with giga's and Stryder following, still worth the time saved compared to the good old metal runs with argy's. Stryders as harvesters are near overpowered already, with multiple Stryders you can even jump beds by transmitter with inventory. Making them podable would be like a podable base. The direct link to a dedicated storage make you can nearly unlimited harvest a soecific resource.
  24. I wish they utilized the systems storage on a console that much! The PS version is only 85GB and does not benefit from internal or exernal SSD like most games on PS4 or 5 do.
  25. Implement a priority for havesting nodes or dead dino's in a way that the best items are getting priority over bulk items, to prevent that rare trophies are getting lost when inventory is blackbarred by common bulk like prime meat.
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