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  1. breeding increase aswell please guys, it made the ppl play the game, now its boring again
  2. good balance change, now make taxidermy bases decay timer 14 days plz
  3. throw a few dinos out that you dont need anymore, wait for the griefer, when he is there take your spyglass out and start recording, and have fun uploading the vid to youtube. the gasbag glitch should be fixed tho, and offlineprotection does the rest. it is down to 10 seconds, maybe make a fence aswell. but i still wonder how ppl are getting griefed, havent been griefed since legacy xd and that was fun if you understand... bc you just __________________________ , and legacy had no offline protection and sh.. so idk man, some things are not griefing anymore, its just fun for some bc b
  4. sounds pretty bad i hope some guys at wc got the balls to do what is necessary
  5. you talking about some racing missions?
  6. yea this exploit should be fixed by now... i agree, so maybe a rly big collision box for rafts and motorboats? or remove rafts from pvp`? xd funny that you only need a raft to start some serious pvp xd i wonder if it is an issue at endgame
  7. does it matter with what you get killed? i mean if it is not an op mana its an op giga, if no giga its a rex or smth else... but i get you, when i started extinction, when it came out, i tamed a mana i saw how op this thing is and did just quit playing extinction right away, i was kinda pissed, now ofc i play on extinction again but i got only 1 mana, for the veins and drops. the dash nerf was just stupid imo better would have been a stats nerf like griffin and no breeding but changing now is kinda bad you know... the m
  8. whaaaaaaaaaaaaat....... do i look like an oil prince.......
  9. yep, i noticed that a bit ago, spoil timer is correct, always
  10. ok ok ok super soaker 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well not the same but very close, is it too late to ask for super soaker 100 and 250? xd
  11. if you can not find a torpedo i suggest fly up in the sky and look there. it behaves like the tape, he flys out of render distance.
  12. island44 rebooted several times in the last days, the server has the same behaviour like at official release, if there are more than 25-30 ppl online, the server restarts at some point. maybe a server upgrade could help but we all know this is not gonna happen sad sad...
  13. rainbow unicorn plz dino colors plz x4 plz and happy ark day, all the best for the future like always.
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