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  1. 19.99, for the ultimate because free upgrade soon, so buy it now https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/ark-survival-evolved-switch/ the upgrade for 40 is live if the survivor edition launches, yes if not when :D, it is basically for those who buy ark later and only ark for 9,99 how it looks like for me.
  2. gib scarecrows headstones and pumpkins plz urgent
  3. good change, we will see how it works with breeding x3 and harvest x3 on a weekend i give this a try, lets see if the servers restart every save again like 1 week ago the only thing that sux is if you wanna craft stuff in iventory and putting stuff in the repli for crafting but well, maybe you can pull recources out of dedis soon to craft a woodwall instant without having to manage recources in inventory or repli
  4. how to dl on a capped server that crashes every 20 minutes and rolls back 30? yep. this will end like extinction map that is crashing every hour since transfers have opened for ext.
  5. treehouses / platforms without being able to build a bridge can you imagine that, oh wait... dynamic lenght bridges what has happened to it since 2015 or 2016???????????????????????????????????
  6. On 5/30/2021 at 2:38 PM, PhotekPlays said: got my popcorn, i am rdy for delay number 5. capiche bahahahaha YEP xd just go to twitter 1500+ messages flooding their last delay post, people are p. for a reason so do not play the white knight for them we know them since 6 years, and it is always the same but the new players do not know and have to bite the sour apple, again and again. the new players do not know so they play white knight for them, kinda cute but yea.. sux the other new players took a day off multiple times now because of delays rly sad to see as a long time player and a heavy ark fan, that after 6 years the communication is still the same, very bad, and the marketing is only hype, nothing else not even a merch shop...
  7. smartraptor, the release was planned for 25th of May, not 2nd of June
  8. 2 days after release you show us something we did not see before... aha...
  9. what no man just no, it is how it is they've always pushed back a release and always it was not their fault, so do not come here with no knowledge at all and be a white knight. 2 days before march release they tell us 3 month pushback, after we've already waited 2 extra month because it was planned for jan. what a joke again and then this ignorant fanboys that look through rose-colored glasses.... the last day you have posted over 15 replys on this site dude... omg nothing else to do?
  10. 2 days befor march is hitting you tell us its another 3 month pushback?!?!?!?! timeline: release january 2021 release march 2021 release may 2021 good job guys now you have the ultimate excuse you always have been looking for , covid you must feel like in heaven now why not push it back to 2022
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