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  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaat....... do i look like an oil prince.......
  2. yep, i noticed that a bit ago, spoil timer is correct, always
  3. ok ok ok super soaker 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well not the same but very close, is it too late to ask for super soaker 100 and 250? xd
  4. if you can not find a torpedo i suggest fly up in the sky and look there. it behaves like the tape, he flys out of render distance.
  5. island44 rebooted several times in the last days, the server has the same behaviour like at official release, if there are more than 25-30 ppl online, the server restarts at some point. maybe a server upgrade could help but we all know this is not gonna happen sad sad...
  6. rainbow unicorn plz dino colors plz x4 plz and happy ark day, all the best for the future like always.
  7. genesis was awesome and still is, but not much element there in comparison to extinction and the smaller different biomes are awesome great visuals and mechanics too in the end the smaller biomes with teleport points do not even matter that much because you have a lot of public tps on the servers i would love a second map like this for genesis part 2 but what could it be else? desert mars cave forest ??? running out of biomes i guess xd so maybe next map is normal big map, maybe only 1-3 biomes with a different hazzardous weird theme i love these volcano erruptions and the asteroids in lunar, they make the game alive. maybe boiling water next or no gravity like the malfunction map would be great, but who knows whats the plan for gen2...
  8. so you have 1 week extra, this is the same pattern since ever, you just say nah it is not our fault for a delay, so this comes in pretty handy for you wildcards lol wildcard... that company that banns people for speaking the truth, hypocrites...
  9. he is obviously speaking about PVP... pepega
  10. lol sure mr dev. how about an hour warning hah but no you know better that there is always primetime somewhere, then guess what...
  11. just look at this and you know why -.-
  12. 644 pve is online again. thank you all for posting in this thread.
  13. ^^ i am not blind an i can read the community crunch, but tell me how long would it take you to reboot a server or do a config new on a server? 3 days + and 2 days + last week? anyway it is unacceptable and a joke
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