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  1. Can we discuss that rate? I mean how does the servers crash at 2x or 3x yet on events like Extra life it can handle the higher rates? Lucy I think you have some explaining to do....
  2. Okay, I know I can't be the only one that gets pissed off about this. Quit resetting my dang engrams! If I want the new engrams I will budget for them and minewipe. This is a waste of time for players and its a huge F U to us all. I get you want us to look at the cool new toys you built. Stop it! If I have to go to every bloody DLC to get my engrams back it wastes my time. So why would I play a game that is going to make me redo my engrams? Consider this a suggestion whatever you want but KNOCK IT OFF!
  3. May I make a request to Wildcard teams? Can yo please allow a beta environment up so that we as your community can go in create or copy our desired survivors or dinos and then allow us to test? So maybe we can help you find bugs? would that be too hard to do? So then you can go hey we posted this build refresh we can go in see how that is give you feedback with a feedback button in the UI or a report a Bug with a box so we can give you feedback and a screenshot and cords of where it happened time all that stuff and then you could use that for some of this. Would that help?
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