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  1. Here in Saxony it's still summer time, so we should have it by 19 hundred. When do we start, when do we start, when do we start!
  2. In old Germany today is October 26th. 12:00 noon! When does it start? When does it start? When does it start? Will it take a long time?
  3. What did you expect? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? I don't know of any game that reinvents itself every year because of an event. I look forward to it. 3x XP, harvesting, taming, and breeding. And ExtraLife on November 6th! Yes, my God, what else do you want? Please go to the other WoW kids and leave us alone with your whining ...
  4. What a poor bunch! No EVO - whine, EVO without breeding - whine! EVO + ExtraLife - complain too! I also enjoy breeding, but there is still so much to do. It's not an EVO - no problem! Can I FINALLY do all those things that I have left behind for weeks or months. - finally complete my port on Valguero, - modernize the pirate base on Extinction, - finally realize my underwater base on the island, - build an improved space whale trap in the generational spaceship, - and and and ... i can think of a lot of damn things that I've wanted to do for a long time. I've been playing
  5. Extra Life is REALLY, REALLY cool! I'm already looking forward to it. To be able to help AND to be able to gamble!
  6. Thank you for the great changes! So I would like to make my express satisfaction and agreement with the changes to the Tek boxes clear. It has never been SO EASY to work with the Tek boxes. In the past, spawning items from the Tek boxes and collecting them with the whip was incredibly annoying and cumbersome! Now I can move or send entire Tek boxes of content with two or three clicks. I don't know why most people are still upset about it? I see the changes to the handle with the Tek boxes as one of the best improvements to the game in a long time. Therefore - everything done r
  7. And again there’s enough of complaining! 3x XP and 3x farms! I think it's great because I can concentrate on ONE thing and don't have to work with the baby as well. Thanks, WC!
  8. My goodness, you always have something to complain about! Life means constant change. We have to constantly adapt to new conditions. What should the English say after Brexit? 50% of them didn't even want him! And you complain about a changed box ... I find the changes practical and well thought out. As a frequent player and traveler between the ARK, it helps me tremendously in handling my resources. Well done WC!
  9. Incredible! We found the two Tropea again! After over a week! Your tips here in the forum have led to success. The animals reappeared on the STRAIGHT way from the place of disappearance to their home base. The search with a snowy owl has proven to be the BEST. The rule of thumb seems to apply: The first big obstacle (mountain, rocks or trees) causes the animals to stop. Built structures are not considered an obstacle. You don't stop the animals! Thank you for the numerous tips and hints!
  10. In summary, it can be determined: Both Tropea have disappeared because. 1. The Tropea were to "follow" 2. Both stuck to playful structures 3. Both were trapped in a dino leash before leaving the base. 4. The dinosaurs suddenly disappeared from one second to the next. 5. There was and is no death report! And where do I look now?
  11. Incredible, it happened again! The same map (Crystall Island) but a different location. We went looking for the missing Tropea. With another Tropea. The Tropea was on to follow and got stuck on a different player structure. We were at 50/50 looking for the missing Tropea. Just disappeared before our eyes. Then I circled the entire map to search the east. And again at 50/50. Nothing! The two missing Tropea did not reappear at the base either. No death report. Nothing! What a raptoring bug ...
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