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  1. I don't know why (almost) everyone here is just crying? I just can't understand. I've been playing the game for 3 years and have almost 4000 hours in my account. I play it with my wife and children. It's a wonderful family game where we ALL have a lot of fun over and over again. We take a lot of time with everything and don't have to be the best and the greatest. It's a game, it has flaws, it can't be perfect. It's a program - every program has bugs. Yes, a dinosaur will disappear one day. Yes, there were two - three bugs. My goodness, yes, one or the other server was offline for
  2. Mit dem englischen schreiben, geschweige denn sprechen, in diversen Medien habe ich es nicht so als älteres Semester, deswegen hier unmissverständlich gleich auf Deutsch. Ich spiele ausschließlich PC/PvE auf offiziellen Servern und betreibe auf Valguero eine größere Basis von der ich aus auf andere Server + Erweiterungen Expeditionen (Bosse, Erkundungen, Farmen) starte. Bisher habe ich größtenteils mit meiner Familie gespielt (Frau und Kinder spielen auch ARK), aber inzwischen kommen die mit den Tek-Anforderungen und Bossen nicht mehr mit. Ist denen zu stressig. Somit suche ich (und Fami
  3. Finally Easter event! 14 days in a row too. Thank you WC!
  4. Oh damn, I've probably forgotten the element of dust. Something stupid too! But the death report was still missing. Should that be so?
  5. As the title suggests, a mek disappeared on Extinction. He just stood there for a few days to show off. It stood on a tall building and then just went away. No death report so far! I've already searched the area, but found nothing. Did I miss something? Do you lose energy or do they work out after a few days? Or was it attacked and destroyed by an animal? Or do I just have to go looking for him?
  6. There is no exploit where you can steal through the windows / walls. All you have to do is harvest the vegetables regularly and they will grow back fresh. Actually pretty realistic! The same problem also exists with the beehives, by the way. If the honey is not harvested regularly, it will spoil and will not be freshly replenished. The same applies to honey: Always harvest fresh!
  7. Very good idea, I would definitely appreciate that the teleporters have more options.
  8. Yes of course kibble is more efficient than anything else! But not absolutely necessary for getting started with taming and the first experiences. If you want to breed high-quality creatures later, it is of course essential.
  9. The snack is not absolutely necessary! It only speeds up the taming process significantly. I've tamed hundreds of animals and never used snacks. Most of the time I do my taming on event days with improved taming conditions. You can also achieve faster taming results with sheep, which is why I prefer to play on Valguero.
  10. They programmed the game so they make the rules! The 15 minute transfer timers are okay and won't kill anyone. My God, how can you get upset about that? Nice work WC, but I'd like to have pink cows and nuclear weapons and mermaids and ...
  11. Hey, hey, with all the complaining about WC and Genesis 2, he doesn't even stand out.
  12. Of course, I don't build in or block a playful base. Do individual Tek boxes and cabinets count as a structure? Chests and cupboards have no structure radius and do not require any floor.
  13. A player who does not come back into the game often leaves loot in closets and boxes. The base was automatically destroyed by the system and all that remains are the cabinets and boxes. See the screenshot! The box timer runs for 60 days. Closets about 16 days. 1. Can I take possession of the lost boxes? 2. Can I secure and defend the loot against other players? 3. Can I secure and install the "loot" in a new base? 4. If the owner shows up again, can the owner ask for the loot back? What's your opinion?
  14. Who actually reads these constant misery triads? It takes as long as it takes. Gosh, it's a game and not an employment contract! Catch up again!
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