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  1. 落ち着こうぜ。 この手の話題に何が正しくて何が悪いとかはないんだよ。 みんなものを考えるからさ。
  2. Why not just delete the "fandom" wiki? In the meantime, I have changed all the reference links on my unofficial Japanese wiki (wikiwiki.jp/arkse/) to wiki.gg to notify people. However, from what I see on Twitter and youtube, it seems that the majority of people are still using it.
  3. Thank you so much for explaining. It is true that it is generally undesirable for a WC to focus too much on a particular mode and have it affect other modes.
  4. In other words, is there a problem with a sandbox survival game where freedom is the main selling point, but the freedom is intentionally reduced? I know this is abrupt again, but my wish is for a system to report bugs in-game, not in the browser.
  5. Also, there may be cases where even 16GB of memory may not be enough. You may have to use faster than SSD.
  6. If it was a gtx1080, it would definitely work. I just wanted to use the phrase "Can it run crysis" for some reason. Sorry.
  7. I'd love to see a mode that adds heavy and beautiful graphics and resolution, even with an NVIDIA Geforce RTX3090ti or AMD Radeon 6900XT!
  8. Thank you all so much. I am surprised because I didn't expect to get so many replies!
  9. When one person hoped that the GM would make up for the dinosaurs that disappeared due to the anti-mesh, the GM offered these conditions. Is this a true specification?
  10. For the first time, I have written a proposal for a game. But maybe they won't develop the empty, empty biome in the lower left corner of the abandoned map for ARK2.
  11. Weakening brontos for plafo and PvP. So, first, status weakening for brontos with platform saddles. Attacks only when wearing a normal saddle. For example, it uses its tail to send a widespread dust cloud, causing enemies to flashbang or significantly slowing their movement speed. Second, a weight reduction for materials only in normal saddles. Third, add a range for the platform. Something flexible for the side of the belly or the tail instead of simply putting it on the back. Fourth, a sit feature for both the normal saddle and platform saddles. Recovery of energy is about 3 times. It can be used when making a base. Fifth, permission to use the elevator. I would be happy if you could add any of these to the list. Of course, there are difficulties in development. However, it would be WILD CARD to accomplish this.
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