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  1. 落ち着こうぜ。 この手の話題に何が正しくて何が悪いとかはないんだよ。 みんなものを考えるからさ。
  2. Why not just delete the "fandom" wiki? In the meantime, I have changed all the reference links on my unofficial Japanese wiki (wikiwiki.jp/arkse/) to wiki.gg to notify people. However, from what I see on Twitter and youtube, it seems that the majority of people are still using it.
  3. Thank you so much for explaining. It is true that it is generally undesirable for a WC to focus too much on a particular mode and have it affect other modes.
  4. In other words, is there a problem with a sandbox survival game where freedom is the main selling point, but the freedom is intentionally reduced? I know this is abrupt again, but my wish is for a system to report bugs in-game, not in the browser.
  5. Also, there may be cases where even 16GB of memory may not be enough. You may have to use faster than SSD.
  6. If it was a gtx1080, it would definitely work. I just wanted to use the phrase "Can it run crysis" for some reason. Sorry.
  7. I'd love to see a mode that adds heavy and beautiful graphics and resolution, even with an NVIDIA Geforce RTX3090ti or AMD Radeon 6900XT!
  8. Thank you all so much. I am surprised because I didn't expect to get so many replies!
  9. When one person hoped that the GM would make up for the dinosaurs that disappeared due to the anti-mesh, the GM offered these conditions. Is this a true specification?
  10. For the first time, I have written a proposal for a game. But maybe they won't develop the empty, empty biome in the lower left corner of the abandoned map for ARK2.
  11. Weakening brontos for plafo and PvP. So, first, status weakening for brontos with platform saddles. Attacks only when wearing a normal saddle. For example, it uses its tail to send a widespread dust cloud, causing enemies to flashbang or significantly slowing their movement speed. Second, a weight reduction for materials only in normal saddles. Third, add a range for the platform. Something flexible for the side of the belly or the tail instead of simply putting it on the back. Fourth, a sit feature for both the normal saddle and platform saddles. Recovery of energy is about 3 times. It can be used when making a base. Fifth, permission to use the elevator. I would be happy if you could add any of these to the list. Of course, there are difficulties in development. However, it would be WILD CARD to accomplish this.
  12. But then, it was erased. I'm sorry.
  13. Actually, I found something like this. ↓ https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/18203021 I looked at the fan content guide on the official forum page, is it ok to sell ARK line stamps for a fee?
  14. Why are you so critical?
  15. 北欧神話も、日本神話もたくさんの神様がいますので、いいのではと自分では思いました。 There are many gods in both Norse and Japanese mythology, so I thought to myself that it would be a good idea.
  16. Excuse me. I wanted to include a bit of Japanese mythology, so here it is. すいません。日本の神話も少々入れたくなってしまって、こうなりました。
  17. Forward Have you ever heard of the Yamatosaurus Izanagii? Origin of the name The "Yamato" in the genus name Yamatosaurus is the Japanese proper noun "Yamato" (倭, Yamato, etc.), which was one of the representative names for the country of Japan during the Yamato period." The "saurus" is a taxonomic Latin noun suffix "-saurus" derived from the ancient Greek common noun "σαῦρος (sauros)" meaning "lizard", which means "reptile", but since it is often used for dinosaurs, it can be interpreted as "dinosaur". Izanagii In Japanese mythology, Izanagi and Izanami, who became husband and wife, jointly created the "Ohayashimas" or the islands of Japan. In other words, it was Awaji Island. Based on this "story of the opening of the earthly world," Awaji Island can be regarded as the "origin" of the Japanese islands, and the dinosaurs related to the "origin" of the Hadrosauridae were produced from Awaji Island. Yositugu Kobayashi and his colleagues paid attention to this fact, associated this species with Izanagi, and adopted the god's name as the species name. Why did I recommend this species? As a Japanese, I have no reason not to let the world know about a dinosaur with which such a remote place has such a connection! I want this dinosaur to be recognized by dinosaur fans in Japan and even the world. Research report on the Yamatosaurus Name:Yamatosaurus Species:Yamatosaurus izanagii Habitat:Late Mesozoic Cretaceous (Late Cretaceous) Feeding habits:Plant-eating Temperament:neutral (Fugitive under certain conditions) Wild Yamatosaurus lives in herds of about four in relatively sunny grasslands and sand dunes with other herbivores. Sometimes, however, they also stray from the herd. These strays are so timid that even the dodo will startle them and they will run away. It is common to see them lying down after a few hours, exhausted. At this time,the survivor can tame them by feeding them a small amount of stones that serve as stomach stones and a large amount of potatoes, their favorite food. In captivity The Yamatosaurus is very healthy and will be a most excellent companion for us survivors. They are also very strong, and will not be intimidated by metal construction materials. This makes them perfect for expeditions and moving bases. They also have a large flag on the left side of their saddle to show that they belong to the tribe, and you can use the flag as a blanket to snuggle up to the Yamatosaurus in cold weather. P.S.: Studies have shown that the snoring of the Yamatosaurus has a special structure that allows it to cancel out the roars of Parasaurolophus and Eutyrannus. This would allow them to sleep in peace without being detected by hostile tribes. wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamatosaurus 原文 序文 みなさんは、ヤマトサウルス・イザナギイを知っていますか? 名前の由来 属名 Yamatosaurus の "Yamato" は、大和時代における日本の国名の代表的な一つであった日本語固有名詞「ヤマト(倭、大和、ほか)」である。"saurus" のほうは、「トカゲ」を意味する古代ギリシア語普通名詞 "σαῦρος(サウロス)" に由来する分類学用ラテン語名詞接尾辞 "-saurus(サウルス)"であり、「爬虫類」を意味するが、恐竜に用いられることが多いため、「恐竜」と意訳して差し支えない。 イザナギイ イザナギイは、日本神話において、イザナギは、夫婦となったイザナミとの共同作業で「大八島/大八州(オホヤシマ)」すなわち日本の島々を創り出すのであるが、この国生み神話における「島生み」で、いの一番に生み出した島が「淡道之穂之狭別島(アハヂノホノサワケシマ)」すなわち淡路島であった。このような「地上世界の開闢譚」から淡路島を日本の島々の"原初"と見做すことができ、ハドロサウルス科の"原初"に関わる恐竜がその淡路島から産出したわけで、小林快次らはそこに着目してイザナギと本種を関連付け、神の名を種小名に採用した。 この生物を推した理由 私は、一日本人として、世界にこのような辺境がこのようなご縁のある恐竜を知らしめない理由なんてないじゃないですか!? 日本の、いや世界の恐竜ファンにこの恐竜を認知されてほしいです。 ヤマトサウルスの調査書 名称:ヤマトサウルス 種:Yamatosaurus izanagii 生息時代:中生代白亜紀後期(後期白亜紀)末期 食性:植物食 気性:中立(特定の条件下で逃走) 野生 ヤマトサウルスは比較的に日当たりの良い草原や砂丘で4頭ほどで構成される群れを作り、他の草食動物と共に暮らしています。しかし、時にまた群れから逸れた個体も存在します。逸れた個体は、とても臆病でドードーにすら驚いて逃げていきます。 逸れた個体は数時間後、疲れてしまい横になる光景がよく見られます。この時にサバイバーは胃石となる石を少量と彼らの大好物のジャガイモを大量に食べさせることで、飼い慣らすことができます。 飼育下において ヤマトサウルスはとても健気で私達サバイバーにとって最も優れた相棒となるでしょう。そして、彼らはとても力持ちであるため、金属の建材などを持たせてもびくともしません。これにより、遠征や拠点を引っ越しするのには最適です。 そして、サドルは二人乗りであり、左側に大きな旗を下げていて、トライブに所属していることを示したり、その旗を毛布代わりにして寒い地域でもゆったりとヤマトサウルスに添い寝されましょう。 追伸:ヤマトサウルスのいびきはパラサウロロフスやユウティラヌスの咆哮を打ち消すことでのできる特殊な構造を持っていることが、研究で判明しました。これによって敵性トライブに見つかることなく、安心して寝ることができるでしょう。 wikiのリンク https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ヤマトサウルス
  18. Still, I'd like to go to a server where everything is 100x.
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