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  1. I won't pay for or play Ark2 unless they step it up a bit for ark1. These CC's every week aren't even worth posting anymore because they never have any info like they used to. I've played this game since launch and it's sad that we can't even rely on a weekly update just to let us know what's going on behind the scenes. I remember when we used to get Evo events just about every weekend but now who knows when we'll have one because it's certainly very few and far between compared to what it used to be. Good way to get rid of the player base.
  2. Dodorex is only on the island and the dodowyvern is only on scorched earth. Kinda poopty if you ask me.... especially when most people move on to newer maps...
  3. We call them the "leatherwing" on atlas. Just like a pt, but they grab you, fly up high, then drop you lol.
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