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ARK: Survival Evolved now on Stadia!


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ARK: Survival Evolved has launched for Stadia™ and we want to welcome our Stadia survivors to the tribe!  

Get ready to tame and raise dinosaurs, claim land, conquer enemies and create enormous structures seamlessly - on your PC, your laptop, on your phone, or even on your TV! With Stadia™, your progress will instantly follow you across devices as you begin to hunt, harvest, craft tools, tame creatures, and build shelters to survive.

ARK on Stadia™ is launching with cross-play, enabling you to team up with thousands of PC players online or enjoy a solo Jurassic experience if you prefer to rough it out alone. Instantly hop into the battle, coordinate with your tribe and check your tribe logs from wherever you are!

Available Now!

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And where can we get support ?, since there are performance, graphics, options and translation problems: /

Greetings. Compared to what type of pc ?,I see it very cut in options and performance, without translating also :/
Stones and dinosaurs appear at a very short distance and distant objects appear to be going in slow motion.
Was this the decision of devs o Google?

Seriously, I love Ark, I was wanting to create custom worlds, take advantage of the power in the cloud, etc ... but for now I only see disappointment and problems: S

What section of the forum can regular Stadia users use ?, I also have it on PC, but there are many issues and things to fix in the Stadia version that it would be good for users to talk.

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2 hours ago, Sanel273 said:

It's starting today and people must update servers to can stadia members come on servers 


Thanks for the reply.

Our unofficial servers are running the latest, greatest code -- the same version deployed on the official servers:


so that doesn't seem like it's the problem.

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1 hour ago, slejo said:

Looks like game changer, have some questions:

1 - does Stadia Pro version include ALL Ark DLC?
2 - is there / or will be - a way of connect actual PC steam accounts to Stadia ones?
3 - will future maps like Lost Island be included in?

1 - Base game is free, DLCs are paid for.

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