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  1. Same here, would love it to be added on stadia because I want some friends to join me and buy the game but i cant convince them if there is only single player or official.
  2. - Base game is free for pro paid for non pro. - Also even if you update servers to latest and make them accept crossplay you still wont see them in the unofficial list. I am sure they are working on it give them time :). Just like any other game that launches not everything works right off the bat. - Once Unofficial list is fixed hopefully. I assume servers with mods wont show up or wont work but I am not too sure. Because Stadia does not have mod support yet but they said plan to add mod support. - Future DLCs and ARK 2 will be on Stadia aswell.
  3. Thank you ARK <3 !!! you guys are awesome. I would hope one day to see an option to be able to join a specific IP from the UI though. Just a minor detail but I still love Ark!
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