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  1. The eggs/nests started spawning, but it started after 10h of play on Crystal Isles map
  2. Hi, this is one of the bugs that haven't been solved for years. You can create new taps, it should work.
  3. Crystal Isles => Wyvern eggs not spawning Wyvern eggs/nests are not spawning on Crystal Isles (single player, PC, Steam)
  4. You can also start game on a new map (e.g: Rganarok), transfer all the object to the new map. Then you remove the data of a not working map, and start game on this map. Bloadstalker web should be visible (tested it). Then you transfer back all the objects.
  5. I have removed Save directory from ShooterGame directory, and started new single player game (The Island). In the new game, webs are visible. Then I have restored Save directory with old data and replaced Config directory with the new version, webs are not visible. So, this problem is not connected to configuration, it is connected with game word data (save). Only very small part of web is visible:
  6. Invisible Bloodstalker web My Bloodstalkers web is invisible, tested on single player - The Island and Aberration (Steam version).
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