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  1. Theres so many PVE deaths on xbox because the game you made runs really bad on a One X... Theres less pvp deaths because people are smart and know when to switch to PVE. Im not salty or being a troll the game really doesnt run that great on a one x. I really really wish you could adjust the graphics settings as low as possible like you can on PC so it runs better
  2. I'll be extremely upset if the overseer boss fight doesnt appear in the animated series. If it does i hope its music is played.
  3. I know you do man but we gotta be honest here. They are really bad at programming. These aren't complains im just telling you that it is extremely likely that Gen2 will be the very last DLC map they make. They break alot of stuff and they take a good long while to fix them. Every time they release a map it always has alot of game breaking issues. They have to end their and our own torment. So its gotta be done. I dont wanna see them go too but once Gen2 comes out. Its extremely highly possible they'll touch up the game one or two more times (thats highly generous) and thats it. They'll be done
  4. I bought the Season Pass the moment Gen 1 came out. (Didnt get my cosmetics but oh well) So rockwell wants another go? That son of a bitch gave me a real run for my money on Aberration on Alpha. And again in Gen1. Now he plants to break my determination again? This game has beaten me senseless time and time again. It has broken my spirit a few times but i still completed every main story map without the help of outsider dinos (but outsider items). I finally beat this game and rockwell wants to claw the nail right out? Thats fine. Cause i'll hammer it in twice as hard!
  5. Bro its not just Argys. Its alot of Dinos. Bloodstalker. Rockdrakes Wyverns. Coding is screwed up for over a year now
  6. Does Wildcard honestly believe their game is this wonderful thing that hardly needs any improvements? The way they say how their getting "increasing" reports on server instability is proof how unaware they are of the game running absolute trash. The servers have BEEN that way for years and only now their getting increased reports? I call bullpoop on that one. Apparently ferox taming is utterly broken on non dedication sessions. Element doesnt get used when near a ferox after activating the element in the last (or any alot). Do they not play their own game? Do they not listen to the people who
  7. They should abandon the game. They keep breaking it. And QoL for free? Their supposed to do it for free you moron. Because some of these QoL include some bug fixes and which you dont charge people for. Not to mention their hardly adding any new content. Their readjusting old content which isnt grounds for charging money for. You can say what you wish but imo they WILL abandon the game when gen 2 comes out cause they know they suck and they know theyd make the game worse. If you dont wanna help thats fine but dont come at me. all you had to say was "pointless rant" and leave it at that.
  8. I think all and any turrets need to be nerfed. I agree with these changes. Your saying how is it fair to decrease the shards for the turrets? How is it fair for you to even have tek gear to raid stone or metal houses with? This game isnt fair period and they need to nerf things like this to give other people a chance to build up or raid easier so they get the PVP Experience. If you have Tek Turrets then maybe its high time to end your fun bud. Your saying its not fair to you but its not fair to others who cant take you down. Have you had a well defended luxury base for so long you forgot what
  9. Ark is releasing a Major Update. Its been a full year since we had QoL changes Okay so a big update is coming. Been a really long time since we had Quality of Life (QoL) changes. Kinda upsetting since these morons only now realized we wanted a forever x2 rates from the current original value when im pretty sure we all wanted that for YEARS. Is it at all possible to contact these people? I hardly believe they look at feedback. Otherwise theyd fix the broken boss holograms and the TEK ATV. But better late than never so i should be grateful. Now the last time they updated the game they HEAVILY
  10. TEK ATV: Broken since the day it was released One huge problem they, Wildcard never ever even touched when they released it was the TEK ATV. The wheels dont spin. Its got extremely poor handling and consistently slides when idling and clips right through structures when sliding. Can anyone get Wildcard to notice these bugs for the TEK ATV? While the clipping through structures while idling could certainly used as advantaged to blow up bases from the inside by strapping c4 to it. I feel like this is something they completely forgot to touch up on as if they have no memory of making it.
  11. Xbox Client: Holograms of the bosses not being received when defeating a boss Theres a big patch coming up one that i was very pleased to read about. Increased metal stacks buffed dinos and reduced breeding times are all fantastic reads! Even nerfing tek turrets and the best part making it officially x2 Harvesting Taming and XP. Which means Evo Events might be x3 or x4! Sure has been a very long time since wild card made major much needed changes such as these. One fix i would like to see is repairing the holograms so they are received when killing the bosses. They broke this mechanic before
  12. No they cant. They dont have 80k health anymore so they really should reduce their breeding times in compensation.
  13. No they really should reduce the breeding for gigas. They had the nerf its 80K health 16-18k when tamed they should reduce its breeding as compensation. What pisses me off is they nerf the creatures powers and abilities but they wont nerf their overall taming worth. So if they nerf say a Mangarmr. In compensation for those nerfs they should tame faster
  14. Not to mention the product is 100$ (60$ for the game but who the hell charges 20$ per DLC map that has the main story in the game. Scorched and gen are fine cause thats not the mainline story but these scummy business men charged more money for the main game,)
  15. Lets face it dude the entire game is a waste of time. Wildcard never cared about their fan base. Youve got about 6 months before you get in contact with them. If your on pvp im sure youll get raided before you get your cryos back
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