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  1. Not to mention the product is 100$ (60$ for the game but who the hell charges 20$ per DLC map that has the main story in the game. Scorched and gen are fine cause thats not the mainline story but these scummy business men charged more money for the main game,)
  2. Lets face it dude the entire game is a waste of time. Wildcard never cared about their fan base. Youve got about 6 months before you get in contact with them. If your on pvp im sure youll get raided before you get your cryos back
  3. It is beyond anyones comprehension how a game company refuses to fix a vital game crash because its the weekend. Hate to tell Wildcard but when you screw up this bad you dont deserve a weekend. Their idea of reimbursement is extending the event. Oh wow your gonna extend the event? How about doubling the x4 and x3 for the first week of the fix update to make up for all that lost time. Oh wait they cant cause their servers are barely held together. Wildcard isnt gonna find anyone dumb enough to get involved in the deepest worst state this game has been in. And it DISGUSTS me and im sure many others that once a year theres always some major screw up they perform that wows everyone
  4. Who or Where to Contact someone about over pillaring a space a tribe is not usin So i dont know who or where to contact about this but a Tribe on PVE Valguero 1102 NA has purposely placed a raft in my tribes Lake. The Tribe Tea Bauchery Party is messing with our space and we asked him to remove it and he is not cooperating. He says he was there first and even if that was true (which it isnt since he did not pillar off the area) this area where my tribe lives in is not being occupied by Tea Bauchery Party. Their main base is nowhere near where our main base is and their just taking up large amounts of land throughout the server for no reason. They place these stone huts all over the map and again this is unoccupied space. Their just claiming land so no one can build. Can someone guide me to a spot on these forums so i can contact a dev to get this tribe to stop messing with my tribe?
  5. Valgeuro Server 1102 NA PVE. I dont know who or where to contact this about but a tribe called Tea Bauchery Party has purposely placed a raft in our lake where my tribe lives on PVE. We asked him to remove it and he is not willing to cooperate with us. He claims he was in that location first but we suspect this a lie since he did not pillar off the area in which we live in now. He's also got stone huts placed all over this server randomly placed in spaces they are not using. For a week and a half this tribe has not needed the space we decided to live in. Their tribe does not live anywhere near our base and therefore they do not need a raft in our lake. May some sort of higher up deal with this? Or maybe someone can guide me on who to contact to get this tribe to stop messing with the land we built on?
  6. That corrupted aberration file is probable still in there messin with everything
  7. Its a ps4 issue too. If the damn PC crew figured it out then how come the console crew couldnt?
  8. My ass their investigating it. They hardly test anything before release they expect us to believe them when they say their investigating? What so another 36 hours to figure this out just to give it another 21.52GB update again only to have it still crash every 5-30 mins? I timed it. It crashes at the absolute max in 30 mins. So pathetic for a game company to assume updating the game means their fixing it. Its 3 in the morning you really think their investigating it?
  9. You absolute wretched retards. You made everyone update their xbox client after wasting 24 hours of everyone's time and taking 36 hours to update it with the "fix" so it stops crashing. Guess what? Not only did you waste more of other peoples time three times in the last 48 hours but the games on xbox is STILL crashing. Still getting kicked off and the aberration dinos are still transparent! Your dumbass game clearly cant handle your Summer Bash event. So extend the 5th birthday event instead. After all you just made 2020 a worse year for alot of people cause you as a gaming company charging triple A prices have not done a single correct thing in the last two years. So i reckon this will be your last year of ARK. I cant wait to watch you guys shoot yourselves in the foot again and watch you crumble along with your already falling apart game! Oh and good luck hiring anyone to fix your fallen Jenga tower of a game. No person with 5 years of experience would be dumb enough to deal with the unbridled stress you would put on those poor desperate souls.
  10. I dont even think their doing it on purpose their just that dumb or they suck that bad. But they dont wanna improve so we gotta encourage them to improve somehow
  11. But i will tell you this. Try ArkPOC servers. These servers wipe every 30 days so everyone is on equal footing so it gives everyone a chance for the pvp experience. I actually got the pvp experience i always dreamed of on ArkPoc. But now that i got the experience im not interested to fo it again. So i just play PVE or Singleplayer. If you want your stuff to stay longer than a week then do PVE if you want a pvp experience. Try AEKPOC. Remember arkpoc resets EVERYTHING after 30 days. So bear that in mind I will also say PVE is hard cause everyone pillars off land. Sometimes its land they wanna use. Or pillaring off key important resource and dino areas just to be rotten scumbags. My brother and i got SUPER lucky and found a beautiful Valguero spot on PVE. With plenty of land that we claimed. So you and your friend may get lucky too you just gotta look hard
  12. Whaaaat? Nooo. You would quit playing this wonderful game? I dont believe you! You mean you wouldnt wanna keep playing a game where any sort of task you do gets extended to an hour only to have it wasted? Or getting rubberbanded all the time? I cant possibly understand why you wouldnt wanna play a game where the company mess up so bad they roll back the servers up to 8 god damn hours. Or the fact that it takes soooo long on x1 to manually build a little stone hut. You dont wanna tame a rare high level dino that took 3 hours or more to tame just so a Pegomastix can kill it right before it wakes up to be tamed? This is all sarcasm. Your doing a great thing by staying away from this garbage game. Stay away from it. Its not worth the stress
  13. I wouldn't even doubt that i would actually believe you. They always break something and we get it stuff happens. But how many times can something break before we ourselves start acting like zoo animals towards them
  14. You worthless idiots can't stop making grave mistakes like this. Not to mention its probably gonna delete everyone's characters like it did last time. Extending the summer bash event is not enough for wasting 1000's of players time by 8 or more hours. More compensation is needed. Or the event be extended until the actual end of summer.
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