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  1. Singleplayer Advanced Settings Bug So when you try to play Singleplayer in Ark Survival Evolved for Nintendo Switch the Advanced Settings section before you begin Singleplayer do not save when adjusted. For example if i wanted to halve the duration for baby dinosaurs to grow. Exiting closing the application resets advanced settings back to default. This would be highly appreciated and would mean so much if someone were to make this fix. Thank you!
  2. I beg of you, Developers of Ark: Give The Nintendo Switch Attention I am certain many people beg and hope their prayers are answered with wanting the Nintendo Switch client of Ark to be updated with... well anything! Ever since its release on switch it hasn't even gotten so much as a look. So many exploits its so confusing. The one thing i would really want in Ark: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch is to fix the Advanced Settings not saving after closing out the game in Singleplayer. It would give Ark on the Switch purpose. I really wanna play on the switch but none of the Advanced Settings save when exiting the game. Please, it would be so awesome to have a fully functioning Singleplayer Ark on Switch.
  3. Its all well and good their working on... servers? I guess? But did they not mention they've been trying to fix the Trike Charge bug for over 3-4 months now? Did they say screw it they can just deal with a broken dino mechanic? They fixed it before a month after it occured no one knows why its taking 4 times as long to fix it again
  4. What in gods name are you talking about? resurection? Is this a new type of update?
  5. You guys constantly show hilariously pathetic you are. How many people missed out on the Eggcellent adventure due to character restoration? How many times has other people been completely wiped on pvp due to the way your game is built yet you say "Survivors put hard work into their tribes" meanwhile players who get wiped also put hard work. How many people spawn and wake up in a cage or a possibly abandoned shack? How many glitches and exploits are you still not aware of? People figured out how to cause the mutations to skyrocket over 10s of thousands over the 20 mutation limit resulting too op bred dinos. How many times has someone tamed something that took 4-16 hours and have it killed by raiders or a wild pegomastax in minutes? How many times has your still poorly optimized game crashed on people when exiting the game on a Xbox One X in singleplayer? Im afraid at this rate it'll take you guys a full decade to have put a dent into the problems you try to handle. If a Wild Argy has the regeneration buff and it gets knocked out during the buff its food gets sent 0 being able to instant tame. These problems and questions i listed are only a fraction of what this game is. The only people that are slightly free from these problems are those that are in singleplayer. Even Artifact of the Skylord THE EASIEST artifact to get on the island doesn't even spawn in singleplayer! To sum up you guys make me laugh really hard whenever i see you tackling issues that some doesnt get fixed. Your last patch notes says "We fixed the trike bug" and you still havnt. I laughed really hard. So i give you guys 10 years tops to figure out how to make your game better
  6. Oh wonderful! A great event of live dino colors and colorful eggs and only a quarter of players can participate lmfao. Aww you poor sods. This isn't a problem when your in the completely broken and unoptimized singleplayer! So i get to enjoy all the colors in eggs and dinos!
  7. What sucks about this the most i feel like, is due to them needing to prioritize the restorations on these characters they might get distracted from fixing in game issues. I understand there's separate teams to handle game issues and support issues but we all know how these devolepers work by now. I mean the Trike Infinite charge is still glitched even though their recent patch note says it isn't. Plus Boss Holographic Dossiers no longer show up after killing them as well. Given these hints as id like to call em there is a huge chance that these issues between restorations and still ongoing issues are going to be slowed much more than it already is. But OOOWEEE THEIR TRYIN! Luckily i play singleplayer (cant advance in either pvp or pve im afraid. Too many structures on pve for the One X to handle on most servers) so i was not affected by this but i believe people would have their wishes granted in no time! Cheers
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