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  1. Ark doesn't feel empty like other games. Why is Ark good (nowhere near perfect obviously, as I also have hair pulling days every time play it) or rather, why do I love it, I ask myself once again? After playing many other open world and survival games - which feel empty in comparison - my take is that Ark's world design is littered with a decent number of varied AI entities which react and behave uniquely enough to the environment, and to you. This makes navigating the world busy with potential activites (call it emergent gameplay if you will). 7 Days To Die is the only other game that comes close'ish. I'm looking forward to the next generation or the one thereafter where this concept is taken to the next level.
  2. For PVE more so as I'm not sure if this will work for PVP. The suggestion is to allow moving placed walls, foundations, etc even after the allowed pick up allowance time has passed, but damaging the wall or foundation after it has been placed down again and requiring it to be repaired.
  3. Please give us TLC 3.
  4. Same problem here with my PC and my two other friends. We play together on a Nitrado private server and we each get a turn with the BSOD. I am running a 1060, my one friend has a new laptop with a 1070 inside and my third friend is running an older card in his PC a 960.
  5. I hope the TCL 3 happens for the Bronto, Carno, Quetzal, Giganotosaurus, Pteranodon and Megalodon.
  6. The top properties for me that need the most attention: 1. Carno - model/textures needs more detail and the arms, please the arms, do something. 2. Argent - the head/beak needs some work, not sure what but some detail and polish. 3. Paracer - fix the plasticine look. Thanks WC!
  7. Patch 263: Cannot click and drag inventory items around to reorder. Can only transfer from inventory to remote storage, etc.
  8. Thought so, single player on PC is still on 120 level dino cap.
  9. For PC, does anyone know what the respawn rate is supposed to be on single player? If I cull (Regular killing, not the DestroyWildDinos cheat) all dinos on herbivore for example, how long is it meant to take for all dinos to respawn/repopulate that area?
  10. Interesting idea. I didn't know there is a toggle button for that. I will have to test that as I normally use my scroll wheel to toggle between first and third person and if you are already in the 'K' mode orbit camera then the scroll wheel only zooms you in and out but still maintains the third person perspective.
  11. Yes thanks works for third person, but my suggestion is purely for first person perspective free look a la Arma3.
  12. PC: 1. Still a common issue with dinos getting stuck on trees mostly. 2. If you use the filter in the engrams section to search a particular skill, the option to learn it is not there, even double clicking doesn't work. You have to clear the filter and scroll down to the egram and then you can learn it. 3. I am still getting the odd graphics driver crash and one fatal crash to desktop. 4. When it's night or the area is dark or black, at certain angles, at certain times, white pixel flashing dots appear. 5. The horizon/water shadow tearing is still a problem. 6. Still getting stuck on scorps when dismounting if a scorp is next to the one you are dismounting from. 7. Not a bug but a suggestion to have a free look button to be able to run/fly/drive and look around in first person without changing direction. Thanks.
  13. I am running vanilla, so no mods or settings changes. High preset for the graphic settings, no custom settings.
  14. On PC: 1. Shallow water has a multicoloured kaleidoscope effect on the surface. 2. I got stuck a few times in the knee deep shallow water in the Herbivore island bay after placing a stone foundation (Edit: Actually Stone Fence Foundation). Had to whistle my ptera to follow me so I could mount it and that got me unstuck. 3. Dinos still get stuck on many things; trees, rocks, etc. 4. Some weapons blueprints at lower tiers have better stats than the higher tier.
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