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  1. I support the protection of the born and unborn. Human life needs to be protected.
  2. Has anyone figured out if and and how to disable or remove explorer notes XP bonus and rates dispensing on the Island map? I am trying to do a playthrough without the explorer note XP boosts.
  3. I got to play an older build of Ark from 2015. Man, I forgot how amazing the game was already at that point, but the most striking thing about the game is how much effort it took to just tame a dodo. A parasaur is just not easily doable for the first in game week. This is why I fell in love with ark from day one, according to steam I got my copy on the 9th of June 2015. My hope for Ark 2 is that they bring back that level of work needed to get anything done.
  4. TLC 3 please! Congrats on the anniversary. My mate and I got Ark on the 9th of June 2015 and started in the east coast beach area before it became a swamp area. We managed to level to around the low twenties and decided to scout for our first raptor tame. After venturing into the jungle we accidentally found ourselves running away from a level 3 female carno. I ended up crouching with my back against a boulder close by, trying to injure it in a panic with my primitive bow without realising tranq arrows were loaded on my bow. To my surprise I knocked it out and so for the next three in game days we scrambled around farming raw meat and narco berries frantically hoping to tame this beast even though we were far from able to craft a saddle for it. With a happy ending we managed to tame it and we were elated and got it to follow us home. Ark is still special to us.
  5. I hope the TCL 3 happens for the Bronto, Carno, Quetzal, Giganotosaurus, Pteranodon and Megalodon.
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