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  1. I don't have 10k hours, but I'll give an opinion of the points, though I do agree with @yekrucifixion187 that smaller ideas tend to gain more traction with the dev team, which is the most important thing, far more important than upvotes. Some of the most popular suggestions have so many upvotes, but will never, ever, ever, ever happen. We as a community need to support ideas that the ARK dev team can accomplish while making new content, something they are obviously interested in doing. That said: 1: Redesigning existing maps. Unlikely, and difficult for the team to do. 2: ARK isn't so one-dimensional that it needs a quest/objective/goal system. Any game begins to become monotonous in some way after 10k (ten thousand) hours of playtime! 3: Tamecaps being what they are, trading is an issue in the game. Storage bases exist, cryopods or not. Making trading more accessible would only worsen a big, BIG problem with the game for the PvE side. And most PvP trading is done with only allies, so I'm not sure how that dynamic would shift. 4: Revamping rafts? Or ATLAS boats? The former could be accomplished. The latter would almost certainly never happen I feel, because of ATLAS. 5: Roaming boss element would just be used for PvE griefing for as long as they can be, until Wildcard finds a way to stop it (like tethering wild Titans on Extinction "back to the center of the Arena"). 6: I PERSONALLY would not mind this. It is however highly unlikely. 7: I'm not sure the nightmarish bloodsoaked hellscape this would be, to allow any beach Bob to eventually have the power to dynamically reshape and alter the terrain. I don't even know if it is possible with UE4. 8: I don't like this idea personally. We have friends lists, PSN/xBox Live/Steam, and can friend up and chat that way. Giving/getting items can be done by going to bases. This would add infrastructure to the game that might adversely affect performance. Not to mention, it would be relentlessly assaulted in attempts to find some way to exploit it. 9: I feel like currently, Tek Tier is in a decent place. That said, more specific ideas about this one might make it a neat idea. 10: Size would be really cool. If each dino was a slightly differing size, it would make it a tad more interesting.
  2. So, fire and ice wyverns, so wyverns. Eggs are spawning on singleplayer, and there is a huge fire-trench past the ice trench in the far north. There will be fire and ice wyverns on Valguero apparently, but no poison or lightning. So there will be wyverns, I just picked a 180 ice egg on singleplayer. I'm sure the map that will be released will be different than what I have on SP currently, because it hasn't received an update in a while. This all comes with a bit of a crappy lining though: There are supposed to be 2 new golem types coming to Valguero. Supposed to be an Argentavis-nesting area where we can pick fert eggs. The map dev was working on new-look metal nodes as well. I wonder if all that is scrapped though?
  3. Are those being added, or are they scrapped because of balance and such? I watched the Livestream and didn't see any info about that, but have followed Valguero's development and those were the next step, according to the developer. Yes, the only source for this is Neroku, a YouTuber famous for clickbait videos, but he said that the information comes from the map developers themselves and even provides dev-kit pictures of the golem models. They are just recolors of the original SE bad-boy, but still neat.
  4. When did they mention this? They have Ice Wyverns on the actual trailer for the map, and I have played Valguero on singleplayer for about 6 months so far. There are definitely Ice spawns.
  5. Big, I had about 4k hours (beginning in ~July 2015) into legacy myself. I had an enormous base, a lot of good dinos, Wyverns, Griffins, and tons of crap. I even had a Rex saddle blueprint before Ragnarok launched, that I had gotten myself. I had a bunch of awesome dino mutations, bright yellow Direwolves, forest-green-tailed Beavers, Magenta Argys, all my tames only. 100% original lines. I put in a lottttt of time there, so I get it. When the legacy/new official split came, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) talked about how our server would stay because people were so active. It didn't, people started disappearing daily because of the announcement that the official release of the game was a great time for WildCard to cut down what they were calling legacy servers, with the -EVENTUAL- goal of taking them offline. They promised content to post-migration legacy servers, and they got it. Considering they held up that end of the bargain, it would not be surprising to see them hold to their word to indeed scuttle all legacy servers eventually. I personally made a challenge out of the legacy split, to get in the groove of playing again. I started cold on Scorched Earth, on new official, and got the challenge I was looking for. Lots of deaths, heatstroke, dehydration, Golems spawning on my base, bad ARK players running the scar and not killing or despawning Wyverns properly so that I step out of my front door and a level 95 lightning is saying "howdy-doo!" to all my tames with electricity... Why do you think Cedric was asking about why people play on legacy? Is it because he is going to report back to the dev team with people's individual responses? I would imagine not. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on: With so few legacy servers available now I'm sure there was some talk among the WC dev team during this most recent migration about pulling the plug all the way on legacy, but ultimately they decided that it was best to just go with the previously used play-time model and keep the most popular. I would also bet it is more of a rhetorical thought-exercise for the people that play on legacy to take stock of what they are doing on servers that have been, since August 2017 and in no uncertain terms, marked for deletion.
  6. You can equip glow-pets with helmets, including the heavy miner's helmet (this isn't a bug, I know this is intended). When you do, it even shoots a beam of light out! The problem is that the beam of light shoots out from the glow-pet at a 90 degree angle to the left (even though their head is facing forward). It's a slight bug but one I have just found. It would be neat if it was corrected to fire the beam of light in the direction the glow-pet is facing instead of off to the left by 90 degrees.
  7. On official servers, that doesn't exist. The full S+ mod does increase the flexibility of playing ARK and allows you to automate many things, I think you might be thinking about that. As far as poop, use a Gacha! They will pick it up for you and hold it, it is pretty nice. You just grab it from the Gachas and distribute to your Beetles.
  8. I agree. This would be very interesting and would basically radically alter the play of the game. This game mode would make cloning chambers more desirable and darn near necessary instead of what they are now, with very few necessary uses.
  9. Sounds like vertical syncing is enabled. It will lock FPS to a fraction of your refresh rate as well as place a cap letting it go no higher than your refresh rate. If your system can't push a constant 60+ FPS with your 60hz monitor, it will drop to 45 (3/4 refresh sync, if your game FPS is above 45 but below 60) or to 30 (1/2 refresh sync, if your game FPS is above 30 but below 45), depending on game FPS. The 75hz monitor's refresh fractionals are just different, that's all, with 37 being roughly 1/2 of 75. You might've known this, because you did say it's to be expected. Can you just disable vertical sync? You can get a better idea of the real performance of the system, and where your FPS is landing maybe? Or are you asking why you are only locking to either the refresh rate, or exactly half of it? Because the answer is likely ARK performance related. Even powerful graphics cards, huge amounts of RAM, and the beefiest CPUs are brought to their knees by the almighty ShooterGame.exe, nothing we can really do about it. Open world areas with no bases, you zoom up to 65-75 FPS so the system adjusts the vertical sync FPS lock to its maximum of 60 (or 75). Hit a base area and it slams down to 40 or so, still smooth, but the system adjusts to that 1/2 refresh rate sync and locks you to 30 (or 37).
  10. Pitter patter, WildCard. Yeah. It's frustrating to imprint Gigas knowing if you are 10 minutes off of one single imprint over 12 days, you don't get 100%.
  11. Though I don't think the ability should be disabled for any time, they should definitely fix it. Just include an element in ORP that makes the dino leashed, though it might not be that easy? My personal opinion: The PvE game is not made better by the inclusion/justification/validation of PvP elements and actions. If a player comes up and blasts all the dinos on your roof (or whereever they are stored) around, that is PvP action with no possible retaliation, because you are friggin' offline, and have zero way of determining who it was. It can be said that walls work to stop this (or building in your yard), but once they disable this unintended feature there will no longer be a discussion. Also, they are actively working on disabling it, per Community Crunch 183's social roundup.
  12. I just added support on to my original point with a new angle/thought/point-of-view. I am not arguing against something you never said. You think the (let's use the new definition you gave) majority of PvP on official is about loot. I say mostly it is about mayhem (and I never said it is NEVER about loot). I say the state of official PvP is partly the -FAULT- of YouTubers that put up videos of them finding Purlovia stashes (drawing from their example of what ARK PvPers see when they watch the most popular YouTube PvP channels). I am not saying, "These videos are exactly what official PvP is," and I was never saying that (if you drew that conclusion, I cannot control that). From my experience on SmallTribes, Official, and Conquest PvP, the majority of raiding is about causing mayhem and pissing people off. That is not your experience. Maybe my experience would be different if I was in a megatribe? But as it stands now, you and I are on two vastly different levels in terms of perspective and this is why it looks different for me. I can't play the required amount of hours straight to get all metal and filled turrets so the small-time mayhem raids will stop happening and I can log out for a night, and expect my crap to be there. And you're telling me that (this isn't strawman, this is again more support through application of examples) a megatribe that is active on the server sees a 100% unknown base pop up that is small as crap and thinks, "Hmm we must strategize about mayhaps what is in that tiny piece of poop base?" I have a really hard time believing that, and I'm sure you would say, "That's exactly what we would discuss," but that is the lens through which you view ARK. That is a luxury I have never had on official, partly because it is so active with mayhem it is hard to get started if, like I said earlier, you don't have a good amount of time to commit to the initial leveling/farming push to get hardened up.
  13. Good god Salty. That blows. Aberration all the way! That map is challenging as it is beautiful. I don't play on your cluster, but that is my vote as a random know-nothing forumgo-er. What I did in ARK today: Mourned the bugged loss of a Ab Megalosaurus, died with food in trough in Adolescence. Boooooooo.....
  14. ... See a large flat area next to a ravine, and a little body of water, and think, "what a good base building spot."
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