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  1. Yep, it's just a server setting. By "flag" they mean a setting that the server-protocol looks for when it creates the "rules" while launching a server. So, you can flag for pvedisallowtribewar true, and the option for Tribe War will be gone. Flagging for pvedisallowtribewar false means Tribe Wars will still be allowed.
  2. Not fair, you switched out Ho-Oh for Kyogre? So available Ice and Water, I am now soundly KOed.
  3. The underwater is a nightmare. Plesios even have base damage of 75, and travel usually in pairs or trios... Squids can grab, Mosas are terrifying and both of them are really fast. Eels suck, and you can always miss a Cnidaria pack and get dismounted unless you are on a Basilosaurus. I can't be deep underwater without feeling like I need my head on a swivel. It is very anxiety-provoking.
  4. It's an interesting thought-exercise, trying to rationally think out how the devs see the game being played. I do it too, but mostly about PvP and the fact that even on boosted SmallTribes or Conquest (not to mention official 1x) you are still putting many many hours into taming and breeding, and building a base, but PvP is played mostly like Call of Duty with dinosaurs (if you aren't actively killing players, killing their tames, and using C4 you are playing PvP wrong). I figure, why would they make a game with valuable creatures that are basically game-staples that take 4-8 real-life days to raise, and others that take nearly 2 weeks to raise, with the intent of them being killed in a small matter of minutes? I don't wanna turn this into PvP VS PvE, just sharing a story, Garet. I don't think I've thought about PvE and alliances/trading in the way that you do. It's interesting, I'll have to give it more thought. But you aren't wrong. Many problems in this game were created by the community, including the topic of this very thread.
  5. Yep well, you and your friends are not the problem, and you are hurt by the removal. A feature you enjoy is gone now because of abuse. Welcome to ARK, I guess.
  6. Mammoth and Beaver should switch places. Mammoth has higher damage and base HP, and lower carryweight than the Beaver while requiring the Quetzal to carry. The Beaver gathers wood better (based on Dododex), has a smithy saddle, is faster on land and WAY faster in the water while requiring an Argentavis to carry. I've always felt like the Beaver has far more utility than the Mammoth. I know everyone will rush to defend the Mammoth, because of its better reduction on wood carry-weight. But the Beaver has great utility and is far underestimated, and the Mammoth is dreadfully slow. I believe the Beaver belongs above the Mammoth.
  7. I will add: There is no solution for PvP. PvE provides a different experience, but unless you keep yourself pursuing neat builds/bosses/better tames and breeding lines, it might feel boring after a while if you crave action. There isn't a middle-ground kind of experience either, sadly. If it is a PvP server, you will be raided because either some streamer needs to put content of some SIKK PROFIT RAID or a SALTY RAIDED NOOB or GRIEFING A TRIBE, or because someone has a single good tame and some C4 and is hell-bent on just causing mayhem. Or occasionally, there is a Tribe that is strategically wiping the entire server of everyone and spamming chat with, "This is my server lol" or, "lol oof kid" or that kind of tough-guy crap as they wipe people with wooden bases.
  8. Sociopaths lack conscience and often exhibit extreme antisocial behavior. Luring an individual into an alliance under the pretense of trade only to start a tribe-war so you can PvE raid and laugh at all the salt you are making/getting could be considered a perfect match for the definition. The tribe-war mechanic exists for two people who don't like each other to come together and meet in battle. It was not being used for that, and so it is getting taken out. The people who have used the tribe-war mechanic properly: Are they to blame for this action? Or is it the "sociopath" people who get off on watching people squirm while they raid and kill all their dinos/demo their structures? And for the gross majority of people who have never used the tribe-war mechanic and probably never intend to, the game being a mix of collecting dinos and building works just fine.
  9. That sounds rough. How did they manage to turn off BattleEye, if they did? Good luck with all that.
  10. If I have a strong dragon-type attack maybe. Ground wouldn't do squat to you! But Garchomp is awesome.
  11. Arigato, hahaha... Also, around mountains. The desert area on Rag is an OK place to find them because they are so easy to spot. And the hills to the northwest of the desert biome.
  12. The Story of Online Gaming in a nutshell, basically.
  13. It's a cool idea, and I'm excited about it, but foot-combat on ARK is pretty darn tough. My main issue with it is wild dino knockback-scaling... Sometimes it is hard to stay in melee range because if anything hits you, you go sailing through the air as if they are kicking a soccer ball. As a singular example, the Purlovia: It knocks Rex-sized dinos back as if they are filled with air. On foot, it is really bad.
  14. I went to this new place for lunch with family last week, and I bought for everyone. Ended up spending $60 bucks for the 4 of us, because the place came highly recommended. I am not a picky eater... While it was mostly decent food, their best selections according to the table were bowls that were basically the equivalent of a Chipotle/Qdoba burrito bowl (rice, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, a sauce). I got braised lamb because their "Mediterranean" fare has gotten a lot of praise, and the friggin' sauce they put on the dish wrecked the whole thing. One of my family members got this lamb meatball dish. The lamb meatballs smelled like a dirty sink, and had an aftertaste reminiscent of the run-off from washing my grandma's '83 Buick (the taste was no better than the smell). It's like... Who gives a crap about spending $15+ a plate on commonly available food because the menu-items that set you apart are unremarkable? I could go to Qdoba and spend $8 on a burrito, know exactly what I'm getting, and be satisfied. I've had lamb, and this was just bad lamb. Mediterranean my ass... OK, food rant over: I wish I would've spent that money on a season pass and a 30-pack of beer. I don't need to see more content from Genesis to know I'll play it, and it will be enjoyable. After 8000 hours since 2015, this game is my number-one all-time top time-played game (which is likely the case for most of us). You triggered me with the lunch thing, hahaha!
  15. I figured the following out from experimenting on singleplayer, years ago. Just sharing it now because I kinda thought people didn't give a crap about Rock Golems, but understand, the following was not poached from anywhere. This is from me, I have figured out 100% why the TE is wrecked, and how to fix it with an explanation backed with evidence beyond "it worked one time." I think Lucky by Nature's method is just that: Lucky. I don't feel like it will not give consistent results. ----------------------------- Nitty-gritty time ------------------------------- For one: When dinos clip through structures, the MAJORITY of the time they cannot be hurt, and though you can shoot them you can watch as no HP is depleted and/or no torpor is added. From my investigation on singleplayer, this is NOT so for Rock Golems. The Rock Golem's head is a dynamic object, I don't know the 100% proper Unreal-Engine-4 term for it, but I believe the head has its own 100% independent capsule for hitbox-purposes. For two: The reason for ~80-90% start-TE, as stated many times, is splash damage from the cannonball's impact, splashed onto the body. The obvious solution is to mitigate the damage to the body. How do we do it in a 100% predictable way, while understanding how the mechanic works? Like this. I am not an artist, just a guy who loves the ol' Rock Golems and knows how to use MSPaint. The above represents the top of a functional Rock Golem trap. 3 walls wide, and typically the Red Wall is left empty for the Golem's head to stick through. Just put a friggin' wall there. The "dynamic head-object" (Sorry, I don't know a better way to describe it) sticks THROUGH the wall and soaks cannonball shots, and the metal wall dissipates the damage that would normally blast the body. Your trap isn't good forever though, but you can repair it or just replace walls/pillars. EDIT: *IMPORTANT* Because the head's protrusion can vary depending on how you build your traps, you may have to adjust your trap to just BARELY let the Golem's head stick through the wall. If it sticks through too far, you will STILL splash the body and the metal wall won't absorb any damage. After figuring this out years ago, I'm glad to actually share it with you nincompoops. Others might've figured it out too, but my first true 221-tamed 150 perfect (on 2x) was a bigass personal victory! Enjoy perfect tames on Golems! Source: My own research and brain, along with my 7 135+ perfect tamed Rock Golems.
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