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  1. TheDonn

    The point of TEK Replicator BP?

    It is an item that I think is supposed to award the recipient a Replicator Engram unlock, enabling it to be built in the places you listed. However, since Day One release of Extinction, it has (to the best of my recollection) failed to unlock the Replicator Engram for people picking it up. I personally picked up three of them in total from yellow drops on my Extinction character, and only actually unlocked the Replicator Engram once I participated in a public-oriented Desert Titan kill on my server. @Cedric Why is the item still in the game? We don't know, SLI. Is it an item they decided to not enable, but decided to leave in the game or forgot to take out of the loot table for drops? Is it still bugged to this day, and they intend on enabling it in a few years? It is very likely that we will never ever know!
  2. TheDonn

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    First Oni, you quoted someone else not me. I'll include what I said for context: "They are travelers that can freeze safely from range and then get up close and scrap a bit, and then make a hasty retreat. They should've never been anything more than they are with this new nerf. They are not an "apex" creature, they were badly designed. Before any of you quote me about how Manas are REALLY APEX CREATURES: If Studio WildCard intended for them to TRULY be an Apex, they wouldn't be prey for literally every carnivore in the snow biome from level 10 Wolves to Rexs/Gigas." Second, the structure of your post is a bit hard to understand, but I'll respond as I interpret it. Outruns Rexs? I agree! But that wasn't in question. Before this nerf, the statement, "... the freeze is almost worthless on anything that could be a legitimate threat to the mana" is 100% hogwash, man. Before this nerf, Manas would shred every single thing with no challenge. If you watched your stam, you were basically good at any time to burst away and dismount for rapid stam regen (regenerate 5000 stamina in ~3-4 seconds of being dismounted). At that point you are back to being untouchable. I have easily killed wild non-corrupt Gigas with them, again, before this most recent nerf. Gigas, you know, the 80,000 base hitpoint creature that eats stone and is one of the fastest moving land dinos when wild due to infinite-stam-sprinting? They are a threat to literally everything in one-on-one combat, but not the Mana before this nerf. Other than a different hostile Mana, there wasn't anything that presented a threat (of any kind) to the Managarmr. About the Apex argument: MEKs don't really qualify as an Apex creature because they aren't found in the wild. To be clearer about the definition of "Apex", "Apex" doesn't mean "does a lot of damage." "Apex" is a reference to where something lies in a food chain and about natural predation, in their natural state. MEKs are constructed so they do not have a "natural state," but in their natural state Gigas and Mosas are Apex creatures. When wild, they aren't attacked by anything, thus they are not prey to any of the creatures on the ARK. When tamed (removed from their natural environment), they can no longer qualify as an "Apex" creature simply because they are capable of doing a lot of damage (if this was the case, a level 450 Stego would be considered an "Apex" creature above a level 25 Rex by virtue of having grossly higher stats). I see your point! But the qualifier of "Apex" or "not Apex" is about when the creature is in the wild, in its "natural" habitat (or as close as it gets, this is ARK), and not at all when it is tamed. If this is not true, either one of these two situations is the truth: 1. Everything on the ARK is an Apex creature when tamed because wild Dinos will always have hostility toward domesticated Dinos, evidenced by the fact that wild Pegomastax even attack domesticated Gigas. 2. Nothing on the ARK is an Apex creature because wild Dinos will always have hostility toward domesticated Dinos so in this case, wild Pegomastax bumps domesticated Gigas as an Apex creature based on predator/prey tier alone. The following statement: "... its the highest lvl non boss creature added in extinction" is confusing. Are you saying "lvl" to mean "where it falls on the predatory tiers? Or "lvl" as in 5 - 150? And also, I said they aren't Apex, they were "badly designed" to reference the myriad of changes to the creature since its release (see the original post on Page 1). That isn't my opinion, that is now fact irrefutably supported by again, the myriad of changes to the creature since its release. Also, you've never tamed one? Dude. You've missed out. They are now clunky to fly when you burst at an angle above the horizontal plane, but they still get around really quickly. My tribemate still kills Corrupt Gigas with hers, it just takes longer now and is trickier/has way less margin for error (even with the nerfs). So, there's a stronger argument for ya Oni!
  3. TheDonn

    Clever Foreshadowing or Laziness?

    This has been known about for quite a long time. It has been thoroughly discussed, and people have fleshed out a basic timeline. Atlas was supposed to be a special ARK gameplay mode, and instead of that, they changed the development to make Atlas its own thing, on a bigger scale. Naah. This analogy is a bit off good sir. It is more like comparing Coke to Sprite, within the Coca-Cola Corporation. WildCard and Grapeshot have different names, but are two sides of the same coin overall. They are sister companies, and you sure as hell wouldn't say the same about PepsiCO and Coca-Cola.
  4. TheDonn

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    They are travelers that can freeze safely from range and then get up close and scrap a bit, and then make a hasty retreat. They should've never been anything more than they are with this new nerf. They are not an "apex" creature, they were badly designed. Before any of you quote me about how Manas are REALLY APEX CREATURES: If Studio WildCard intended for them to TRULY be an Apex, they wouldn't be prey for literally every carnivore in the snow biome from level 10 Wolves to Rexs/Gigas.
  5. TheDonn

    Enforcer BP's are kinda confusing. Advice?

    Time spent does not make what I said any less true, and what you said any more correct. You can spend a year breeding two post-tame-bonus level 75 ankys together, and at the end of the one year, you will have 50 generations of totally crappy Ankys. Sorry for stepping on your toes, but you aren't correct. EDIT: Spawning rideable enforcers is different. But if you would do me the honor of reading my post, you should be able to discern that is not what I did. You aren't understanding how my testing worked, and/or the point I'm trying to make, I get that now. But again, don't offer bad advice that could cost a new player looking for information tons of materials.
  6. TheDonn

    Update Regarding Recent Lost Characters

    They are not. Nothing in that announcement says anything about an upcoming rollback of 7 days, so that is hearsay. At this point, even 7 days wouldn't restore my decayed Ab server, but it might help some people I guess.
  7. TheDonn

    Reaper for boss fights on the island?

    Using a Reaper, or a pair of them, is a workable way to tank the Dragon on Island, especially if you are imprinted to the Reaper. Dragon does a lot of damage, and Reapers are good at soaking it. If you bring two and line the Dragon up carefully to keep the main group of DPS dinos out of cleave and fire-breath, you can really help the DPS dinos out. 3 times more damage is a stretch. The situation is more complicated, and your test wasn't very good if your takeaway is that Rexes do 3 times the damage of Reapers. Of course any Rex that is 1000-1500% melee (current official PvE Rex breeds can get this high) is going to grossly outdps a 500-600% Reaper, no question there. But because I love testing, I did a test myself. Spawned in high-level Brontos with an unridden Rex and an unridden Reaper, both at 593% melee (one is 593.1, one is 593.5, close as I could get!). In separate areas I spawned in a level 235 Bronto, which came out with 32 points in HP (15318 HP total). I went out of whistle range and spawned in Brontos until I got another one with 32 pts/15318 HP. I timed the Rex eating her Bronto solo, then timed the Reaper eating his. The Reaper finished in 56 seconds, and the Rex finished in about 59 seconds. Considering the difference is 3 seconds, and that is a touch over 5% difference, I will consider that negligible and conclude that damage output is roughly the same. Now the technical side of Rex VS Reaper is: Rexes are lower base damage (Rex's 62 VS Reaper's 75 damage) but slightly higher attack speed. Unridden Reapers only fire poison after knocking the target back, which the drag-weight of bosses is too high for the Reaper's tailspin to move them. That means they would whip-and-fire one time, and then most likely never again. Boss damage would be pretty close on a melee-for-melee situation... But that is a problem because getting an army of 900% Reapers (675 damage unridden per chomp) would take months of awful farming/breeding on Ab whereas getting an army of 1300% Rexes (744 damage unridden per chomp) is... Pretty damn easy. So melee-for-melee, Reapers and Rexes are within less than 6% of each other in damage, especially when attacking a target that is too large to be affected by the tailspin knockback. But the availability AND predictability of Rexes and their stats tip them into favor as far as bossfights go. They are not 3 times as effective at bossfights though!
  8. No one will argue with you that as the person that can't fight back, PvP is no fun. But that is official PvP, dowd. Constant patrol with very high level dinosaurs to lock down servers and resources, defeating noobs with overwhelming amounts of force, and of course controlling caves with structures and turrets. No, it's not fun for you but it IS "fun" for them and what's more, it is all legal. Posting on the forums thinking you are gonna change their minds and they are now gonna let you play in peace instead of farming noobs is as unlikely as anything they are doing (that was discussed in this forum thread) currently on official PvP servers being deemed against the rules.
  9. TheDonn

    Enforcer BP's are kinda confusing. Advice?

    This is patently false, I'm sorry. Go to singleplayer, learn spawncodes, spawn stuff in, craft some things with similar percentages and different qualities (like 2 BPs that are both say, 120% damage but one is Journeyman and one is Ascendant). The Ascendant one simply costs more dust for absolutely no more melee damage above the Journeyman one. Well, boink it, I'll do it for you. With a survivor in singleplayer, and spawning/farming level 135 Enforcers, I eventually got 2 blueprints: An Apprentice with 95% damage, and an Ascendant with 95% damage. Material costs as follows: App: 217 crystal, 2171 element dust, 260 metal ingots, 86 oil, 130 polymer (95% damage) Asc: 1514 crystal, 15148 element dust, 1817 metal ingot, 605 oil, 908 polymer (95% damage) -AGAIN: BOTH BPS ARE 95% DAMAGE- that is our benchmark for determining if blueprint quality has ANY EFFECT on actual stats, or if it is ONLY DETERMINED BY THE PERCENTAGES. If you are right and blueprint-quality affects stats, the Ascendant will have more damage than the Apprentice. I respecced my survivor to all crafting, as well. My past tests have shown crafting skill to have absolutely zero effect on Enforcers and Scouts, but crafting skill DOES affect higher-than-engram (blueprint-level) MEKs, doing it anyway to kill that bird (again) with the same stone. Ended up gaining 28% on the Ascendant, and 23% on the Apprentice. With 1190 crafting skill, and -MUCH HIGHER COST IN MATERIAL-, as I suspected both of the blueprints came out with the exact same damage percentage: Both are EXACTLY 237.6 melee, and NEITHER BP QUALITY OR CRAFTING SKILL HAD ANY EFFECT. I also just leveled each of the Enforcers, one single level into our benchmark stat of melee damage (again, 95% melee damage pre-craft with one Apprentice BP and one Ascendant BP). Both of them went to the -exact- same number when I invested one level into melee damage: 241.6 melee. So again, blueprint quality does nothing for how much stat you get at equivalent percentages. In this case, the Apprentice blueprint is far superior to the Ascendant because of the massive reduction in required crafting material. Higher level BPs cost more, they DO NOT GIVE MORE STAT AT THE SAME PERCENTAGES AS LOWER TIER BPs. They simply cost more, the only thing that matters are the percentages of health, stam, energy, weight, and melee. If a Ramshackle blueprint has higher health and melee than an Ascendant blueprint, the Ramshackle blueprint is better than the Ascendant, regardless of the Ascendant costing 10 times the material. Do not spread false information about how stuff in the game works without testing it. You may end up costing some new player thousands of dust and other material who is asking for advice.
  10. TheDonn

    Lost Character and Tames

    Lost everything on the official Ab server I play on. And on other servers, tribemates were kicked from tribes, but showing up on tribelogs. Luckily no survivors were deleted, just all my raptoring event Reapers, Crabs, RollRats, Basilisks, and more. I'm not really happy.
  11. Understand: The original rates at launch are the current rates in-game now. Early Access was chock-full-of warnings about how many changes the game would go through. The shift to double rates during Early Access was a developmental phase of the current at-launch product, which is the "real" ARK. We were ostensibly playing "real" ARK in Early Access, but eventually shown that we weren't actually because of the official/legacy split. Point is: Everything that changed during Early Access was part of development. They weren't throwing the playerbase a bone due to player demand, they were shaping a product that had yet to release. The servers are at the development team's accepted 1x rates now.
  12. TheDonn

    Crab bleeding

    +1 For some reason, I wanted to breed Scorpions in my first 2 weeks playing. I was pretty disappointed to find out they are unbreedable and there were (then) zero plans to enable it.
  13. TheDonn

    Anti trolling methods are needed

    It has people taking a more generalized look at griefing and trolling, really Vac. The OP was about one specific incident that made him/her think that the framework of PvP could be changed for the better (whether you agree or not), and from that a discussion about what "trolling" and "griefing" look like to different ARK players. Some see PvP and griefing as one-in-the-same because how the hell are you gonna NOT cause "grief" to someone if you are killing their tames every day, also because they spend all day trying to create PvP conflict because that is what is fun for them. Some people see the concepts as separate because it is not REQUIRED to just fightfightfightfight in PvP and those people would rather just play with the benefits of a PvP server (dino-picking chiefly) and just mind their own business. Unfortunately there is no overlap between the stances: If some people want to fightfightfightfight and some people want to just build and have an option to PvP, then everyone just fights. It's a much stronger option, and some people view unnecessary and gratuitous noob-slaying as griefing/trolling, much the same as cuffing/jailing everyone you see. The subjectivity of what people find griefing/trolling is one of unending discourse, because not everyone sees it the same (RE: the above two groups). If you are looking at the most technically "RIGHT" answer, it is that on a server where you can openly attack and/or jail people, nothing is off limits because it is possible and not against anything in the Code of Conduct.
  14. TheDonn

    Aggroed Wife

    You imprinted, maybe you didn't cuddle enough?
  15. TheDonn

    Will PvE ever get some loving?

    OSDs and Element Veins are a cool addition to PvE! The Titans, not-so-much because they are open-kill and a really lovely target to PvE trolls/griefers. Tribe A kicks off Titan summon to tame, Tribe B just kills it, takes the loot, and laughs. But OSDs are good fun! Lots of dinos, lots of damage. In 7300 hours on official, I've seen one single declaration of war. It was actually an insider job too, the warred-upon tribe added a guy to their tribe who was an "agent" for a well known server-griefer because the agent transferred his main survivor and made a new one. Once he was in the warred-upon tribe, he simply waited until that night, when the other tribe members went offline, met with the well known server-griefer, declared war, accepted, and then watched and laughed as the server-griefer ate all his wood structures and tames with a Giga.