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  1. Yup, thats the anti-transfer effect. You basicly 'retransfer' to the server, where you not allowed to bring goodies, aka u loose em all. We had the luck someone lured a queen to the mission node, so even when we got out, all dino's were killed by the Queen.
  2. We just lost 2 giga's and 3 reapers, among several gear and weapons. Not even a warning, not even disabling the mission that can cause loose of gear/dino's, just go 'raptor all' and pretend the game is just running stable.
  3. Kinda odd relying solely on a website information, while just doing ' location' in Google would give u 10 different websites that show the actual GEO location of the IP, all nicely pointing to a location in US. I think your trutn and unethical should be pointed at battlemetrics, rather then WC (this time :P)
  4. Actualy you cant even tame a lvl20. A lvl20 has a avarage starve of 12 minutes but you need to feed 4. From the first, at 6 minute mark you already below 50% food and you are only down to his 3rd.
  5. Mantis will now accept Rhino Horns for taming, at a lower affinity than Deathworm horns Now who at WC ever tested this? Or this was just added with a few code of line? With a 3 minute interval feeding its outright impossible. Even at 2x speed, for a lvl90 you will need 10 horns, with a 3 minute interval. However, the food of Mantis drops far before this point below 50% and will instantly drop taming. This was done both on a lvl90 as a 145. There is no way to ever tame anything beyond the 15 minute mark (5 horns) or probably less when food depletes far faster then you can ever tam
  6. Day 12.. Apart of a minor patch that did squat all, still having crashes pretty much every 1-2 hours with a 15 mins rollback. Yup, great Gen2, great birthday party.
  7. From vanilla view, the bosses were designed for 'normal' dino's, top tamed or nice mixed, not 'the magic 377' breeds. Solo 99% is your saddle, any rex with 1000%+ dmg already is a walk in the park damagewise. Even the 'old' 600% rexes with proper saddles can take ape and broodmother easily, the dragon is only hard because of the extra damage of flames, your weakness isnt the offense, but your defense. (and yes, 1 day i will solo bosses with stego's only - self bred). Now i just roll with therries, 124 saddles, cakes filled up and they can compete easy with Rexes and take alot less damage
  8. We really went in Ark:Crashfest season? Pretty much every recent server i been on (992 936 748 750 550 568), all have a insane ammount of crashes over the passed few days, vary from every hour to few hours, plus the regular rollback of 10-15 mins. No idea what you 'patched' last night, but 'server stability' you can scratch from that list, aint working.
  9. 990 same story, oddly if you take battlemetrics, it is on a very very fixed 'loop'. Now the worst part.. the 15 min rollbacks.
  10. Majority is taking a break, they just afk-macro-move to not disconnect and always stay in the server.
  11. The stupid choice i made, i get my 120 char and explore Gen2 a bit and be gone again. Day 4 'server full'. Even trying to 'snipe' a login just after maintaince gave little succes. At least give some sort of 'free pass' to login with a 15 minutes timer, enough to get myself to a mission node and never to return again. Half my server probably 24/7 sitters (if not more), be it early morning or late evening, nothing but 'server full'. I got a alt preventing decay on my home base, but i just want my character back.
  12. We were at 110/70 at some point and yeah we had 'lag', but even with 110 people on that server it wasnt even close to the lag of the old servers (8k+ days) with megastructures and thousands of dino's, they couldve just graduatly drop it when people loose interest.
  13. Mine currently even at 63/70 and still say server full
  14. Call me whatever u want, but they really should put down IP blocks on servers. I have a bunch of those on my server, 1 fully blocked off a gate to the other map, the other has a pillared area the size of The Island itself, and probably soon they be 99% of the server lag because they mass breed dino's in the 1000s. How is that 'enjoying PVE Ark' for others? EU-PVE-Official-GenTwo934 - (v329.7) - BattleMetrics Check the playerlist, how many 'non european' names you see there.. they couldve been players from the EU for the EU servers.
  15. raptoring joke 3 people in my server already hit 200 hours 'online', people just leave their computer running over night staying in bed to keep their spot safe. I just want my char back, can move back and not visit this stupid joke of Wildcard for a long time.
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