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  1. And you believe people to preorder/buy this game they basicly already own, and the new one havent seen a single bit?
  2. Are you trying to pull a Cyberpunk? Release the animated series and hope for a new surge of players? Cyberpunk had no players left to begin with, Ark has a insane huge community where people are in the thousands of hours.
  3. Concept art concept art concept art.. does the game even exist? Its heading towards vaporware in a fast pace.
  4. Then at least add imprint bonus, people without Gen2 get pretty raptored if u miss out a single imprint.
  5. So not only first we get hours of downtime/rollback due some issue, but then the 2x rate already got turned off again? 2d 20h 30m Not even 3 days, not 'friday till monday', or 'saterday untill monday', its already 4 hours earlier being shut down.
  6. So i noticed, but cant connect to any server, buildnumber is not showing and connection time out on any island server i try.
  7. of PC players That means steam/epic, or xbox/ms players?
  8. I dont mind the hatching/breeding, but at least give us imprint time..
  9. Day 12.. Apart of a minor patch that did squat all, still having crashes pretty much every 1-2 hours with a 15 mins rollback. Yup, great Gen2, great birthday party.
  10. We really went in Ark:Crashfest season? Pretty much every recent server i been on (992 936 748 750 550 568), all have a insane ammount of crashes over the passed few days, vary from every hour to few hours, plus the regular rollback of 10-15 mins. No idea what you 'patched' last night, but 'server stability' you can scratch from that list, aint working.
  11. 990 same story, oddly if you take battlemetrics, it is on a very very fixed 'loop'. Now the worst part.. the 15 min rollbacks.
  12. Down for 20 mins already, not very funny with this event running
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