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  1. NA-PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth85 still on Version 344.26, not showing on server list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. a lot of steadies have reported the server outage but is not even listed on the Currently Known Server Outages, do you ppl in WC even know that is Freaking Down!!! for God Sake.
  3. i stopped arguing in the forums, the reason?, "WC doesn't read the comments in the forums, they simple don't give a F."
  4. wont mean anything if is not 2x breeding, 2x imprint like the last 2 evos
  5. more than we're with all the rollback, crashes, and stupid people who leave trash in the drops?
  6. with all the crashes and rollbacks, this event should start this Friday 25 and NOT the 30th. so it can compensate with all the problems we breeders are gonna have for sure.
  7. Almost 10min after 8AM June 3, and still no updte
  8. RNG like random number generator random or range location random?, bcs you have a limit of 150 eggs in one area. sorry i couldn't write earlier but looks like i can only post twice a day.
  9. This EVENT is Rigged!!!, i have cracked more that 2k eggs so far and the only new chibi i got are the achatina, 4 of them.
  10. the last line is the one that scares me, calling the Devil in there
  11. At what time this event will start???, for me it has been Wednesday 8hrs ago
  12. WC should establish a method of auto destroy pylons after 1 day, if X thing is required but is no there.
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