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  1. And where can we get support ?, since there are performance, graphics, options and translation problems: / Greetings. Compared to what type of pc ?,I see it very cut in options and performance, without translating also Stones and dinosaurs appear at a very short distance and distant objects appear to be going in slow motion. Was this the decision of devs o Google? Seriously, I love Ark, I was wanting to create custom worlds, take advantage of the power in the cloud, etc ... but for now I only see disappointment and problems: S What section of the forum can regular Stad
  2. Free with Stadia Pro from 1 to 4 months free (invite link). Expansions must be paid for. It seems that there are several servers available from The Island that are also accessible from the PC version. As is logical, different difficulties are expected such as problems to change the language and performance that I hope will solve soon. It has come out without an official announcement neither by the developers here nor by Google itself apparently. Once the game is purchased there, it does not require a monthly subscription to continue playing in the cloud.
  3. There are a thousand ways to deal with adequate reports, there are some as simple as having a log in the pause menu or accessible from inventory with "suffered x damage", "I killed myself x", "x is close or has been detected". Then right click on "x" and report with the necessary info. If they added account profiles (which I suggested in another thread), where to see things like achievements, death rates, trophies and more info that anyone could logically expose together, to their unique identifier that can be linked to character or account, it gives Likewise, then you will know support
  4. As in many other games, they can make main maps where there is no Tek (or even limit by stages) but that you can migrate your same character to other maps where there is, not allowing you to take any of these technologies or you could not use them. With this, you could have players who want the primitive base feeling in an initial map, then another the same but with all the technologies you want, in the same way with specific PVP maps where also the rates are much higher to compensate for the risks. Or even that the PVP is only activated at certain hours, days, scenarios. Another option
  5. The ideas of the developers as it has been seen are not having the sufficiently expected result to keep the game afloat with stable servers, test servers for testing and bug fixes. As such, given the market rhythm, it is more preferable to have characters and objects linked to accounts (such as achievements), thus avoiding predatory skills, abusive power-leveling of external payment and others due to wanting to avoid the loss of in-game purchases and achievements. unlocked, which can be played safely without them. That would allow avoiding cosmetic / lore farming on each new character / s
  6. The engine must be optimized. The problems of PVP players without a social life and those of PVE with always occupied terrain must be solved. The player-to-player trading theme has been completely redesigned. The business model must surely migrate to various premium services (server handover storage, protections, more "currency" capacity, cooldown, etc ...) They must integrate a method of personalization of characters by account worked and globalized. They should introduce a system of buying cosmetics on a regular basis as an extra source of income ... Currently it seems that th
  7. I think there may already be maps running on the current game engine with content designed for Ark 2 as a quick prototyping and development method. Even so, it may be preferable that they take a little longer to show something and not give a permanent beta image again. Also, surely, they will use engine characteristics that have not even been released to the public yet but to future versions of the engine. The truth is, I would settle for at least that they give the opportunity to translate the texts properly to the community.
  8. I think that the developers have assumed that fixing the game has been too big for them, it is also seen that they have not even invested some time in translating even the base texts of the game or seeing how there are crashes equal to those of more ago 5 years. Hopefully with the new direction of the new game and the marketing that they want to give it through parallel material at least this time if they work as standard the game with not an Early Access ... but with an active listening to the community, well-done translations, debug and information visible to all. The way to moneti
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