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New Extinction Teasers!


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Also would like to point out that when xbox doesn't get their updates we on the pc windows 10 can't even get into the servers until xbox gets theirs.. but when windows has to wait for the update xbox players get to get back into the servers and keep playing.. meanwhile my baby gigas die because of this! what's wrong with this picture here..

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11 hours ago, rororoxor said:

Did ya'll miss the enforcer in the right of the second pic?

Nope, @danlillis pointed it out in his post.

11 hours ago, Dragonicseeker said:

I spot stegos, a carno, and a rex in the second photo you almost look right past them.

Ah yes I see the Stego and Carno now, didn't spot them earlier. The Rex I had spotted.

9 hours ago, TinyHippo said:

I spy some gallimus, the defense units, a couple parasaurs, 2 paracers fighting a sarco, a spino, a carno, some stegos, a rex, the enforcer, and something bulbdog-sized to the left of the bridge in front of the water.

Where's the Spino?

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21 hours ago, BTrickshot said:

Bro, in the top right corner of the first image you can see a corrupted pterodon HYPE!!!! also in the second image are those defense units? Because I was thinking of making my base there but now that I see them there..... im starting to have second thoughts. ?

Clearly destroyer droids

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I'm excited and horrified about the new dlc.  Excited to see new content come out but completely horrified about the potential for even more game breaking bugs.

Here's an idea I believe should be given some consideration.  

FIX THE CORE GAME. My quetz platforms still get stuck in random spots teleporting me across the map, still getting stuck in scorpion legs, babies/ dinos/ Items falling through the map, meat instantly spoiling in a regular troughs, dinos deciding I'm not eating anymore, constant dc and dashboarding, babies growing down into structures, wyv landing mech, and soooooo Soo much more. 

Your community has dubbed all these thing as "being arked" 

All that said I love this game. I really do. But please for the love of jebus, fix your game so it works properly. This is so backwards it's mind blowing. Whoever thought, let's release more broke stuff before fixing long standing issues needs a boot in the backside.

Sincerely,  almost everyone I know who's played this fun but broken game. 

P.S. anyone who disagrees can go ark themselves. If that's taken negatively then you have proven my point.

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