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  1. Honestly their taming method doesn't bother me. It's not like it's absurdly easy or anything. But the damage they do is quite absurd. I even hate how much sense it makes since they spit an acid like substance that rightfully should damage stone, metal and the like. But they just became a high priority on the raiding side of the game. Additionally, other breath attacks like Fire from the Wyvern doesn't even damage Wood last time I checked. Nor does Lightning damage metal (which if we're playing the Arthy acid route, then it should)
  2. Just lost my Castle with 100 auto turrets and 50k rounds to this. Soaked and used Arthys to take out everything else.
  3. Ahh, thank you for the info, fellas. S how about it, @DJRone89; Mind if I join your server? I'm not a prick, nor do I grief. I've never played PvE but i've got just over 2.5k hours in PvP, and have been playing since EA 2015.
  4. @d1nk & @AngrySaltire are you guys letting people into your pvt PvE server?
  5. ArkCrossCluster1 - Ragnarok Spent 5 hours on Friday night with the Alphas defending against Chinese invaders. Had to log mid fight because I had irl things to do early in the morning. Logged on the next day to see that the Alpha got wiped, lost 100s of Wyverns, all Tek, turrets, Golems, etc. My Castle got assaulted and wiped as well. They soaked just over 50k bullets from my turrets. Killed my Wyverns, Griffins, Gigas, Rexes, Quetz, Argies.. everything. Blew open 30 vaults. Raided my kibble farm. Destroyed all fridges, cookers, P-Bins, Chem Benches, Fabricators, Smithies, Forges.. they wiped literally everything. I spent just over 20 minutes running naked, ducking and weaving dinos to get to the Castle to see all that I just said. They didn't kill my 290 Doed, Orange. Losers! I think i'll take a break from Ark. My Tribe doesn't even want to hear the word "Ark" lmao. I might find a PvE server for the hell of it. Or wait until Extinction. Idk. Kinda relieved to be wiped and not have to play anymore, but really demoralized after losing 3 months of work.
  6. Seemed that came off as in insult, wasn't meant to be.
  7. Sorry, kinda can't relate to Dino levels that highly modified. Kinda absurd.
  8. I'll have to screen shot some photos of our bear line with Cyan colors. They're so cuteeeeeee
  9. What are your Argies coming out at base stats? Best line I have going to an 800 weight on hatch.
  10. CrossArkCluster - Ragnarok Last night was a cloooossseeee call. I took my 220 Lightning Wyvern out to slay some other Wyverns. Killed a couple fire, lightning and poison before happening upon a lvl 90 Alpha Wyvern. So I healed up the little bit of HP that I had lost and went for it. I thought I had it in the bag - easy. Problem was that he was hitting me for an absolutely massive amount of dmg with each fire breath. I knew that it's best to fight them with another Fire Wyvern, but I have the high ground, right Anakin? Wrong! I only barely got away alive. Idk what the deal was but my stamina was only going up like 6-10 points per tick! Even when standing still, not on fire and not flying/attacking. It was absolutely wild, and that's why I nearly got killed. I had to sit there force feeding my dino cooked meat trying to survive the next hit until I could just get enough stam to fly away! Acnalogia has 20k HP and 1.5k Stamina. There's absolutely no reason that it should have been only going up 6-10 at a time. I've never seen anything like it. At the end, I was able to fly JUST far enough away before having to land (bc 0 stam) to get the Alpha to attack some Stegos. Check Acnalogia's HP.... 900! That wouldn't have survived another hit from the Alpha. I sat there continuously feeding him while keeping an eye on the Alpha that was like 200 ft from me. Finally I got about 300 stam and decided to run for it. I was able to get back to base eventually after stopping a few more times and force feed him enough to get him back to 10k HP. Then logged for the night, deciding not to take my chances. I don't remember Wyverns being so vulnerable. I mean obviously they're at a loss since they don't get the protection from a saddle. But 20k HP and a 100% imprint seemed to be nonexistent tbh.
  11. If they do that then the Chinese would lose their poop. And they're a huge part of Ark. We all know Chinese don't raid each other so they'd all quit lmao.
  12. It'll only freak her out until she gets her own Mosa. Then she'll be a the terror of the sea >:)
  13. Hell yeah! I'm always happy to see newer players not getting discouraged by the mishaps of Ark. Additionally, I'd really suggest getting an Argy. They're such a multi-use mount now. They're great in combat, and have a heal ability when they devour dead bodies. They have good weight, stamina, HP and even dmg. I used an Argy all the way until I could raise a Wyvern. The tactic that I use (if you don't have a Griffin) is pretty simple, but i'm sure there is a better one. I wait until they land or get close to the ground and run up on it to start firing with a xbox or darts. Then just do circles around it while it does the same. Usually you can learn the perfect distance to not get hit while firing. Once it gets to a low enough HP, or high enough Torpor, it'll start running. I chase it a bit, fire again and continue process. Then once they're down, I put spike walls around it so it's protected. Then starve it until it hits the right food for your kibble or prime. Also, I'd suggest getting a little farm going to that you can pick your own narcoberries whenever you feel like. Makes it pretty easy to make narcotics on a whim.
  14. Yupp, the redundant nerfs were likely because they were a near unstoppable raid Dino. Not that they could exactly soak because of their rage mechanic, but they were unmatched when assaulting a hoard of enemy dinos. But their strength is irrelevant now since Wyverns and Reapers came out. Reapers are the new Giga, being stronger imo. But obviously much harder to obtain.
  15. They've nerfed the the Giga over and over and over. It's to the point now where a giga is basically only worth getting for meat runs near your bases. It's a great meat runner, no doubt. But that's it. On top of that, the stats are basically the same for all Gigas regardless of level. Their base states are so high, and their stat increase per level so low that a lvl 20 Giga is nearly no different than a lvl 150.
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