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  1. Ah, happy with those patch notes. Thank you!
  2. btb556

    Weigh In: Options for the future of Primitive+

    If you fix all the bugs, it'd be lovely to have prim plus in the main game!
  3. btb556


    Pink? That's a thing?
  4. The necromancers They're everywhere Run for your life
  5. Oh, yay... I was having a lot of these fixed issues. Thanks!
  6. Oh my word that title scared me
  7. btb556

    Why do the hyenas look dumb

    I don't think it's one of the ones that requires a tlc, some dinos have far worse models than the hyena.
  8. btb556

    Why do the hyenas look dumb

    Well that's your opinion then.
  9. Huh, nice to see this all happening. Does anyone know if the S+ versions of things will be still usable? (like the triangular ceilings)
  10. What on earth is going on in that picture and is it a teaser
  11. btb556

    Singleplayer Transfers

    I think you need a non-dedi. Just make it private match and invite via steam (if you're using steam)
  12. btb556

    Singleplayer Transfers

    Thanks for answering one, yeah they're a non dedi player.
  13. So, I want to take my character over to aberration, but before I do that I have two questions... 1. If I transfer my character over to another map, will I keep my structures on the last map so I can go back to them? 2. Can a friend on a non-ded server transfer their character over to the other map with me (and come back again)? Please answer I don't want to risk my stuff
  14. btb556

    Ark has come a long way..

    Check your settings for render distance you might have knocked it
  15. btb556

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    Merry Christmas! Would all you complainers just shut up for a day it's the holidays