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  1. Mate you realize that its almost 4th of July so that might also be a reason.
  2. 3 years and we still dont have a tek cave/ascension for SE? I mean seriously, my ark journey will never be completed until I get my tek cave.
  3. I'll only be interested unless it involves ascension for SE.
  4. Alright so I was cruising the wiki when I saw under the wasteland page Control center and control room, so could anyone tell me where either one could be, because my curiosity is through the roof right now.
  5. Perhaps the reason why the rotation of the earth froze in the first place was because of the element corruption, henceforth with the Earth being cured via the Arks, that corruption has been removed and the Earth is rotating correctly.
  6. Oof, well im a moron, the last time I checked the wiki wasn't updated so....... yeah my bad.
  7. Read the notes again einstein, it literally says Diana died in mei yin's arms.
  8. Nah she ain't alive, she got dead by Rockwell.
  9. V will be the final installment of the Extinction chronicles, and will end on Nov 6th/Extinctions release.
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