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  1. Mate you realize that its almost 4th of July so that might also be a reason.
  2. 3 years and we still dont have a tek cave/ascension for SE? I mean seriously, my ark journey will never be completed until I get my tek cave.
  3. I'll only be interested unless it involves ascension for SE.
  4. Perhaps the reason why the rotation of the earth froze in the first place was because of the element corruption, henceforth with the Earth being cured via the Arks, that corruption has been removed and the Earth is rotating correctly.
  5. V will be the final installment of the Extinction chronicles, and will end on Nov 6th/Extinctions release.
  6. GOT EEEM!!!!!!!!!! what a savage ?
  7. Starwars reference check
  8. Bro, in the top right corner of the first image you can see a corrupted pterodon HYPE!!!! also in the second image are those defense units? Because I was thinking of making my base there but now that I see them there..... im starting to have second thoughts. ?
  9. Same, I was just like PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!
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