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  1. I'm pretty sure that those Emblems are the different Biome types. The first one has to do with water, so I am assuming that there will be a water biome/ocean. For the green one, that might be a Biotoxic/Radioactive biome, like in that Redwood cave on The Island or the Red Zone in Aberration. The Snowflake: snow/winter biome. Pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me. And then there is the fire emblem. For that one, we have seen Scorched Earth and its Scar (Wyvern Trench), and we have seen so many lava-based caves including the Tek Cave, and the volcanos. I have also wondered why each ARK has different... unique weather patterns to them. The Island is more stable when it comes to weather, Scorched Earth has thunderstorms/sandstorms/super heatwaves. Aberration has not only earthquakes but also shifting day/night cycles (going from 10/90 to 50/50 to 90/10, and then starting over again). Each time WC released something with such unique weather types, I wondered if they were simply testing them and seeing how they can be implemented into the next DLC. However, now that I think back on it, it could be that the reason why they didn't move the shifting weathers and day/night cycles is because that could be what the individual ARKs were doing: running diagnostics tests to see how they can get Earth to rotate again, and until then artificially creating these world-wide weather events until the rotation is re-stabilized. Though... it could also be something completely different, and none of these things will happen on the restoration of Earth. Ok, this is pretty big edit. If you move the projection to the top where the beam was coming from, you will see flashes of different biomes that are associatied (pardon if I misspelled that) with the symbols: Water, Poison, Snow, Fire. So we are given glimpses into the new biomes that we can go to.
  2. Lucky by Nature actually gives a pretty good perspective on the exact date of the reveal, and why that date is so significant:
  3. I just checked that, and there is a second update. For those of you who didn't read the update of that post yet, this is the update: "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 [LOG_TRANSMIT] OK. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Your cognitive profile seems limited to specimen guardianship, you're a glorified patient monitor. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Maybe that's good... better to teach you new tricks than convince your host system you should be allowed in places you're not. [LOG_TRANSMIT] We'll need to do some tests, so I'm working on a few changes to your programming. [LOG_TRANSMIT] I'll contact you when it's ready. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJdQSOPAAoJEHJOqUWO1A+/sHEP+wfK/4tnKd0y57WuuJlOEcD2 u/xjjxgXu6/yi6RB/rZgUTJeS2dfA1zdy740lLGIMD8kW+tovbae/mz9OicDUPu1 4axUDl0rBzV8fpvOdBMQiMqVGdVPQiVr/RkslSPq15PR9ujXJBLj4C1ybLsCJWKl c8+JmHlNrB4SDWwrfJkLAlznMhgGrYq+/WFd5a1K41Wd6ETz9VjUdAu5mJjPcHrf kCfkm/KRAE2iOlR4qfL4s6NU2ADZmG8Qu/qWcNZX0eu7iObgBfeQ564hf3fQAmkT pcONB5Rz+AbH0Rg81hVtd0A1tDyf12vVCoXC/WWneh3mz/+5OIZn9Kx+aygJn3vD 7c7P5A0/ADWfe1uRV0Fe/YOIQV/1j019hcRAiSVuUmVBtwbxzSh1KZevUR/So4hK 0CHJF70zU/XFw7XjWn+ARWJ3IlsXbsfnGtYKUc9/80BUcpEYLgQnz81BPqi1aZc3 bb8F9C8HcHCKbkSFaMDJ370vHnin0b66SotihVpv24xqn/nIRnMV1LOthwUPfpSx VP+QnIRlUZMZVMkS0zp/EjZr61mMpl1yAI1qSYDJY3kFkeHYODYWmKXUtdwSgiXZ y7kibNUp1SJ8djerzg9Fov5DmGuCJzQj1VEWufzDd9iqKiDFph5LNyX+F7GHNnkG 3o+xvpwXQZDAsiJ1upFy =k1Ih -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----"
  4. I'm currently listening to the updated music, and... I don't know about you guys, but I am hearing something speaking in the background of the music. It is hard to hear without knowing how to filter out the music itself and applying a separate filter to make the audio more understandable. The dialogue does seem to be on a loop, though. If any of you are able to do the filtering, please. I would very much like to hear what is being said there.
  5. Believe it or not, I know a server owner that linked the game chat and Discord so that players can ping Admins even when the admins are not online. The server owner's Discord name is Lewimaron, and the server is Jamon Paradigm. Actually, I would love to recommend him to be part of the WC team. Him and the people that helped him to make the linking code. I mean, that by itself is NOT easy to do, and yet they were able to do it.
  6. The biggest difference between reporting an exploitable hole to Microsoft and reporting to Studio WildCard is that at least the Microsoft team will listen, primarilly because Microsoft is a HUGE company and they don't want to lose their consumer base to their competators. WildCard doesn't even do that, or if they do they take months to act on it. I mean, you guys see the majority of the posts here: people have been reporting exploiters FOR YEARS, and instead of getting the promised global ban those cheaters get a warning. And what is worse, this has made players try to think of ways to prevent their bases being destroyed by mesh monkeys (yes I am gonna use that term), to no avail. They STILL got meshed, OR their bases get dev wiped because the players that don't want to get meshed have built in "unintended areas", not knowing that said area was not intended to be built in. So really, the fastest way to bring this issue up is, seemingly, to make videos on this. Besides, if you actually LOOKED at his video, you will see that he used clips made by other youtubers exposing all of this.
  7. "Several changes each patch are aimed at fixing exploits but the methods that are used are continually evolving; as such, we are always trying to improve our procedures when it comes to situations that affect the player-base. We use these situations to take a look at our internal process and identify areas where we can do better or provide more clarification." Yes, these problems are continuing to evolve, but only because they keep getting ignored. And when those in fear of being meshed use methods to keep their hard work from getting destroyed by these Mesh Monkeys, you ask them to remove those defenses that they placed there to keep from getting meshed. But surprise surprise, once those defensive measures get removed *BAM!* Their whole base gets destroyed by a mesh monkey. And when these MMs get reported, it takes upwards of 3 months for your team to respond. And when you do promptly respond, it is not to ban them, but to warn them. Many of us can think of other dev teams with similar games (RUST, being a huge example here) that take AT MOST 6hrs to respond to such cheating. I get it. You might not have a big enough QA team to assure that these things are handled promptly, but the fact that the QA people that you DO have is that incompetant, that one can safely compare them to a woman whom you had just handed your newborn baby to, and when that baby cries that same woman just drops the baby onto the ground to stop the baby from crying. That is not fixing the game. That is not the way to handle a game that is so beloved by many people, a game that has redefined the survival genre, a game that was YOUR DEV TEAM'S IDEA BABY and that you fought so freaking hard to keep. The Isle, Beasts of Bermuda, heck even Path of Titans... those are all survival games that don't have anywhere near as much content as you put into the game, nor do they have any defined stories (yet), and yet those games recieve a lot more love, affection, and most importantly SECURITY than what you have put into the game. Take a look into the review of the game, not just the good ones. Then take a look into your team. Someone within is lazy and irresponsible. It is your personal duty as Devs to make sure that the game IS fair, through and through, and this incompetance should not be tollerated. You need to find out who it is, what they have done, how long they have responded, and whether or not they have biases, and replace them with people who are far more competant than this. Dondi and his team, the creators of The Isle, might not be the best of people, but they fired one of their best programmers because he was being a jerkwad in general. And now look at where The Isle is today: far more complete and more loved.
  8. I get the feeling that we're gonna need the Tek creatures to help fight the Corrupted ones, because even though the Tek creatures have some biological functions they are not biological at all. And the Corruptio, so far as I saw, targets biological creatures.
  9. Hey guys! I know that these might get lost in the nether of this forum, still there is the need to ask these. The questiona pretain to the Titans. Now we all got to see the size of these titans. They are easilly 5x the size of Titanosaurs, and those Titanosaurs are huge. However, Titanosaurs are also temporary tames (much to the sheer disappointment of the players with dreams of making nomadic bases). So, here-in lies the first question, and this is something that we all sincerely hope comes true because we don't want the disappointment associated with the Titanosaurs: will the Titans be permanent tames? Then there is also the Cryopod. With this you can essentially store your dinos without the need to upload them. You can even trade the frozen dinos like you would the dinosaur eggs: either by dropping it onto the ground, or using a trading cabinet. So here is the next question: if the Titans are unable to leave their confines/spawn spots the normal way, will you be able to use the Cryopod to freeze the Titans and get them out of there that way as to use them on the rest of the map?
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