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  1. btb556

    Even More Extinction Teasers!

    WHOA Why does the owl look so fat? Like the argent pre-dlc.
  2. btb556

    Update on Conquest Servers

    And this, in a nutshell, is why I moved to singleplayer.
  3. btb556


    Probably just a white rex. That isn't the kind of thing that's possible.
  4. btb556


    Ones I think that are next to impossible because they don't fit Zombies - ehhh um this is ARK Underground bases - that would be next to IMPOSSIBLE, consider the mesh Having kids - 'a lone survivor' and how would that work in singleplayer?! Hygiene - wouldn't flow well, extra chore. Dogs are not prehistoric animals.
  5. btb556

    Why is national day not double?

    Imagine the hate. If they gave one boost they'd need to give EVERYWHERE boosts.
  6. Well, everyone's whining and it's pointless. We got a new dino and as a PC user I am happy that we're getting the skins, don't complain about new content because NO new content will have you complaining as well.
  7. btb556

    irl If you could tame a dinosaur IRL, what would it be?

    I'd go with a wyvern and scare everyone to DEATH 😛
  8. btb556

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    Eh the person who made this post doesn't seem to understand that
  9. btb556

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    Yeah, but whenever are ARK odds in ANYONE's favor? Besides I said boss fighting not trash pushing 😛
  10. btb556

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    For a laugh I duplicated your setting (without cheats people) and went through the cave. This happened. First 2 minutes in half the dinos were dead Diplos fell into the lava Got to the boss arena with three dinos and got mashed Diplos are not boss fighting dinos XD And before you say I didn't try - I've beaten the alpha tek cave many times using less-than-recommended dinos BTW raptors? What makes you think that would work?
  11. btb556

    Level up beyond 80

    Carnivore Island has alphas on PC, don't know about mobile.
  12. btb556

    Nouveau mod et maps

    Me and google translate - Would it be possible to add scorched earth and aberration because I beat the game and got all of the dino's Hopefully they will, some day.
  13. btb556

    Can someone help me?

    If you want life to be EASY, then don't play this game! It's the whole fun of it. I've had miserable times - alphas waiting outside my base, packs of raptors on the beach to res-kill me, but then I stuck with it and beat alpha rockwell. Just get used to the game and it won't be an issue. Also just because YOU can't survive doesn't make this a poorly made game. And spears don't work on alpha raptors so that's your own fault. Simply not within their uses and honestly it's literally called an ALPHA raptor. And the first lesson newbies learn is that paras die. A LOT. Also carnos are in no way end-game, have a look around the radioactive zone of AB and try to say it then.