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  1. What I don't understand is why people complain about unrelated issues on these posts. There's forums, guys. They might listen to you if you go over there instead.
  2. Good to see the steampunk animal mod up there, it deserves it ;3
  3. Extinction and Aberration were both announced around this time o' year, so I would hope for a DLC, maybe with Arat Prime? Then again, this is ARK - they might end up doing a good clean job of letting us all down I am glad that they've said that it isn't an ARK 2, though, I would hate to loose all of the beautiful mods we've received through the years
  4. Still having this issue; WC really needs to figure out what's causing it. PC - this platform's got the same bug.
  5. hisses in Canada I get that you guys are American but
  6. Oh my word, I'll actually be able to catch that stream :3 can't wait!
  7. *mad evil cackling* this sounds like what I would do if I could be bothered XD
  8. btb556

    Fanart Friday 4!

    Eeey go AUS! Good to see that you're showcasing some of that stuff :3
  9. If you fix all the bugs, it'd be lovely to have prim plus in the main game!
  10. The necromancers They're everywhere Run for your life
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